Best page speed plugins for WordPress 2020

Considering speeding up your WordPress website? If you’re struggling to find the one and only plugin that works best for you, take a look at this article and choose the best tool to speed up your WordPress website. 

WP Rocket WordPress plugin

Best page speed optimization plugins for WordPress

WP Rocket is a speed optimization plugin that manages instant automatic caching. WP Rocket plugin is extremely user-friendly and suitable for beginners since it doesn’t require any coding skills. Quick to set up and simple to configure, WP Rocket offers optional features apart from speed improvement. You will get database optimization, CDN integration, image lazy load, cache preload, GZIP compression and many more. 


lightweight website with wordpress

Perfmatters is not a caching plugin but an extra lightweight performance plugin worth using if you already have a WordPress caching plugin. Working alongside your existing caching plugin, Perfmatters disables options that slow your site down hence improving speed and performance.  Perfmatters is easy to use and does not require technical expertise to be used.

W3 Total Cache

Cache plugins for WordPress

W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular WordPress caching plugins designed to improve SEO and increase website performance. W3 Total Cache plugin offers features needed for setting up WordPress cache, including page cache, object cache, as well as GRIZ compression, limited minification support, and CDN support. If you’re a beginner W3 Total Cache might be too difficult to use since it’s designed for advanced users only. 

WP Fastest Cache

page speed plugins for wordpress

WP Fastest Cache is a caching plugin accessible for beginners. It’s not as confusing and is easy to set up. WP Fastest Cache plugin is free for download or else there are premium versions available with extra features. The free version allows you to manage cache, minify HTML, CSS, and JS, and integrate CDN. With WP Fastest Cache it will take you as little as 1 click to clear cache or minify CSS.

WP Super Cache

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WP Super Cache is another popular caching plugin comparably easy to setup. WP Super Cache includes advanced cache preload, GZIP compression, page cache, CDN support and more. Also, the plugin will make your website run and load faster by cleaning up outdated cache files. 

Sucuri Firewall

Firewall for wordpress

Sucuri Firewall is one of the best security and firewall plugins out there. Sucuri Firewall gives your website a performance improvement and caches your website automatically. Other features include but are not limited to GZIP compression, resource optimization, and server load reduction. A great benefit feature of Sucuri Firewall is protection from hacks and attacks, detection and alleviation of possible threats. 

Alternative Built-in Cache Solutions  

Some WordPress hosting companies offer built-in cache plugins that can improve your site performance. There are a lot of available hosting plans that cover caching. Some of the hosting companies with built-in caching solutions are SG Super Cacher, WP Engine Caching, and Bluehost Caching.  

As you can see there are a lot of solutions out there that enable you to improve performance and speed up your WordPress website. Caching plugins have a lot of benefits including essential for improving SEO fast load, reduced download time, increased traffic, improved visitor time on site and conversion. Keep in mind that some research is needed to find the plugin that works best for you. You might want to keep your options open and try combining several plugins to boost efficiency. We hope that you find this article useful in choosing the best caching solution for you!   

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Why do you need a faster website?

The improved speed of your website brings considerable advantages. The faster the website the more traffic it drives, along with more traffic that comes from organic search. Also, since Google encourages faster websites with SEO advantage, users speed up their websites to get better search engine rankings and improve visitor time on site and conversion. The first step to improve your website performance and speed is choosing a valid and reliable web host. Then, you can consider choosing built-in or independent caching plugins. 

How a caching plugin such as WP Rocket can make your website run faster

There are different types of WordPress caching but they share a common bottom line. Caching plugins significantly decrease the load on hosting servers and thus improve your WordPress speed and performance. Saving server’s resource consumption, caching also helps to access files more quickly which makes your website run faster. You can not only improve performance with caching but also sustain traffic load without crashing the website. 

Speed up your WordPress website

To optimize the speeds for the WordPress sites to load, plugins are available for use. If you want to deploy caching or minifying plugins for optimizing the performance of your WordPress sites, there are a variety of options available in today’s world of WordPress including caching plugins, minifying plugins, lazy loading plugins and some other additional plugins which contribute to improving the efficiency of the websites. Slow page loading is bad and can contribute to making a bad reputation for your website. 

Customers or visitors like to see the website to respond as fast as it could to match the speed of their activity actions. So to stop you from having a bad reputation and to prevent any loss of business in the form of losing clients and customers, plugins are there to help you. In this article, the most popular, well recognized, and the best of the best plugins are discussed in detail for you to make a decision of what to deploy on your sites.

Why we recommend these WordPress Plugins such as WP Rocket

WP Rocket is one of the most popular and well-known WordPress performance plugins, which stands out compared to all the other available options.You get the expected caching functionality, along with some incredible functionality provided with it. It is known to have a state of the art-friendly user interface. WP Rocket has the easiest setup and installation process compared to other plugins which require you to have detailed knowledge to figure it out. They have all the extra plugins which you usually require to use and install extra plugins for like you get image lazy loading along with database optimization. It also provides the ability to host the Google analytics code. 

WP Rocket has proved and has managed to make its place at the top. You cannot ignore it while choosing plugins. Its features to state include a user friendly interface, minimal tweaking required for speed improvements, minify CSS, HTML and JavaScript, page caching, cache preload, and image lazy loading, advanced caching rules, database optimization, CDN integration, direct cloudflare integration, Google analytics integration to load the code from your server settings import and export, and the version rollback. The pricing of WP Rocket starts just from $49.

