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The Best OpenCart Hosting Providers [2022 Edition]

The Top 3 Best OpenCart Hosting Services

Need to start a store but you have little to no money? Why not try a platform that is both free and open-source? OpenCart might be exactly what you have been looking for. Starting up an online business is becoming more popular. In our guide, we talk about what OpenCart can do for you. We also cover the best OpenCart hosting. Using this article, you will be able to easily pick the right host for you based on speed, security, and style. Let us get started and see what you can do with OpenCart.

The Top 3 Best OpenCart Hosting Services

Why is it so important to pay attention to your host? Not all hosts are built the same. Think about this for a moment. We all have Internet connectivity. Are all providers the same when it comes to your connection? Of course not!

Some providers are notorious for having spotty coverage. They are constantly going down during important business meetings or while you are playing a game online with your friends. In a similar way, you need to watch who you pick as your host.

A business that has spotty coverage will not be viewed as reliable. People are going to feel that your customer service and products are going to be shoddy if they are working with a store that is always going out. For many customers, their only experience with your company will be interacting with the site. Make sure that experience is a good one.

With all this in mind, we made a list of the best hosts for your online business. We paid close attention to price as well as service. It is understood that many pick OpenCart since it is a free option versus the more expensive Shopify. Let us get started and look at some of the hosts you might pick.

1. A2 Hosting - Our Favourite OpenCart Host

1. A2 Hosting – Our Favourite OpenCart Host

The first host we need to think about is A2. This team has it together which means you can count on them. Some of the prime features include:

  • Solid uptime
  • Secure site
  • Designed specifically to work with OpenCart

When you pick a host, you are going for a low price. If you were not concerned with cost, you could always pick Shopify which ranges in price from thirty dollars all the way to several hundred a month when you get to Enterprise level service.

The first tier with A2 is just 2.99 USD for each month. That is much cheaper than Shopify. Since OpenCart is all open-source, you will be saving even more money. If you want to change up your look for the OpenCart system, there are themes that are available. Search through the Internet for the free OpenCart themes and you can put a whole store together for very little money.

A2 is known for speed. They brag about having some of the fastest servers out there. That is going to be important if you are serious about starting a business. Customers and also Google care about your page speed. If you have load times that are sluggish, you can expect Google to kick you down further on the rankings. They only want to serve fast and good content, otherwise, the reputation of Google will suffer. You are going to get that with A2.

Siteground Open Cart Hosting

2. SiteGround

Next on the list, let us consider SiteGround. With OpenCart, you have to remember this is a free service. If you have a question, you can’t just go to somebody on the website and then contact them using a live chat window. You also won’t be able to contact anybody on the phone so that they can walk you through all the different options. There are some harsh realities with going with the open-source option.

With SiteGround, they can help you with the fact that you are not going to have quick responses to your eCommerce questions. You can expect the following:

  • Fast turn around with questions
  • Staff that are all technology professionals
  • Good speeds
  • Low pricing compared with Shopify

Once again, with SiteGround, the pricing is much more reasonable when compared to Shopify. While Shopify can host your store and also provide the user interface, you pay a high price for that right. If you are more interested in saving money, then you need to go with the open-source solution.

That is not to say that the staff and team behind OpenCart will never help you. You can still contact them via email. They get a lot of tickets each day, so you can’t count on a fast response time. What can you really expect with a free product? Instead, make sure your host can answer questions that will pop up. They can explain how to install things such as new themes and help you with OpenCart.

OpenCart Hosting Alternatives

If you get tired of OpenCart, that is not a problem. SiteGround has many options you can switch over to. Have you been thinking of using WordPress? They have managed WordPress hosting which means you don’t have to worry about the details. You can just focus on making great products. Managed hosting is a good way to save time and then spend your valuable time building up your business.

WordPress has a system that is very similar to OpenCart. It is called WooCommerce and the system is also fully open-source. You won’t need to worry about paying monthly fees like you would when you sign up for Shopify. On top of this, the WordPress platform is also free. There are so many free templates and themes you will never run out of new looks. All of this is going to be offered by SiteGround if you feel like you need to move away from OpenCart. Give them a try today and see if they meet your standards.


3. Bluehost

Last on the list, we just had to mention Bluehost. As you already know, the option here is going to be much cheaper versus Shopify. Not only that, but Bluehost is known to respond to questions in just a few minutes. You are going to need help like this if you are looking forward to a successful business. The world of business never sleeps. You can have a call come in at one in the morning. You need a system in place that can sell products even when you are not available.

Bluehost will help you put together a great system. The lowest tier is right at three dollars for the month. You are going to struggle looking for a better price. They have also been doing hosting for years. They have seen it all. If you have a question about what is going on with your site, go ahead and give them a call. Chances are they have already worked through the issue before. If your particular employee has never seen the problem before, somebody on their staff is going to know what to do. That is one big advantage of working with a large company that is well known.

Bluehost is also known for having solid uptime. Like we said before, you would not stick with a team or Internet provider that has a service that is always going out. When you work with Bluehost, they can guarantee that your site is going to be up almost a hundred percent of the time. Go ahead and test the service with a free trial. If the service is bad, cancel during your free trial and you won’t be charged. Simple!

What Is OpenCart Hosting?

What should we be expecting when we start OpenCart? You can take advantage of these fine features:

  • Great community revolving around open-source
  • Easy to understand admin panel
  • Add new products very quickly
  • User management

Add up all these excellent aspects and you can see why many are turning to OpenCart to help them. If you are not online and selling, you might be missing out on over fifty percent of the potential customer base. People are shifting how they are shopping for things. The customers in brick and mortar stores are going down due to various circumstances around the world. If you want to profit from this, you need to act quickly and get a site up that is on the web.

Don’t worry about confusing coding and strange programming languages. Programming for many seems esoteric and puzzling. Skip learning a complicated language. Just go with an option like OpenCart and you are going to be up and running right away. That is important in this market right now. You need to be making swift choices if you want to jump on the market trends. The best way to put out products quickly is by using a tool like OpenCart. This gives you the ability to seize upon products as they are becoming popular. You will be able to capture some of that profit before the popularity wanes and then you are stuck with a lot of inventory that will take months to move.

Best OpenCart Hosting Conclusion

In conclusion, we looked at many options for the best OpenCart hosting. If you are thinking to yourself about who to pick, we gave you several picks that you can investigate. Don’t forget that when you are looking for the best OpenCart hosting, it is a good idea to check the speed of these hosts using tools like Pingdom or GTMetrix. Those will help you make your decisions. Thanks for reading this guide.

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