Best Real Estate Themes For WordPress 2020

With the market for real estate continually growing, themes have sprung up on WordPress especially designed for this purpose. These themes are made keeping in mind the special needs of real estate audience, making sure that they get to soak in the maximum amount of information about a product or space within the minimum amount of time possible. With this in mind, we have come up with a selection of paid themes that you can use for your next real estate website. These themes are modern, SEO optimized, responsive lightweight, and ensure brand consistency through a multitude of options available.

We have spent more than 30 hours on finding the best WordPress themes for real estate websites. All of them are carefully hand-picked. They’re SEO optimized, responsive and lightweight.

Best Premium Real Estate Themes


Divi is the most advanced form of modern website building themes that are super convenient for an entrepreneur or someone just experimenting with making a website. Although it does come at a price tag of $89 per year, it can be bought for a lifetime in a one-time payment of $249. This is an offer one can get no place else as the sheer amount of services being offered is unmatched throughout. The slogan for Divi is to build visually, which allows the user to create everything right in front of their eyes as they want to see it, and not make through written codes that do not have a visual result right away. Whether you are a freelancer, a builder, or anyone, Divi can work for you. With 800+ designs ready for change and customization; this is the best deal you will ever get.


Theme Isle’s WordPress themes are known for high quality and beautiful designs. Their most popular product at the moment is Hestia Theme, which has long been high on the list of the most used WordPress themes on in a free version and their premium version is apparently selling very well. We strongly recommend the theme especially for blogs and small businesses.


Astra has the front-end property submission, advanced communication tools, and it is also made mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly. There is also the feature of advanced search bars given that can easily be used to search the internet for more options. Some easy tabs and buttons can be used to navigate through the website, along with making sure that the item that the customer was searching for on the website is not lost. Astra for real estate also has features that include multiple searching options to locate the query easily. The simple layout makes sure that the customer is not confused. The owner’s confusion is also kept away through the dashboard that is responsible for organizing the whole website.


Theme Isle is one of the greatest WordPress theme designers on right now. Theme Isle has through themes like Hestia Theme proven that good design and quality can easily merge with good designers. Neve Theme is the second most popular of Theme Isle’s themes and it is definitely a good choice.


Our next contender for super real estate themes for websites on WordPress is MyHome. It is also one of the products very perfect for budget buyers as a 6-month license for MyHome costs $59, and it can be extended to 12 months with just $17.63 in addition.Already being sold over 3500+ times, this theme is here to stay. With dedicated support for all platforms, including Facebook, where most of your viewers tend to come from, the theme also offers compatibility with all the modern browsing software. MyHome is available in complete high resolution and comes loaded with a huge variety of widgets to keep your viewers’ company.

Real Estate 7

Real Estate 7 is yet another paid WordPress theme that is available off ThemeForest. For a very nominal price of $59 for six months, again expandable to 12 months for an additional $17.63, this theme hits it home with all the features it brings. Having been sold over 7000 times, this theme guarantees you users, leads, clients, and commissions. A very interesting feature for it is its compatibility with a multitude of languages which include Afrikaans, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, French (Canada), French (France), German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Slovak, Spanish (Argentina), Spanish (Colombia), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Russian, and more being added as you read this.


Houzez may sound modern and quirky with its name, but it is made for everyone, from millennials to older people. Since it is on offer on ThemeForest, this too comes at $59 for six months, which can be extended to 12 months for an additional $17.63. Houzez stands out because of three things. For starters, they offer theme documentation, making you aware of any and all changes going on, with proper catalogues. Secondly, their customer support is always live. And lastly, once you purchase this, you are in line for a never-ending list of updates that continue to make the theme better.

Best Free Real Estate Themes


Gutenshop is a theme that can help you do anything but has been specially customized to work for shops and e-commerce retail stores. The basic focus of this free theme is to help you showcase your product and sell it as fast as you can. Compatible with WordPress 5.0 or higher, Gutenshop is super popular among all kinds of entrepreneurs and especially real estate business people.

Landing Pageasy

Landing Pageasy is one of those free themes that look so beautiful when a client first enters the website, and they can’t stop themselves from admiring the effort you put in. It is the same as a customer walking in to appreciate the beauty of a shop. They then end up buying something from there for sure. Being the classic one-page theme, it tends to work well for everyone in the game. However, the real estate market can’t get enough of it. With already over 1000 downloads, Landing Pageasy has the attention of all the people looking to buy a home.


