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Best Security Plugins for WordPress (2022 Edition)

Based on our experience, we have made a list of the best security plugins for WordPress.

WordPress may be one of the most popular ways to create a site, but that also makes a likely target for hackers. You are probably already aware there are countless exploits and hacks for Windows-based machines compared to Linux or machines manufactured by Apple. The reason behind this is simple. Hackers want to go for the low hanging fruit. If they know there are many more machines running Windows, that is what they will target. Pursuing the slim number of Linux machines doesn’t make sense because there is not much reward regarding the risk.

How many attacks does the average WordPress site see? The number may astound you. WordPress sites are always under attack either from hackers behind the keyboard or the bots that they program to scan for sites that have open holes in their security. When the data is compiled, we can see there are around 100,000 attacks WordPress based sites every minute.

Malware is very Common

For those not in the security industry, you will be surprised to find that there are many different kinds of malware and security threats out there. Hacking is not just for teenagers in their mother’s basement that are bored and looking for something to do. This is now a big money scheme and will attract organized crime from other countries. Some hackers make money selling the tools to other criminals, while agencies might specialize in black hat SEO techniques to boost their ranking until they get discovered by Google. There is no end to the different programs and virus payloads criminals have, which means you need a solution that will be easy and protect your sites.

List of the Best Security Plugins for WordPress

It would be best if you did everything in your power to make sure that you don’t fall prey to security threats. We have taken a look at some of the top things that will help you get ahead of the hackers. Look at this list of plugins that are going to beef up your security.

iThemes Security Plugin

1. iThemes Security

iThemes Security is a clear number one of our best security plugins for WordPress list.

This plugin has many things set up that will protect you in ways you may have never considered. Take, for instance, brute force protection. If you give a hacker long enough, eventually, they will be able to guess your password. That is the whole purpose of just brute-forcing. When you don’t know the password, you can crack the code if you attempt it enough times.

iThemes is going to keep track of failed login attempts. Obviously, we all have those instances where we accidentally type the wrong password, and we need to go back and correct it. You may mess up your password a couple of times in a row, but why would you give people unlimited attempts to get in? There is no reason why anybody would need more than three or four attempts. This plugin will stay on top of this and inform you when somebody goes past this limit. If they try to brute force the password, they will be shut out of the system, exponentially increasing the time it will take to break in. This is why iThemes Security plugin is number one of our best security plugins for WordPress list.

File Changes

Another thing to consider is changes done to important files. When somebody successfully breaks into a system, they are going to want to give themselves further access to your system. It is rare that they look around and then leave. More than likely, a hacker will want to permit themselves to enter back into your system later. This might include them giving themselves the power of an admin or giving themselves root access.

iThemes understands how important security is, and they are always scanning your system to see if any of the important files have been changed. When a change is detected, you will get email alerts showing you what has changed recently. This gives you a great way to understand if you have been hacked or not and then gives you an idea of how they got in and what the hacker is trying to accomplish.

Are you ready to secure your website? Click the button to download iThemes Security!

Sucuri Security Plugin

2. Sucuri

Need a guarantee when it comes to your security? If you get hacked while you are using Sucuri, they are going to fix it. That is a huge claim. Think of it as insurance for your site that you can’t live without. Would you drive around without car insurance? That would be too risky. In the same way, you can’t afford to have a site unless you have a backup.

Sucuri is cloud-based. They are going to have your site backed up in multiple ways. Don’t worry about taking the time to go back in and upload all your information again. It is done with just a few clicks of the mouse, and then you are back up and running. If you are serious about protection and getting your site online again after a catastrophe, check out Sucuri.

Blogvault Security Plugin

3. BlogVault

On the third spot on the best security plugins for the WordPress list, we have BlogVault.

Like Sucuri, this will give you plenty of backups that are easy to create and easy to access. If you are a busy business owner, it may be difficult for you to memorize when you last uploaded a backup for your site. You won’t need to worry about that with BlogVault.

Create as many backups as you would like and have it all automated. BlogVault is great since you can set up a schedule, and the system will automatically create as many backups as you need. These backups will go to the places you already specified ahead of time, such as your Google Drive or your personal email.

Is Your Site Vulnerable?

We know WordPress is a target for hackers, but what kind of goals do these hackers have? In the past, hackers might hack into a system, change the main page with their hacking crew’s name, and take a look around your system before leaving. Hacking them is a challenge, and once they break into the system, they are no longer interested in the challenge.

While hackers like this still exist, it is more common to come across organized criminal gangs that have the goal of monetary rewards from their hacking exploits. This is no longer just fun for the hacker. They want to compromise the system to try and get money from the victim.

This can come in a variety of ways. When they break into a vulnerable site, they may be there so they can run a keylogger and collect your customers’ data. This is then sold off to another party using the dark web or chat rooms known for illegal activity. They may also be there to take over your machine and set up their launching point for spam. The hacker will not want to have their machines blacklisted, but they will happily take over your machine to send out ads for dodgy pharmaceuticals.

A Nightmare for a Site Owner

If you run a site, the last thing you want is to have somebody break in and ruin your hard work. It doesn’t matter what kind of company you run; hackers are trying to break into both large sites and small businesses. It doesn’t matter how large the business is because they can still siphon off valuable credit card numbers from the databases. Small sites can also become a factory for spam and setting up links on other sites for fraudulent SEO. This means that nobody is safe. Small companies will be targeted just as much as larger ones with more assets.

There is a lot that is at stake with your site. If hackers do manage to hack your system, you are going to lose confidence with consumers. How will you explain things when a customer visits your site, only to find that everything has been wiped out and replaced with spam links? You would not trust a business that has been broken into several times and constantly has their information stolen. You would assume that they don’t take security seriously.

Penalties from Google

Going back to the beginning with setting up your site is not the only issue that you will run into if you have the bad luck of getting targeted by hackers. You may also find that your host has banned you as well.

A host for your WordPress content can’t be sure if you are sending out spam or a malicious user who took over control. From their perspective, they can’t have anybody sending out spam links on purpose or if they had their security breach. This means you might have to start looking for a new host once somebody gets into your system. That is going to be a huge inconvenience!

Remember also that you are going to get penalized by Google as well. Just like your host doesn’t understand the whole situation, Google will also assume that you are sending out spam links on purpose. There is no distinction once the site is taken over and begins to produce content that won’t meet the terms of service.

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