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Best-selling VPN Services

Many times, you can determine some of the best products by how well they are selling. Which companies hold the most market share? Do sales show a clear winner in terms of quality? We can follow this logic in terms of VPN services as well. With software and all things tech-related, usually, the company with the most market share is also the best. It didn’t take long for Google to take over as the number one search engine since they offered features other sites did not. Since market share is apparently king let’s have a look at the best-selling VPN services right now.

The VPN Advantage

Staying with the analogy of a tunnel that disguises everything you are transporting, a VPN is a service that can create as many tunnels as you want. You won’t be limited to just one device moving things from one part of the Internet to another. You will hook up multiple devices and allow different applications all to use the encrypted network.

This is going to improve many things. You will have better privacy, increased security, and new features. This is not limited by region anywhere. Your employees can use the VPN from anywhere on the globe. Offices that may be separated by the ocean on different continents can still speak with each other. No one will watch the connection, and everything said will stay under wraps.

Now that we have a better understanding of the advantages you can achieve with a VPN, who has the most market share? Which service is a best seller?

HideMyAss is currently the most sold VPN

1. HideMyAss

The first best-seller on our best-selling VPN services is HideMyAss. The VPN service is highly popular and with good reason. The market share that HMA has is huge. In the past six months, stats show that they had just under two million visitors. Each of these visitors is a potential customer. Not only that, but the bounce rate is also low for such a large company that does so much marketing. The bounce rate for them hovers around seventy percent. A large amount of traffic is coming from both the United States as well as Japan.

HMA is a great VPN to go with. The monthly visitors continue to grow over time as they continue their focus on awesome marketing. The name stands out, and people want to use this service. We can recommend this bestseller for anybody looking to stay secure. Feel free to use the service with multiple devices so the whole family can take a turn. Use it with your smartphone or even your gaming system when you are playing online.

Online shopping is also transformed. Pretend you are browsing from a different country and get offered new deals on flights and other trips. Your vacation will be even better when you get a deal on that cruise through a VPN that only costs a few dollars each month. Check out the service today.

ExpressVPN is the second most sold

2. ExpressVPN

Is ExpressVPN a good VPN to go with? They are a best seller that is on par with NordVPN. The social media networks show that people share content and facts about ExpressVPN and NordVPN at a fast pace. ExpressVPN also has a large number of installs from the various app stores in different market places.

ExpressVPN continues to be great for unlocking live sports in other countries, watching content from any continent, and keeping your browsing private. If you run a company, give this bestseller a chance and see if your business runs even better with this VPN.

NordVPN is the third most sold VPN

3. NordVPN

What about NordVPN? Are they a big seller? When a reviewer looked at the service last year, it noted they had 1.29 million searches every month. That number is huge and shows that people want to use this service. The number includes when people try to search for something related to the VPN but spell it wrong.

Nord rises to the top when you look for terms like “the best VPN” and “free VPN.” This means that once again, their SEO is doing the right job. They will continue to build market share as long as they can dominate these terms. They also have a huge number of servers that can only be rivaled by a few other companies. Give them a try today to see why they are a big seller.

CyberGhost is fourth most sold VPN

4. CyberGhost VPN

This VPN service gets the last spot on our list for bestsellers. They don’t have the same search volume or traffic that you would see with our number one choice. Hide My Ass continues to lead smaller companies like CyberGhost, but that doesn’t mean they should be overlooked.

The client is packed with many options so you can customize the experience. Every interface is easy to use and beginner-friendly. Don’t worry about having trouble unblocking Netflix with CyberGhost since they have great live chat and tech support. Last on our list, but still a powerful client when you work with CyberGhost.

Personal Use

A VPN doesn’t have only to be used by companies that want to stay secure. You also have individuals that are concerned with security. A VPN is inexpensive, which means it is open to ordinary people as well as corporations.

Security minded people who work a lot with electronics will want to consider a VPN for themselves and their family. The VPN will work with all the devices and applications you normally would use. From mobile phones to gaming systems, the VPN has applications in many areas.

Extended Uses

The VPN can go beyond just simple security. If you enjoy streaming shows online, the VPN can expand your library. Many do not know this, but services like Netflix have more than one library. That is correct! With a VPN, you can access the Netflix library for Australia, Britain, or Canada. Each country has different media agreements. This means each service will also have a different set of movies and shows. If you are serious about streaming, this is a great feature.

It is not just shows and movies that are taken to the next level. Think about live sports. If you are in the United States and follow sports in other countries, you can watch the games live. Perhaps you are a soccer fan that loves the Premier League, or your favorite team is out of Spain or Italy. It won’t matter if you live in New York and use a VPN. Watch the games live and never have a score spoiled for you.

How Does it Work?

This may seem too good to be true. The service gives you extra privacy for a low cost and will also allow you to watch a much wider variety of content. It works by disguising your computer. The server for Netflix in Australia thinks you are using a computer-based out of that country. In reality, you could be anywhere on the planet. There is no reason to be tied down to just one place anymore.

This feature can be used to get around restrictive programs and services like Netflix. It can also be used to go around restrictive governments and policies as well. Maybe you live in a country that censors their media. It is now easy to bypass the firewalls set up to use social media such as Twitter or Facebook to talk with others.

Proxy Servers

VPN services have servers all over the world. These are called proxy servers. Similar to how you would think of proxy voting. If you can’t make it to a meeting to cast your vote, you will have a proxy take your place. These servers will take your location and move it to any location where there is a proxy.

The VPN Market

When considering which VPN company is the best selling, we need to think about sales overall, profit margins, and price. By factoring in cost structure and how fast a VPN company is growing, we can determine if the new customers they are adding are profitable. We will also look at the profit and revenue generated by the new customers. Adding up all these factors will give us an overview of the top-selling VPN services, so we know which ones have the highest market share.

VPN Sales

When you purchase a VPN, what are you buying? The private network extends across your normal network. Before, you were working on a public network, but the VPN creates a barrier. With the private network, you can feel more comfortable with what you discuss. Business secrets will stay secret with the use of a private network.

Devices connected to the public network can all become private through the use of just one VPN service. Your encrypted communications will create a shield around your most valuable data. A good way to think of this would be the illustration of a tunnel. If you are transporting goods from point A to point B, using a bridge over a water body will allow everybody to see what you are transporting. A VPN acts like a tunnel going underground. Things enter at one point and come out on the other side. There is no way to know what is going through the tunnel because you can’t see through the concrete barrier.

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