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Best-selling page builders for WordPress (2022)

If you want to know the best product, it is probably a good idea to determine selling well. A lot of customers can’t all be wrong, right? When you see many people lining up to buy a product, it is quality most of the time. With this in mind, we want to look at the best-selling page builders. WordPress is popular because you can easily throw together a website in a matter of hours. Builders make this even easier. Which are the Best-selling page builders for WordPress?

Need a page builder that is free? Don't worry because Elementor has an option that is no cost.

1. Elementor

Need a free page builder? Don’t worry because Elementor has an option that is no cost. This is not a trial either. Use the software as long as you would like. That free version will never expire. It gives you a good chance to play with some of the options and see how easy it really is.

How did this make number one when we look at best-selling page builders for WordPress? Let us take a look at the numbers. With that data, we can determine which ones are selling well and who we should invest our time with. Customers currently show at roughly 4.2 million. That is a large group of people, which is perfect. That means if you have any issues with the software, people will be in place to help you.

They also show there are 2.7 million live sites that are using Elementor. Even PBS is a customer, so you know that the product can support big names. Historical data shows that 1.4 million sites have used Elementor in the past. The plugin is very popular in the United States and has become one of the top plugins. If you check it out today, you can start to see how it got so big.

Upgrade with Elementor

What can you expect when you upgrade Elementor and start paying money? It is going to be awesome to have access to over fifty pro widgets. These widgets can do all sorts of useful things, and you don’t need to program even one line of code.

You also get access to over three hundred pro templates. When you are in a hurry to get a site up, this can be a real lifesaver! The templates are all professional, and nobody has to know that you took advantage of the gorgeous looks made for you already. The paid-for tier will also give you the following:

  • Template kits
  • A theme builder
  • WooCommerce support
  • Popup functions
  • Support and updates for a full year

All of these things combined tell you why Elementor is selling so well. They pack their product with so many options and features for the cost, and most users download the plugin right off the bat.

Who has not heard of Divi? It is popular and has a ton of users. How many users? Let us take a look.

2. Divi

Who has not heard of Divi? It is popular and has a ton of users. How many users? Let us take a look. For the United States, they have close to a million websites that are using Divi. Considering this is paid software and doesn’t have a free option like Elementor, you know that people like this page builder a lot.

2.7 million websites are using Divi right now. It makes it easy to construct a full website in a flash, so we wanted to include it on this list of the best-selling page builders for WordPress. 1.5 million sites have gone live with Divi, which allows you to see what the plugin really can do. What does the historical data show? Those numbers are also strong. We know that 1.1 million sites were using Divi at some point. With a customer base this large, obviously, they are making all the right moves.

Just to switch things up, we wanted to go with something a little bit different for the third place.


Just to switch things up, we wanted to go with something slightly different for the third place. This is still one of the best-selling page builders for WordPress, but you get so much more. They have included managed WordPress hosting, which means your site won’t go down! Have the experts work on your site to ensure security, and the new updates are all done correctly. They have a Google page speed score that is over 95. When you are dealing with experts, they really know their stuff!

Founded in 2017, they are a smaller company with just ten to fifty employees that want to help you with WordPress. They give you free SSL for security reasons, and many tools that make it simple to put together a site. While Divi has customer support, the managed hosting through a company like 10Web is the next level. They will always have their eyes on your site in case something goes wrong. If there is a problem, you want these guys at the helm to fix it!

Everything they do is powered by Google Cloud technology. There won’t be a natural disaster that wipes out all the servers at once and then brings you offline for weeks. It is simple to restore everything to the way it was if hackers get into your system. Cloud-based backups make it so you can sleep at night.

Are they popular? You bet. Over the last six months, they have seen over six figures when it comes to visitors. On average, when somebody lands on the site, they are staying for roughly five minutes and viewing four pages. That shows that people are interested in what this hosting company is offering. Check them out today and see if managed hosting is going to be right for you.

Having trouble coding a form that you can use? Don't worry because we have all been there.

4. WPForms

Having trouble coding a form that you can use? Don’t worry because we have all been there. It can have many working parts when you are trying to make the form, accept data, and then store that data for later. We are talking about having to learn many different parts of how a website works. First, you must code the form, connect it to some sort of database that you can access with SQL, and then keep track of all the data you collected. How can you find time to do this when you already have so much work to accomplish?

WPForms comes to the rescue. It is now easy to set up a form that can be used for many different things. Create a registration for a big meeting. Accept suggestions from users. Let them report problems that they might encounter with a product or service. Really, the list is endless when it comes to uses.

Popularity as a Builder

How popular is WPForms? Should you use this page builder? When we look at market share, Gravity Forms has more users with 40%. WPForms comes in around 22%, which is double the market share for the third-place form builder. Sorry, Google Forms! As you can see, the vast majority here are using the top two plugins to make their forms.

WPForms has proven what they can do with a large number of different functions to choose from. If you don’t think it is right for you, there is always the Lite version. That is totally free, and there is no cost. Experiment with it and see if this very popular builder is right for you. They rank fourth on our list of the best-selling page builders for WordPress.

You may already be aware of Duda. That is because they have had a huge push with video ads.

5. Duda

You may already be aware of Duda. That is because they have had a huge push with video ads. They poke fun at some of the other page builders on the market and show ridiculous images like a man with the wrong tools for the job he is trying to do. It captures attention. Did they capture a lot of market share and become a best-seller?

Right now, they sit at roughly five percent market share. The issue is that both Wix and Squarespace are sitting at twenty percent market share each. Between both of these companies, they control close to half of the market. Wix and Squarespace have been around for a long time. They have perfected making a page quickly, and the interface is easy to understand. Keep in mind, though, if you try to break away from either Wix or SquareSpace, you will have issues. The code and your page are not going to be exported easily. These companies want to keep you in their bubble. With this in mind, try Duda and see if this page builder works for you!

Best Selling Page Builders Conclusion

We looked at quite a few builders in this article. By listing out the number of visitors to the sites and their market share, we can give you a good idea of which ones are popular. By considering how many customers they serve, we can gauge if it is worthwhile to learn the software. Continue to come back to Superb Themes for more in the way of plugin reviews. We will keep helping you discover new types of tools that can save you time and money.

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