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Best PrestaShop Hosting Services in 2022

Best PrestaShop Hosting

A good host is imperative if you want to keep up with your competition. You need fast loading times but also solid service. If your page has spotty service, customers will feel like they can’t trust you. Who has the best PrestaShop hosting? What is PrestaShop? Will it work for you?

Who Has The Best PrestaShop Hosting?

We went over some of the best aspects of PrestaShop. We do need to ask though, who is the best host. You can have customer headers and footers with working forms but it won’t mean much unless you have good hosting. Your beautiful site needs to load fast. You need data centers located near customers so they can see images like your products. Let’s go over some hosts that work well with PrestaShop. Then we will have a better idea of who has the best PrestaShop hosting.

Cloudways PrestaShop Hosting

1. Cloudways

Cloudways makes the number one spot when it comes to PrestaShop and online stores. What can you expect from them?

  • Performance that will scale with your company
  • Worry-free performance
  • Ironclad security to protect your customers
  • Simple to understand designs

When you start up your online store, scaling might be the furthest thing from your mind. You are just looking to start making profit! As business continues though, you do need to think about scaling and how easy the system is to use.

When your PrestaShop starts to become successful, how easily can you start to scale up? When you add hundreds of products, are you going to see your performance slow down? What if you want to add a video to show people how to use the product? All of the things must be considered and Cloudways has a system that makes it easy to scale. With just a few clicks, you can add more storage, memory, or speed to their system. It is an easy system to understand as well so that new employees can easily come in and understand how to look at the front office and backend.

A2 Hosting PrestaShop Review

2. A2 Hosting

Will A2 work well for hosting an online store through PrestaShop? Absolutely. In fact, their prices are so low, you probably spend more on your morning coffee. For less than three dollars USD, you can get started with forming your online store. Why pick A2?

  • Experienced with online stores
  • Compatible with PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and OpenCart
  • Very fast servers that can be upgraded

Say you get started with PrestaShop and then decide you want to move over to a new platform for your store. Not a problem. A2 is compatible with a large number of online stores. You can use Magento, WooCommerce, or even OpenCart. That is a huge relief because not everybody is going to mesh with PrestaShop. When you need to try another way of getting your product out there, they are going to have your covered.

On top of this, they also have great load times. The turbo servers brag that they are twenty times faster than a normal server. If you start to scale up quickly, feel free to add high quality images and video. They are going to be able to handle it.


3. HostPapa

HostPapa is listed as part of the best PrestaShop hosting providers. Just like the other hosts on our list, they are compatible with Magento, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce. Feel free to try a variety of online stores with them because they can handle them.

The PrestaShop starter is just $2.59 when you get started. When it renews, the price will be under five dollars for each month. You are going to get the following:

  • Unlimited websites
  • 20 GB of SSD storage
  • As much bandwidth as needed
  • Free domain and SSL certificate
  • Backups that install automatically

As a host, they understand that becoming successful is hard. You need a host that is going to be on your side. The customer service team they have has that passion to get you to the next level. Support agents are waiting every day of the year. If you have any questions, reach out to them.

Online Commerce with PrestaShop

There have been titanic changes to the business in the past year or so. People are socially distant and concerned with working from home more. Many offices have made changes so that employees can work from home. Restrictions have been placed on how many people are allowed in a store at one time.

With all of these changes happening, we are seeing a big surge in online business. Those with skills in developing websites and working online are enjoying a resurgence in interest. What if you offered a product that involved meeting with people in person?

There are many occupations that are going to take time to come back. If you are a trainer of any sort that has to meet with people in person, it is going to be hard to make an income. Swim instructions. Horse riding trainers. Corporate employees that train employees on sales or computer security. All of these people need to find new solutions if they want their income to continue.

It may take some imagination, but you have all the tools that you need to still be successful. As we saw in the United States, the companies that started to shift as fast as possible were the ones that were fine in the end. That may mean putting an emphasis on online sales.

Online Sales

If you want to start that transition over to online sales, you are going to need a CMS that can help. One of the most popular content management systems out there is WordPress. You might be working with a WordPress site right now and not even realize that you are working with a CMS.

Another popular CMS is Shopify. It allows people to easily work with an online store. We want to introduce you now to PrestaShop. It can be scary to try and start up your first online shop? How do you do it when you don’t understand how to code in PHP or JavaScript? Don’t worry about the details. PrestaShop has arrived and you can use this service to join the millions of others that are selling online.

PrestaShop set out to be a CMS that works automatically right out of the box. The creators coded it so that you just choose a few options such as currency and where you are located. Soon you are accepting cash from all over the world! These creators knew that people need a product that is going to work automatically with very little setup.

PrestaShop Demo Hosting

Unsure if they will work for you? Go to the website right now. They have demo sites that were put in place so that you can envision your own products. The demo sites are a good way to see some of the aspects in a website to give you an idea of what you are going to be able to make.

Looking at the live demo site that they have for review, you will notice it has all the best features that you would expect to find in an eCommerce site today. Down at the bottom is a custom footer. This shows navigation for the whole site. Access products easily so that customers can look at the array of things you have for sale. The terms of conditions, legal notices, and sitemap are available. You also easily make an about page to inform people about the mission for your company. They really thought of all the different pages that you might need to run a successful store.

Continuing along the custom footer at the bottom, you also have a way for the customer to access their account. From here, they can check on the shipping for their product. How long before their product arrives? They won’t need to call your customer service. Just direct them to look at their account which will hold a history of the products they bought and also give them more details.

Trying to increase your email list? This is the perfect way to inform customers about sales and upcoming news. As you can see from the demo site that was setup for your review, making a form that accepts email addresses that will connect to your email list is easy. No need for complicated coding. Just have the visitor put in the email address and then hit the button. It is done just like that and now you have a way to reach customers at any time. That is thinking ahead!

Custom Prestashop Features

When you use HostPapa, you are going to be working with servers that were customized to work with PrestaShop. You are going to have higher performance since they have custom settings and configuration files when you are using different platforms.

On top of that feature, you also get a free domain. Don’t pick a name that won’t get you noticed. It needs to be something that sticks out in the mind of your visitors. When you sign up with them for a full year, you automatically get a free domain for the year. That is going to save you money which you can use to buy some new plugins. Remember, the name of your business is going to be the first impression. Make sure your first impression with customers is a good one.

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