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Best Secure Email Providers For Privacy Concerned People and Businesses

Email privacy is a hot topic considering the number of high profile websites that have been hacked recently. If you run a business, email privacy is one of your top concerns. If a hacker can get into your email, what kind of data would they have access to? You would open yourself up to other companies gaining knowledge about how your business works. This could easily be leveraged to put you out of business and steal trade secrets. In this article, we discuss why we should be concerned with Email privacy and list the best secure email providers that care about keeping your data safe.

What is Email Privacy?

When we think about privacy and electronic communication, this is a broad topic that we are looking at. Any time somebody gets access to your email or they can start inspecting packets, and they should not have access to it, this is a breach of privacy. Hackers are often looking for a way to sniff out your traffic and inspect your email to gain information and use it for profit. This might include ransomware or blackmail. At the very least, they are looking for your credit card data or passwords that will let them break into your system.

Best Secure Email Providers For Privacy

How often have you brought on a new employee and sent over an email to help them get started? It might be something like a brief introduction to your company and then the username and password to get in. If somebody intercepts this, that means they now have access to your system as well. That is going to be a huge breach of security and can cause all sorts of chaos. This is just one example where a hacker can take advantage of breaking into our email and looking for juicy details they can use. Even worse, they might use their new username and login to lock up your system. Ransomware is popular with hackers, and even large companies are paying out millions to these cybercriminals.

The Solution to Hackers

Many times, the best solution for hackers is a good defense. We know that hackers are looking for easy targets. What kind of OS are you using? Are you making regular updates? How is your firewall? Have you looked at ratings for your security software?

These are important questions. It might seem like a lot to take in, but we have to. We live in a society where the cyber-world is increasingly important. You would not leave your front door unlocked. Can you afford to leave the front door for your site or email unlocked? We looked at some great choices for protected email. If you care about privacy with your email, you are going to want to see this list. If you are a privacy-based business, you can use this list to help you stop intrusions.

Protonmail  - The Solution to Hackers

1. Protonmail – best on the secure Email providers list

Protonmail makes the top of the best secure email provider list. This is a group that is highly intelligent and concerned with civil liberties. Unauthorized access can happen at any time. When your email is in transit, it can be vulnerable. Email stored on servers can also be targeted. Email stored on your devices can also be attacked. With so many vectors for attacks, it is important to go with the best in the business.

Protonmail has years of experience protecting liberties for the general public. They are scientists and developers that work together in tandem to keep people safe. They understand that secure email at times is the difference between life and death. Not all countries believe in freedom of speech. In cases like this, things like Protonmail are vital. Protonmail is at the top when it comes to the best secure email provider.

Encryption Needed

First of all, Protonmail was made to be encrypted. End-to-end encryption was used, so your messages are secure at every stage of the process. Next, they have state of the art technology that keeps your private details from falling into the wrong hands. Their main goal is to secure everybody against attacks from hackers.

They give the public tools to make a shield around yourself and your business. If you are interested in privacy, you owe it to yourself to try out this service. What are some of the highlights?

  • Developed by security experts
  • Uses both mathematical and technical knowledge
  • Developed by top researchers

That is correct. When you sign up for Protonmail, you will have the backing of some of the top learning institutions in the world. We are just glad that they are on the side of the good guys. When you set things up with Protonmail, don’t worry about having trouble with the interface. It was put together to be easy to understand and simple to use. When you team up with Protonmail, you become part of a future where everybody uses encrypted communications. You are creating a safer Internet when you support Protonmail.

Tutanota - Protecting Your Data

2. Tutanota

Are you worried about spending too much to keep your email secure? Tutanota is totally free. That is correct. You can now keep your personal privacy for no cost at all. If you run a business and worry about privacy, look at the things that come with this free service.

  • Encrypted email technology
  • Works on major devices
  • Open-source

We need to think about how we can stop eavesdropping for email. You may think to yourself, why is secrecy important? What would a hacker want with your system? That is the wrong way to come to the topic. Just like you don’t want people going through your mail, you need to keep your email under lock and key.

Protecting Your Data

Your personal mail in the United States is protected. Nobody can tamper with your personal mail. You should not even open the mail for somebody else unless you want to risk a felony. The government takes correspondence very seriously because of the damage criminals can do.

Once somebody has access to your personal mail, they can start to gather information on you that can be used in later attacks. What insurance company do you use? They might want to use this information to perform a phishing attack against you. An email might come in that looks totally legitimate, and it comes from your insurance company. In reality, once you go to the created site, they will have control of your computer. This is just one example of why hackers want your data.

Can You Trust Anyone?

Like with your personal mail, any personal details can be used to get your trust and scam you later. Can we even trust Google at this point considering some of the things they have done? This service will let you work on the Android system and keep your data safe from even Google. This open-source solution is perfect if you are concerned that Google has started to intrude too much into your personal life and your company. Start to fight back when you use this free service. It is a great way to stay under the radar and secure your own data from hackers. Tutanota is amongst the best secure email providers. - Bring your own Domain


Third, on the list, this email for privacy has many unique options. Look at some of their highlights.

  • Email Analysis
  • Email Filtering
  • Virtual Identities
  • Bring your own Domain

Figure out where the email came from if it looks suspicious. Watch the geographic path of correspondence as it comes in. This can be a prime way to stop dangerous spam before it hits your inbox. Make as many virtual identities as you would like. With this service, hackers never have to know what your true email address is. Use this to your advantage so that they can’t send you spam or phishing emails. The end-to-end encryption with this service is at the highest level to make sure nobody is watching your next conversation. Also, one of the Tutanota is amongst the best secure email providers.

Disroot - No ads & data tracking

4. Disroot

The last plugin possibility on our list of the best secure Email providers is Disroot. Should you try Disroot? Here are a few of the benefits you will get.

  • Not centralized
  • No data tracking
  • No ads
  • You can buy extra space

If you care about challenging those in positions of power, it is important to make sure your email is not compromised. Disroot is dedicated to helping those that want to create a better future. They can promise you that they will never sell your data or misuse it. There will be no ads with the service, and you can support them by buying extra space and storage.

When you contact their email server, SSL is used to make sure nobody is snooping. If you send out an email, you are also going to get TLS. Transport Layer Security will ensure you are not watched by intrusive governments or corporations that desire your biometric information or preferences.


It has never been more important to secure your information. If you are a person or business concerned with your security and privacy, look into one solution. Many of the options we listed are free of charge and give you the ability to pay a bit extra for extra storage. This is a great way to try out these services before you put down your money. As always, keep checking back with us for further reviews when you are concerned with privacy.

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