WP Fastest Cache is a performance plugin which emphasizes mostly on the caching. It provides a number of incredible features, along with providing an easy to use interface.There are some very advanced plugins, whereas some are really simple and basic functionality providing plugins, WP Fastest Cache lies exactly in the middle of the two extreme situations. You just have to install it; after activation, just go through the settings, then click on the save and you are all set for work. It is very easy to set cache expiration times for certain URL strings. This plugin has managed to get really impressive reviews on the website. 

The features provided by WP Fastest Cache include easy setup, single click to clear cache, minifiesCSS and html, enables you to set posts/pages to exclude, enables you to set expiration times for all posts/pages or certain URL strings and it provides CDN integration. There is a premium version of it available that provides extra features. The simple version is absolutely free of cost.

WP Super Cache is one of the most popular and commonly used caching plugins available for deployment on the WordPress sites. It is downloaded by around 5.5 million people from all around the world. It has a very simple setup procedure. The advanced features are also present for the advanced user to get some more functionality out of this plugin. The features which are provided by the WP Super Cache are: it provides support for multiple caching types like Mod_Rewrite, PHP, and Legacy; it serves static html files, provides cache preloading along with providing the CDN support. It is absolutely free of cost.

Perfmatters deploys a different approach compared to most of the other plugins in order to improve page load times. WordPress provides certain options, which aren’t required usually in most of the cases, ultimately slowing down the sites in performing. Perfmatters Lets you disable these non-required options in a simple way, just by a few clicks. The major negative influence is caused by the HTTP requests which are not required; it slows down the rendering of the pages Perfmatters let you disable scripts as on the basis of per page, which causes to stop plugins from loading code when it is not required. 

The important features of Perfmatters are: it works with your existing caching plugin, it disablesWordPress options that are slowing your site down, it lets you disable scripts on a per-page basis, DNS prefetch support, and is a lightweight plugin. The Perfmatters pricing starts at $ 19.95 charged per year.

Provided by the team of KeyCDN, the Cache Enabler is a great plugin; it is a very lightweight caching plugin that can be installed easily in a few clicks and seconds. The option to set cache expiry time is provided along with the minification setup and some other related options. Except for these options, it does not have much to offer, but that is the entire requirement, limited functionality for being light. The features include simple setup, clearing cache in a single click, the option of setting the cache behavior, minification feature, set post IDs to exclude from the cache, and it lets you set the expiration times. It is absolutely free of any cost.

 When a visitor tries to visit a website, the whole page is loaded. The process increases the load times, especially when the page is long or is containing lots of images. There is no need to load the entire page at the same time, even the loading of images at the same time is not necessary. Lazy loading lets specific necessary elements to load when needed. This is what this plugin does. One of the amazing features is that it lets you replace YouTube IFrames with preview thumbnails. The features which this plugin provides are the replacement of post images, post thumbnails, etc. along with not using jQuery or Javascript (which makes it light). It is available for free.

Other Suggestions

The WP Super Minify deploys the idea of minifying, which is combining the JS, HTML, and CSS files in order for compression, which provides the reduced loading times for the websites. You need to be careful while installing this plugin as it is found that some particular themes and plugins conflict with it, causing problems. WP Super Minify lets you disable compression of JavaScript and CSS if conflicts and issues arise due to compression of them. The features include the minification of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, along with the disabling option for JavaScript and CSS. It is extremely simple and provides straight forward usability. It is absolutely free of cost. 

 Another popular and well-known speed-enhancing plugin is the W3 Total Cache, which is another simple caching plugin. It provides a variety of options, along with supporting different caching methods. Advanced support for CloudFlare and CDN services is provided by the W3 Total Cache plugin. Due to the availability of lots of options, the setup process is not very simple. This plugin is recommended to be used by technically advanced users. Its uninstalling is also a complex procedure. The features include CDN support, browser caching, database caching, object caching, minifying, and lots of other related functionalities. It is available for free.

Choosing the best WordPress performance plugin

If you are wishing and do require speeding up your WordPress installation, deployment of any of the below-stated plugins can bring an incredible change in the efficiency, and page load times of your website.  It does not mean that you should install each and every one of the available plugins; the best thing is to deploy only those plugins which your requirement demands. Plugins are not the only solution to increase efficiency, but they do contribute a lot to this cause. One of the combinations can be the installation of WP Rocket and Perfmatters together, which is a very strong combination and can help to make a great change. These two optimization plugins provide a lot of functionality, including caching, lazy loading, and much more. 

If you are planning to take hosting services by Kinsta, then you have no choice except choosing WP Rocket because they only allow it. Starting with the detailed reviews and analysis of the available plugins, it should not be ignored that these are not the only available plugins that are good; there might be a lot of other options available too, which might provide a lot of functionality regarding this particular scenario. Overall our favourite plugin is WP Rocket though.

  1. Due to its simplicity to use features and a large library of easily available plugins, even a new or zero knowledge tech person like me can build the professional websites by using the WordPress. And following some new updates in Google’s ranking algorithm, site loading speed has become even more necessary for a ranking website.

    Thank you so much for sharing an excellent article about “Faster Loading WordPress Plugins”. These are the plugins which I everybody need to be used in their blogging life. Now as you explain superbly the use of plugins to us, I am going the practice those to my blog. Also, with my experience, I highly suggest you configure Cloudflare with your website. It’s free, easy to install & it offers free CDN & makes your blog fast and secure.

    One quick question; using too many plugins make the blog or website to load slowly. What do you say? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Prisha, using Cloudflare is a great idea!

      Yes we recommend that you use as few plugins as possible. Plugins that effects the front-end & javascript heavy plugins needs to be avoided as much as possible (Social share etc.), they can slow your site down a lot.

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