Marketingly by ThemeEverest has made a huge name for itself. It is the very sort of website that any person would love to browse through. The greeting page is a photograph, fully blown, of your choice, with the website name and details overlaid onto it. This creates an effect of professional, corporate identity, which is super important for the real estate industry. Customers get to know how serious you are. With a multitude of options that allow for customization, this theme is best for the budding entrepreneur. It also features tons of ad space for ensuring your brand survival.

Writers Blogily

Writers Blogily is a multipurpose WordPress theme, which allows for vast customization while sticking to its core, which is increasing conversion rates. Conversion rates mean how many of your website visitors end up becoming your customers, which is only possible because of interactive yet easy website design. Writers Blogily ensures that, while sticking to its minimal approach, which lets clients not get too bogged down with excessive information. The theme has been downloaded over 10.000 times already, showing how popular it is with the real estate community. .

Real Estate Themes for WordPress

There are a lot of different WordPress themes that caters to the needs of different people. For any website, it is important to have a layout that is friendly to the audience it is targeting. Great WordPress themes let you do just that with a variety of its awesome designs available. These themes are also essential to give an aesthetic look to your website for it to be accessed again and again by your viewers. These themes can either be free or paid, we will be listing both types in this article.

Download Real Estate Themes Download

Real estate themes continue to be the real deal within the e-commerce sector. Themes are the first thing that a viewer or potential customer gets to interact with, and if they get a good, friendly impression of it, they will stay. With this in mind, it is super important that you choose the one that helps you garner the highest yield. Be it a paid theme or free; it should help you get customers at the end of the day, with a high conversion rate.

Real estate is a market that continues to grow exponentially through traditional as well as modern trade. Be it countries that are low on space and instead have to introduce budget and closed spaces like flats and apartments, or be it countries with huge terrain of land to settle castles upon, the real estate market is booming for all. In that scenario, the e-commerce sector continues to inspire and validate this fact. The new avenue for selling real estate is on the web, and what better way to do it than on your website hosted through WordPress.

WordPress Real Estate Agent Themes

There is no doubt that WordPress continues to dominate the website making arena, with every new business seeking their help when setting up their online presence. With that being said, it is necessary that all customers who end up on your landing page through your marketing also stay there for the purpose you brought them in. Themes tend to play a very vital role in this regard. An attractive, engaging theme can take your conversion rates high if you try properly. And with some free themes available on WordPress, it is possible.

At times, it may seem to you like investing in real estate themes is not a good idea after all. It may be because your business tends to work more in the traditional way. However, at the same time, you would want to maintain an online presence against your competitors. This is where free WordPress real estate themes come in.

Popular Real Estate Themes

The best themes for real estate depend on your taste. But there are a few common denominators that tend to take one theme above the other. This includes the level of ease a customer finds when navigating through a website. A landing page should be clear, not too stuffy, and welcoming. The minimal information that is easy to absorb is the way to go for the best real estate themes. With that in mind, here are two more free WordPress themes that you will find very convenient for your next real estate e-commerce venture.

Responsive themes for Real Estate companies

WordPress is one of the largest online platforms that allow people to express themselves properly. Whether you are using a blog or creating a website, this platform not only makes the whole process easy, it readily more affordable.

We recommend Divi by Elegant Themes for most type of websites, it seems expensive at first, but luckily they have a coupon code.

Several different collections are available for the people to choose from. There are comprehensive collections that can be used to build one’s own real estate website or a blog site for property rental. All of the themes have some of the best possible features that are needed by the people making their websites online. All the themes that can be used have integrated Google Maps in them in case the customer might need to consult the live maps.  

Several other additional features make the whole experience easier and more effective for the visitors of the website. There is a sorting criterion that keeps things separated and organized. With everything arranged in categories, it is easier to search for information about the topic the customer is looking for. If a professional individual keeps his website cluttered, then the chances are that the customers might not stay on the website at all.  

All Themes Are SEO Optimized

The responsive design layout is easier to navigate through. If everything is cluttered, then there are chances that the system may not load properly or quickly. This will be a major discouraging factor for the people that are using the interface, and in return, the owner of the real estate website will not be able to generate his sales. The dashboard, which is also easy to use, makes things even easier to handle or organize. In the fast-changing business environment, the website or the online representation platform must be appropriately designed. Otherwise, possible customers might be repelled away.

Most of these themes have front-end property submission, advanced communication tools, and they are also made mobile- and tablet-friendly. There is also the feature of advanced search bars given that can easily be used to search the internet for more options. Some easy tabs and buttons can be used to navigate through the website or the blog, along with making sure that the item that the customer was searching for on the website is not lost. The themes are given for real estate also have features that include multiple searching options to locate the query easily. The simple layout makes sure that the customer is not confused. The owner’s confusion is also kept away through the dashboard that is responsible for organizing the whole website.  

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