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Best PopUp Builders For WordPress 2022

We have all been there. You are deep in research, going through countless websites to solve an issue or come to the right decision for a serious choice you need to make. You look at the snippet on Google for the search term and it looks like this website will help you finally solve your problems. The information is well laid out and concise as you scroll down…just to have a popup spring onto your screen that blocks your view of the information that you need.

Annoying! Nobody likes popups when you are deep in thought and only focused on your goal. Surely considering how irritating a popup is, they don’t actually work. Afterall, would you want to give somebody your time after being rudely interrupted? Well, the problem is that popups actually do work which is why you see them so often. 

A well designed popup that is engaging and catches the attention of the viewer can snag up to 40% more conversions and leads. Think about how much better you would be doing with your business if you saw a 40% jump in the KPIs that you are measuring. The truth is, there are many different kinds of popups that a business can use. Some of them will drive users away from the site by being too intrusive and stopping the flow of the website. Popups done correctly though can be perfect for offering free information to a user or giving them something they want in exchange for an email address or a way to follow up later.

Popups are not going away anytime soon and any e-commerce store that is serious about converting as many leads as possible will be building popups and using A/B testing to see which popups are going to convert the best. How can you build a popup without an extensive knowledge of web design and coding? Let’s look at two of the most popular builders.

create popups with optinmonster for WordPress


This company was started in 2013 with Syed Balkhi along with Thomas Griffin in Florida. This plugin allows users to easily put together different types of sign up forms to place on their website. These call to actions are designed to be appealing to the eye and catch the attention of users. There is also a wide variety of sign up forms which range from Lightbox Popup, Floating Footer Bar, and also the Slick Slide-in. There really are so many different themes and types of popups that you can use. Your options are going to fit any business no matter what theme you already have on your WordPress site and what colors scheme your website is using. At this time, OptinMonster says that they are currently being used by more than 600,000 different websites which is huge. A very popular product!

What can you do if you are not currently using WordPress? OptinMonster works with a myriad of different platforms from Joomla to Drupal. Maybe you have already built up a huge e-commerce site using Magento or Shopify? That will not be a problem because the OptinMonster App can integrate perfectly with your already existing store and start generating leads for you now.

Visual Editor

If you are familiar with building web pages using WordPress, you will see that constructing your popup is similar. Choose the kind of popup you would like such as one specifically for mobile or desktop and then begin to use the point and click editor. Click on the different elements on the form and you will be able to edit them. 

Maybe your website already has a dedicated color scheme of orange and white with all of your branding sporting this combination. Navigate over to the “Submit” button and then you can start to change the colors so that there will be a good flow between your page and the popup. The border colors can me modified along with your text size and font to make sure that everything is working together well. 

Targeting and Testing

OptinMonster also allows you to configure when the popup is triggered depending on the time of the session or how far down the user scrolls. This is handy for being more calculating and not annoying visitors with a sudden ad as soon as they click the site. This builder also comes ready for regular A/B testing which means you can compare the conversions between two different popups very easily and see which one is converting better. With all of these options present, OptinMonster is great for users that want speed and simplicity. This mature product captures the number one spot on our list with so many different tools to use.

Ready to get started with OptinMonster? Visit OptinMonster and try it for free!

mailoptin popup creator banner


Coming in a close second on our list is MailOptin. Similar to OptinMonster, you can easily put together nice looking popups for users to fill out so that you can follow up with them again later and start to really build a solid foundation for your business. Just like OptinMonster, there is a wide variety of form types to pick from and there are plenty of options to change fonts, colors schemes, and sizes so that everything will blend in seamlessly with your already existing site.

Triggers for the popup can be controlled through an easy to use set of display rules. Maybe you don’t want the popup to appear on every page. You can control that with just a few clicks. Perhaps the popup should only appear when you make a post about a certain topic or it falls into a specific category. That also can be fine tuned. Of course, you have the normal triggers as well which include time spent on the page, how much the user has scrolled down, and if they are exiting a page. 

Email Automation

Beyond just your triggers and targeting of customers, MailOptin can also get you started with email automation. You are collecting emails from customers for a reason and that is to reach out to customers and keep them informed even when they are not on the site. With MailOptin, it is easy to set up rules that are going to automate your list and hopefully allow you to skip using other services such as MailChimp.

With a small amount of configuration, you will be able to create rules that send out new posts to your subscriber base with each new blog you publish! This is really handy for owners that are low on time and need everything to just flow together. Not only that, but MailOptin comes with analytics as well so you can see exactly what marketing efforts are successful and which ones are not.

Ready to get started with MailOptin? Visit MailOptin and try it for free!

How to install a PopUp Builder for WordPress

What exactly is a popup builder? Simply put, it is a plugin that integrates with WordPress and simplifies the process of creating a popup for your site. The installation process is easy. Navigate over to your “Plugins” and then click on “Add New”. Look for a popup builder that you think will work well for your needs and then make it active by clicking “Activate Plugin”. Once you have your brand new popup builder installed and ready to go, you can start a new popup screen, pick your colors and theme, and decide when the popup will spring up during the user experience. It is that simple.

Now that we know exactly what a Popup builder is and how easy they are to install with WordPress, what are some good builders that we can use to speed up our workflow? In the same way WordPress is changing how websites are made and the ease of use, there are many popup builders that are making things easier for business owners and marketers to capture leads, offer free products, and give the customer more in terms of engagement.


Which service should you go with? OptinMonster is a much more mature company with many years honing their craft. Keep in mind though, for even the most basic service, they are going to charge you $9.00 a month which will be billed on an annual basis. This is an important distinction because this service does not go from month to month. For a company or users that are unsure of this service, that can be a big bill that you will be paying all at once.

MailOptin is different from OptinMonster in the sense that it is a freemium service. You can opt to pay for it, but until you are sure that you want to use them for building popups and sending automated email, you can use the free version. This is great for people that are more budget minded or not sure how much the service will impact their business. For example, using the free version of MailOptin might net hundreds of new leads in just a month with a well crafted popup that is targeted correctly. In a case like this, it is easy to justify spending the extra cost since the service is already making you money.

With this guide, you can decide which service will be better for you. Each one has their own strengths and drawbacks. Check back regularly with Superb Themes for WordPress related products and services that are going to get your website to the next level.

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