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Best-selling WordPress Themes 2022

In the beginning, WordPress was just made to be a blogging platform. This was excellent for online publishers that wanted to reach the global population and disseminate ideas to many people all at once. WordPress grew beyond this humble beginning though and started to expand to the point that massive corporations use the technology alongside small e-shops. The amazing variety of themes out there also means it is even more flexible and can showcase your portfolio to get jobs, display artwork for sale, or get sales for your jewelry business even when your customer is halfway across the world. With more themes and templates being created at a fast pace, almost all industries are accounted for with themes that will be applicable.  

Expanding just beyond layout, WordPress also offers many different ways to dial in the perfect look for your site. Perhaps you have a custom color scheme that you want to use that will match all the logos and the images you currently use. Premium themes will allow you to tweak colors and fonts easily so that you never have to touch the code! Third-party theme developers have many themes to choose from that can be downloaded right now for minimal cost. Take a look at the best-selling themes to get an idea of what you should look into.

Divi WordPress theme

1. Divi

With WordPress 5.0, there has been a lot of changes in how the editor functions now by default. Are you not satisfied with how Gutenberg functions? Need a few more choices with your blocks when you are building up your site? Why not try out Divi? 

Divi is excellent because right out of the box there are many pre-made layouts that can give you a good head start. You might not be the most creative person or you are really low on time right now. A premade layout is going to look great because it was put together by experts and you can start adding your content right away.

Maybe you want to fine-tune how the website looks a bit more? That is perfect. Divi offers many choices with child themes. What exactly is a child theme? Simply put, it is a theme that inherits how the site functions from the core theme. You might have a design that was made all ready for you that was constructed on the foundation of the Divi Builder. This child theme will allow you to adjust how the site functions, shift styles easily and fit the overall tone to your industry or the project you are putting together. Even after you update your core theme, all the work you put into customizing your theme will stay in place so you can feel confident that you will always have the same look.

Divi is very versatile and gives you many options when it comes to saving your custom creations to the library. Give them a try and see why this theme is one of the best-selling of all time. You can opt for the one-time fee which means you won’t have to keep paying a recurring cost and you can make as many child themes as you want! 

Astra WordPress theme

2. Astra

Giving themselves the title of the fastest-growing theme of all time, when you purchase this theme, you will be joining over 1+ million other users. What makes this theme sell so well in this competitive environment? You won’t need to know any HTML and CSS to create amazing layouts and beautiful looks for your website. Not only that, but Astra will also let you access many premade layouts that they already created to be pixel-perfect. Even if you are an expert designer with years of experience making tweaks to the underlying code using your HTML and CSS skills, it can be a great advantage to have so many sites to choose from in your library. Your clients might give you a tight deadline which means all those layouts that are ready to go will come in handy!

If you are worried that Astra will not combine well with some of your already existing plugins, don’t fear. They seamlessly fit in well with commerce solutions such as WooCommerce and Yoast. This means the store that you built already will still work and your site will be SEO friendly. A great paid theme that deserves the number 2 spot!

Neve WordPress theme

3. Neve

If you are considering a theme that is lightweight and going to load quickly, look to Neve as your best bet for a paid theme. On a normal install, this theme takes less than a second to load. That is correct! A default install will load up the page in 0.6 seconds. Google loves sites that load quickly and many times will push them up higher in the rankings since that is what customers want. Help push your site up further with a product like Neve that was rigorously tested using Pingdom, GTmetrix, and Google. 

Not only that, but Neve is very customizable. Add your custom headers and footers with ease. Choose from their library of icons to create menu buttons and search bars on the fly. All of the colors are easily controlled as well from the header and footer menu which means everything will match the layout you already established. A great choice for users that need a theme that will be blazing fast and flexible. 

Hestia WordPress theme

4. Hestia

You can’t get a cracked version of this paid theme so why not try out the paid version of Hestia? Hestia Pro comes with background images, videos, and sliders that will capture the attention of your users. Maybe you are a roofing company that is trying to break into a new market? Use a video showing your crew working on the latest job to inspire confidence in your work and show potential customers what you can do for them. The Blogging Modules also means it is even easier to share posts and crosspost content. Sharing posts and getting your content out there on as many sites as possible is very important in the world of SEO. Try out Hestia today and see how it stacks up against the other paid themes.

OceanWP WordPress theme

5. OceanWP

Did you know WooCommerce runs about 30% of online stores right now? Combine that with the fact that WordPress holds a similar share of the site builder market and you can see how important it is to be well versed in using WooCommerce for business. Online sales are well into the trillions and you can also take a piece of that pie with OceanWP. Designed to be integrated easily with WooCommerce, this theme is the perfect starting point for you to break into online sales. Don’t have a lot of coding knowledge? Don’t worry. This best-selling theme is going to make it easy to move elements around on the page and build the right look for your line of work.

That is it for our list of the best-selling WordPress themes. Check back with Superb Themes frequently as we break down the latest and greatest in themes, plugins, and WordPress news. Check out the rest of the site to see detailed guides on how to install the latest plugins as well as the different features that they have to help your site stand out.

All Time WordPress Bestsellers

Everyone is interested in expanding their reach and contacting more users and potential customers. In terms of competition between platforms that allow you to build websites, WordPress is at the top. Some continue to use Joomla or Drupal, but the clear winner is WordPress. It is free and easy to download, plus there are so many ways to customize the platform that you will find the system will adapt to any industry or topic that you want to blog about.

WordPress has the functionality not only to fit in well with any industry, but it can also adapt to your users. Plugins can do a reverse IP lookup with the users that are viewing your site. With some simple coding, depending on who is looking at your website, WordPress can display specific forms and offers to them. Think about that! If you have many different industries that you want to target, WordPress will dynamically change the content depending on who is visiting. This is a great resource if you want to increase your lead generation through offers such as e-books or case studies. Perhaps users from the CSR industry will be interested in specific content that will differ from big box store customers? You can appeal to all of them using WordPress and cleverly designed plugins that are going to increase conversions.

Another great aspect of WordPress is that the system is designed for any level of technology proficiency. Both Joomla and Drupal require that you are up to date with HTML, CSS, and PHP. That is going to be difficult for most business owners to stay on top of what is happening in their industry plus all the changes that constantly occur with HTML, CSS, and the PHP programming language. WordPress became the most used platform because it is so simple to use. Unlike Joomla and Drupal, you can have no understanding of code and still utilize the drag and drop builder.

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