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Best Online Writing Tools For Freelance Writers

Whatever we do for a living, we tend to write a lot. Whether it is a simple postcard, a college essay, or an annual report, we must know how to craft it correctly to convey the message. People who don’t belong to the writing industry don’t have to pay as close attention to the content as professional writers. They confirm that it is vital to deliver refined documents to the reader and broad audience.

If writing is your bread and butter, you must provide high-quality content. Not only does it give people food for thought, but it also helps you climb your writing career ladder, learning the ropes of such demanding and among the oldest crafts.

Thanks to living in a fast-paced environment, we can take the most from today’s technology. The Internet isn’t just about chatting with friends, watching Netflix, and playing games. It is also a treasure chest of useful tools with different purposes. In collaboration with the quality writing assistance, our team has analyzed the most used apps old hand freelance writers employ to make their texts top-notch and commercial. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at them.

Apps For Fruitful Preparation

The pre-writing process is what lies behind a successful blog, paper, article, etc. Every freelance writer knows that in no way should they proceed to write the text right after they get the instructions. Instead, they are likely to understand the requirements, analyze the prompt, carry out research, and come up with worthwhile ideas. This approach is standard yet very efficient, and the following tools are likely to help you with the pre-writing stage:



Quora has been among the top web pages for various discussions for many years. You don’t even have to run discussions there to find out what the current trends are. It is enough to follow the threads to be aware of aspects people are surrounded by these days. If you are a writer and seek topics in the spotlight these days, you are highly encouraged to sign in to Quora, as it will help you be up to date.

The Quora community is very responsive, and you will get answers to your most tormenting questions in the blink of an eye. Besides, you may also download Quora on your device and remain informed about your posts while being outside.



The writing industry is oversaturated with writers, and it is challenging to keep your head about water and compete with others. Most professional writers get the best orders. And substantial writing skills are not the only requirement. Feeling what people need is no less critical. Answerthepublic can help you learn what people are asking about.

Using this tool, you will be able to adapt to people’s queries. Thinking several steps ahead makes competent writers in-demand. That is why it is an excellent strategy to analyze what people are curious about and make them read your text by answering their questions.



Evernote is another great tool for capturing ideas. Evernote is a note-taking app that works on any device. When using it, you can rest assured that the app will integrate your text into Google Docs, Outlook, and even Slack. The tool has an exhaustive list of benefits, which make Evernote the best option in the market.

One of the most fantastic perks is that Evernote syncs your notes across all devices and allows you to access them anywhere and at any time. Just connect to the Internet, and voila, the text written while being on the road appears in the laptop’s app immediately. Evernote offers two plans, a basic and premium. Based on our experience, we can assure you that the free packet is more than enough to satisfy your writing needs.

Irreplaceable Tools For Crafting Content

Once you comprehend the topic and have ideas for your text, you have to start off the writing process. Creating content is not an intimidating task if you know what to write about. And the process may well be easier and more productive when using these tools:

Stay Focused

StayFocusd App

When the flash of inspiration strikes, we can’t miss it and scroll Facebook instead. Researchers empirically identified that humans can be easily disturbed by even minor things, such as popped up notifications and sounds. When we get interrupted, i.e., lose our concentration, it takes more than 20 minutes to regain the previous working rhythm. Time is money, especially when the deadline is approaching.

StayFocusd is similar to excellent themes for writers, as it makes your working space minimalistic and fast. The app is fully customizable, meaning you can temporarily block different web pages, apps, domains so that you won’t get any notifications and won’t be able to run apps until you turn off Stayfocusd. Try it once, and you will see that your productivity skyrockets. The tool is free of charge.

Google Docs

Even though we are progressive and use different state-of-the-art programs, we can’t fare well with Google Docs. Being a simple word processor, it gained an unheard-of success. Writers prefer to work in Google Docs because it has a user-friendly interface, it works rapidly, and, most importantly, it allows people to quickly cooperate with others. This is especially vital when you work on a project and have to share your results with coworkers.

Besides, it is a part of Google Drive, so you don’t need to perform redundant actions to upload and download files. Google Docs has numerous extensions. However, the most potent one is Grammarly, a top-most spell checker each and every writer is familiar with. Google Docs is free unless you want to increase your storage.

A Bit Of Editing With Proofreading?

Regardless of what you write, you have to check your paper before submitting it to the customer. Even minor mistakes can make you worse off. Fortunately, there are many apps to help you polish your content to shine. The most advantageous are:



You don’t have to be involved in writing to know what Grammarly is. The app helps students of different majors, journalists, and professional writers to generate content. Grammarly is an innovative spell checker that analyzes texts and corrects grammatical, punctuation, and lexical errors and poor word choices. 

On top of that, Grammarly has a plagiarism checking option that allows you to screen your written piece. Alternatively, you might use this free plagiarism checker to compare the results and reassure that your text is completely unique.

Grammarly has extensions and is embedded in different apps. That is, you can check your text directly when using Google Docs, when composing emails in Gmail, and even when chatting in Messenger or using Teams Windows.

Grammarly has two packets. The free version covers all the basic writing needs. However, you can boost the app and gain complete and unlimited access to Grammarly by paying approximately $25 a month.


Thesaurus Synonyms

Writers represent the community. The more educated the group of people is, the higher their expectations are. Monotonous and repetitive writing is unacceptable if you want to deliver a certain idea. You should make your article diverse in terms of vocabulary, and Thesaurus will help you succeed in that.

The app is entirely free, and you can access it with any device, be it a laptop or smartphone. Moreover, the latter has a superb offline application that doesn’t require an Internet connection. You can use it anytime and bookmark the most noteworthy words.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor

Grammar and lexicon are essential, indubitably. But so is the readability score. The harder the text to follow and digest, the fewer people will finish and spread it to other readers afterward. Hemingway Editor is an online readability score checker. It analyzes the text, identifies whether your document is easy to read or not, and highlights complex sentences and words better to delete or replace. Hemingway Editor is totally free to use.

The Bottom Line

Creating content can be a real pain in the neck. Even if the topic is simple, you might find it difficult to brainstorm exclusive ideas and put them on paper. Plus, you may be easily distracted and commit mistakes paying no attention to them. Luckily, these problems are manageable with the mentioned online tools. Employing them daily, you will bolster your writing abilities and productivity and decrease the time spent generating, editing, and proofreading articles.

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