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Best Selling WordPress Plugins 2022

If you go to right now, you will see a long line of plugins that you can choose from. Maybe you just started your first online business, and you are excited to take credit card payments. That can easily be done using a payment block from Stripe! With just one plugin, you will have the benefit of accepting all major credit cards, and the data will all be encrypted correctly to protect you from hackers.

Maybe you work more on the design side of things for your website instead of accounts receivables. Check out the Gap Block plugin. This plugin will help your website look professional with spacers and gaps between elements that will dynamically change as you are moving the elements around on the page. Why spend hours moving lines of code around and going back and forth for the perfect look when you can use a plugin that will create easily read-content and a beautiful look?

These are just a few examples of the many plugins that are out there. A plugin is just a piece of code that is easy to install and changes how the site looks or gives you new functions, such as accepting credit card orders. Some plugins are free and have become very popular over the years. If you have any issues with spam, have you tried Akismet? With this small piece of code, you control all comments on the blog and the comment section. You are free to approve comments from others or discard them. All comments are automatically filtered for things that look like spam, so you can just focus on the content you are trying to make.

What are some of the best-selling plugins out there, and how do they work? When you download a plugin, it comes as a folder with PHP scripts that your computer can interpret and follow. You can find them in your plugin directory for your site. If you look at the dashboard, you will be informed when the plugin needs to be updated because a number in red will appear to let you know that a new update is available. Updating is simple and just takes a few clicks, so you don’t need to import code manually and worry about messing up the code that is the foundation of your site. 

It is good to be careful about what plugins you use for your site. Using too many can bog down speed and make everything load slowly as the system goes through many more lines of code. It is better to have a few of the best-selling plugins that can do many things, which in turn will leave you with solid choices and a lot of versatility.

Divi is the most sold plugin

1. Divi Builder

With the Divi Builder, you need one plugin to create amazing-looking sites. It is one of the best-selling plugins of all time for a reason! At the time of writing, they give you 1153 layouts that you can choose from. These different layouts have themes such as fashion, restaurant, or agency. Perhaps you have been thinking about starting up your digital marketing agency. You are unsure of how to use the Divi Builder, and you don’t have time to watch tutorials that can train you in how to use the plugin. One of these premade layouts is going to be perfect for you!

Signing up is risk-free when you work with Divi. If you don’t like the product, return it within 30 days for your money back. The creators of Divi are confident you will love the product and can offer a lifetime license for only $249.00. With this, you can also access Extra, Bloom, and Monarch. All the updates will be free for your life, so you don’t need to worry about hidden fees later. Divi also has excellent support ready to help you out. With a live chat window on the website, they always have staff ready to give you pointers and tutorials on getting the most out of your license. Build a site today with Divi to see the difference it makes. 

Elementor is the second most sold plugin

2. Elementor

Want to work with a web page builder that is low-cost and makes great-looking sites? Take a look at Elementor. With a free option that extends as long as you want, feel free to use this plugin as much as you need as you get used to the workflow. Are you hoping to increase conversions and bring in more leads? Visually design your form with Elementor so that your popups and landing pages look professional. These forms and input fields are easily attached to your favorite companies, such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact. When you are ready to upgrade to the pro version, Elementor offers even more features that will make web design easy and full of rich features.

WP Forms is the third most sold plugin

3. WP Forms

Need an easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder? Try out WP Forms. This WordPress plugin is great for various reasons and comes with over 100 templates already created for you. Your business can now easily run surveys to get input back from customers and give you valuable insight. If your company is big on data, surveys are a great way to understand why customers like your products and what you can do better. Maybe you are having a big conference coming up in a few months? Make the registration easy and fun with a customs form that you put right on your homepage. Creating the form will be easy without using a lot of confusing code. Try WP Forms today and see what this plugin can offer.

MonsterInsights is the fourth most sold plugin this year

4. MonsterInsights

Are you curious about what your customers are doing on your site? With MonsterInsights, you will have real time data that can inform you about what customers are clicking on and what they are interested in. Google Analytics can be complex at times. With many courses that you must  be certified in, Google Analytics is always expanding with options that can be difficult to understand at times. If you need help looking at all the different metrics and dimensions and you don’t understand pivot tables, give MonsterInsights a try. This plugin will simplify the data that is presented to you and it will all appear right there on the dashboard so that you don’t have to move back and forth between multiple sites.

Even better, this plugin allows for Universal Tracking. Many companies are running multiple campaigns at once over many different devices to see which one will work the best. This A/B testing is made much easier with Universal Tracking which can be set up with just a few clicks and show you which ads are performing and which ones need to be scraped. If you are ready for real insight into what your customers are thinking, try out this best-selling plugin and see your sales soar.

Updraftplus is the fifth most sold plugin

5. UpdraftPlus

Need a way to back up your site or clone an existing site? UpdraftPlus is perfect for making sure that your site is always secure. Hackers and malicious users are always looking for a way to shut you down. If they break in and cause chaos, you need a way to back it all up, so you are back online with no downtime. This plugin allows you to install new updates without having to worry that you might be taken down for days when something goes wrong. UpdraftPlus can also let you send out a copy of your site to others so they can get a headstart on web design for their own sites. This plugin is great and it is easy to see why it is a best-seller on our list.

Ninjaform is the sixth most sold WordPres splugin this year

6. Ninja Forms

Every business needs a way to easily send and receive data. This can be in the form of responses from surveys that come from customers, spreadsheets that need to be sent over to the sales team, or even just email. You don’t need to hire a developer when you are using Ninja Forms. They are going to give you all the tools you need with the drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to put together an attractive form submission. 

This makes things easier on your whole team when only the right people are getting emails or submitting form data. The sales team doesn’t need to be worried about customer complaints! The sales team needs hot leads that they can follow up with and convert to paying customers. Doing this using Ninja Forms is easy and lets you segment the emails that are coming in from outside the organization so that your staff is not getting bogged down with messages that don’t apply to them. Check out the Ninja Forms system today and see if this is right for you after you create a few forms.

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