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Best-selling WordPress Hosting 2022

What is the best-selling host for WordPress? This platform has taken the development world by storm and shows no signs of slowing down. WordPress is the foundation of countless sites right now ranging from small time blogs all the way to giant corporations that depend on WordPress to help them make millions of dollars each year. Before we explore which hosts have the most revenue and attract the most customers, let’s take a brief look at why so many are choosing WordPress over competitors such as Drupal and also Joomla.

We have already covered how easy it is to install WordPress with many of the best-selling hosts, but how hard would it be to accept credit cards or set up online inventory with SKUs and barcodes to track inventory? In the past, you would need to hire a developer that would charge high rates to design a way for you to take online orders. With WordPress, you can just install a plugin. Directories are full of PHP code that is already done for you. For free, you can grab a plugin so that you can accept credit card orders. Everything is at your fingertips from shopping carts and galleries to surveys for the customers. Contact forms are a snap when you are utilizing plugins and that will allow you to divide up the emails coming into your company. It is important to segment communication so that you can direct it to the proper department and keep everybody focused on their tasks.

WordPress Offers To Upgrade Your Plugins

WordPress offers an easy way to upgrade your plugins to make sure that they are always the latest version. When you take a look at the dashboard, it will give you an indicator in the menu system that shows when you are using an older version. Upgrading is just a matter of clicking a few times and then you watch the progress bar. If there is a conflict between the plugins, deactivating them and uninstalling is also simple. Feel free to let your site expand as fast or as slow as you want. Since plugins evolve over time, they will keep growing with your site as your needs change. Even better, if you have coding skills in PHP, you can write your own plugins that will help automate tasks you do constantly. Maybe you want all your blog posts to automatically be saved at 8:00 AM on Monday and then move to the cloud for a backup. This is a smart move to make sure your content is cloned and saved in another place so it can easily be deployed again if something goes wrong. PHP can do this! Plus PHP files can easily be sent across email to other users that need your functionality or you can start selling your plugins to other users for profit. There are so many different options that you can choose, people with coding skills are only limited by their ideas and how well they can code.

With so many advantages with the WordPress ecosystem, which hosts are used the most? Which hosts are the best sellers? 

Hostgator is the best selling WordPress hosting service

1. Hostgator

Hostgator has a lot of name recognition. With three different tiers, they are suitable for anybody looking for a solid host. If you are just starting out with WordPress, the Hatchling plan is good. Right now, they are offering 60% off the service which makes it an awesome deal. Even better, when you go with the lowest option, it still comes with your SSL certificate. This means you can use the lowest tier from their offerings and still be ready to take online sales that will be encrypted. Hostgator can also go all the way up to Enterprise solutions. When you go with their top tier plan, you are going to get the Positive SSL certificate.

This comes with a warranty that goes up to $10,000. You will also get the TrustLogo Site Seal. When another business sees this seal, they are going to have more confidence in your site and know that they can trust you. In the world of business, image is everything. Make sure you are showing your company can be trusted with a top tier plan from Hostgator.

Bluehost is the second most sold WordPress hosting service

2. Bluehost

Ready to try out a top host with very little money down? For just $2.95 a month, you can get started with Bluehost. It is hard to beat a deal like that considering a cup of coffee is the same price. You are going to get a one-click installation for WordPress and excellent customer support. Give them a call at any time you need help with getting your site running. For the first year, they even throw in a free domain name so you won’t have to worry about that either. A great combination from Bluehost.

Siteground is the third most sold WordPress hosting service

3. Siteground

Why is Siteground a best seller? With this host, you are going to have custom handling of PHP code to make sure it is optimized. Not only that, they use NGINX. What is NGINX? It is open-source software for web serving. It also has options for caching and load balancing. This means your host will not get overwhelmed and start to underperform. Go with Siteground if you want a best-selling host that also is using cutting-edge technology.

A2 hosting is the fourth most sold WordPress hosting service

4. A2 Hosting

Near the bottom of our list of best-selling hosts, A2 is another great option to pick from. Similar to Siteground, they emphasize using the best technology to make sure everything runs very fast and smoothly. Do they have support for NGINX like Siteground? The answer is a resounding yes. Created by Igor Sysoev back in 2004, NGINX is a play on words and can be read as engine-x. This is an excellent solution for hosts that want an extra boost of speed. Many hosts can support this system, but A2 Hosting is different in the sense that they have fine-tuned the system to work well with their current servers.

A good analogy would be to think of two identical engines for a car. You can have two very fast engines that are high-performance, but how you tune them makes the difference. Do you want to focus more on acceleration or top speed? In a similar way, A2 has tuned their system to work flawlessly with NGINX technology which means they will have faster speeds than the competition. A2 even has Turbo servers that are 20 times faster than other hosts out there. If you have a business that needs to focus on fast load times, check them out and do the speed comparison. You will be surprised!

Dreamhost is the fifth most sold WordPress hosting service

5. Dreamhost

Last on the list is Dreamhost. A solid company with a great reputation, they can give you a very low price on base hosting that can get you accustomed to their system until you want to upgrade to their top-tier service. They also have great deals on domain names to make sure you can get the right URL to make your business memorable.

The installation process is easy and they have around-the-clock support to make sure when you first get started, you will have no issues with going live. Check out Dreamhost today if you want a best-selling host that is fast and secure. An excellent option!

Distinct Advantages WordPress Hosting 

Any site created in WordPress can be set up and ready to go in just minutes. That might seem surprising at first, but WordPress was created with the novice web developer in mind. You don’t need to be a tech expert to work with technology. If you have access to a domain name through a company such as Namecheap, then you just need a host that can serve the content quickly and in a secure manner.

Most hosts at this point realize how important it is to offer support for WordPress. They will give you the option of installing it for free and with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you want a more customized approach, you can always head over to and upload the platform yourself. This will give you more control over the process and then you will know exactly what is going into the site.

Once WordPress is installed, everything runs from your dashboard. As the administrator, you will have control over every part of your website. Maybe you need an about page did for your small business. Use the Divi Builder to put up a layout that already exists and is designed specifically as an about page.

Maybe there are parts of the website that are not up and running yet. Many page builders have a layout already prepared to show that a part of the site is under construction. The bottom line is that web development has never been easier. Hosts make it a snap to install WordPress and the numerous page builders have evolved to the point that many layouts exist for almost all industries and business types.

After installing WordPress with your host of choice, you can further control how the site appears beyond just the layout. Tweak the footer of the site to include legal jargon. Switch up the header of your site and adjust the navigation menu. When you have so many different themes to choose from, picking a new set of colors and spacing for your elements is easy. These themes are made by experts that know what is going to look good on the screen and invite clicks from the user base.

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