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Best SEO Tools With A Free Trial

Best SEO Tools With A Free Trial

For those that work in online marketing, SEO tools are nothing new. Like how a carpenter needs to use his hammer, level, and chisel, those in the SEO industry also have specialized tools. These tools can help speed up the process of boosting your ranking and help with decision making. Let us look at other reasons we need to find SEO tools with free trials so we can move up the ranking ladder. This article will run you through some of the best SEO tools with a free trial.

Data Knowledge

Most of us are aware of how much data is collected by the programs and software we use. It seems each month; another scandal will surface, showing how much data programs are collecting on their users. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are curious about the people that use their platform. The reason behind this? When you understand what your customers are looking to buy and what they are interested in, you can then sell advertising to other users. Advertisers can perfect their ads much faster when given stats on the people they are trying to appeal to.

More and more, data has become a power. Knowing which part of your user base has pets, and their income level can be worth millions to the right company. You immediately can fine turn your targeted demographics to only people where the ad will be relevant. Similarly, SEO tools are also expanding and creating huge data warehouses that you need to start to harness.

The Best SEO Tools with a Free Trial

We have put together a list of the best SEO programs with free trials. This allows you to experiment with each one and decide which one will fit your arsenal before you commit to anything.

SEMrush has a free trial

1. SEMrush

We already touched on SEMrush before in this article. It is one of the most popular tools for a good reason. When SEMrush furthermore has some of the best SEO tools with a free trial, then SEMrush is a natural number one on our list.

Organic Research – One of the prime tools with SEMrush allows you to identify competitors trying to use your keywords. You can see website rankings to see where you stack up and which keywords are moving the most traffic. Discover new words that will be popular posts for your own site and what your next article should be on.

Overview Report – If you need a quick way to decide for your writers’ team, try the overview report. It will give you a snapshot of traffic for all platforms. An outline will show trending keywords. Estimated traffic from certain terms will be listed out. Changes in keyword positioning will help you see where shifts are occurring. Top domains will also be listed to help you see who is dominating in a specific space. Even top subdomains will be listed out with this report. Make sure you stay ahead of competitors by using reports that lead to results.

WP Rocket has a free trial

2. WP Rocket

Do you have three minutes? Check out WP Rocket. They have a free trial in a sense you can use the product for fourteen days for free. If you don’t like it at the end of the period, just get a full refund. WP Rocket makes it easy to return the product with no issues. Digital products can easily be sent back without heading to a store or dealing with management.

Who can use WP Rocket? Anybody with a WordPress site. No matter what size you are working with, WP Rocket can make improvements. First, it can improve loading times. Next, it takes no coding knowledge. Lastly, you can extend it with it easily. There is no need to go back to school to understand what is going on with this plugin. Finally, developers can customize WP Rocket if you went to school for coding and computer science. A great deal!

All in one SEO pack has a free trial

3. All In One SEO Pack

Need a quick way to submit an XML sitemap? Just use this plugin. It also has support for AMP pages so you can more easily rank up on mobile devices. Perhaps you have a WooCommerce store that needs more traffic. This pack is fully integrated so that your SEO will improve results with your online store. Go with the plugin that will juice up your SEO and bring more people to your landing page. This all in one pack does exactly what the name states.

EWWW image optimizer has a free trial

4. EWWW Image Optimizer

Last on our best SEO tools with free trial is EWWW Image Optimizer.

At first glance, it might seem like a great idea to have only high-quality images. After all, you want to submit a professional-looking site to your customers. Why would you go with anything but high-resolution images?

The larger sized images can lead to problems for other parts of your site. Long loading times decrease the number of people that will visit your site. The fewer people view your content, the further you drop in the rankings. This image optimizer allows you to shrink the size of files and still maintain a professional look. Download it for free right now and see if it works for your office.

Insight into Lives

With SEO tools, you can start to build up your wealth of knowledge that allows you to climb the SERPs faster and stay in those top spots. Data should have the following attributes:

  • Accurate
  • Actionable
  • Across Platforms

This is easy to remember and shows that the three A’s of data create the sweet spot for what you should be collecting.

Accurate – Data needs to be reliable. If you are putting together terabytes of data, but you are only confident in roughly 75% of the data, that will be a huge blow to your ability to use the data for marketing and climbing in SEO ranking.

Actionable – You need data that you can use to make decisions. If the insight provided can’t help you achieve a better ranking, it is not relevant. Tools for SEO should allow you to filter out data that is not relevant to your search.

Across Platforms – You should be able to combine data from all platforms. Your SEO tools need to bring in information from mobile, desktop, tablets, and any other device that people will use to access your page. This will give you a clear picture of where customers are coming from when they visit and how you can increase the probability they will purchase from you.

Advantages of SEO Tools

If we move to use SEO tools, we can start to do various things with the information. As long as we cover the three A’s listed above, the data we put together will start to impact our ranking both short term and long term for more difficult terms. Let’s look at some of the ways in which SEO tools can boost productivity.

Watching the Competition

Many tools are out there that improve SEO. The world of SEO is not a perfect science with clear and definite results. We are pulling data from many different areas and putting it back together again for insights.

Tools such as SEMrush let us see behind the current and check on our competition. What we do know is how much traffic they are getting from outside sources and where they rank for each set of words and phrases. Backlinks can also be studied to see where they are coming from. Does your competition use backlinks from sites that are all related? They may be using a PBN, which is looked down upon by Google. If Google discovers their backlinks are not legitimate, they might suffer a penalty to sandbox the site.

Creating a Backlink Profile stated above, using tools to map out all the backlinks for your competition can reveal if they are cutting corners and trying to cheat. If the backlinks are legitimate, it can give you a great idea of who you should target with your own link building.

Say perhaps you notice that another company in your area is ranking well for the term “Best gutter company in Albany.” You start to put together the backlink profile, and you can see a good chunk of their traffic is coming from several blogs where residents rate the gutter service.

If these sites have enough authority, that could be pushing the site up the first page of Google and putting them ahead of your own site. Reach out to their blogs and see if they will accept a guest post from your own company. If they do it for the competition, they may also accept content from your site. Now you are on equal footing with competitors.

What Keywords are Competitors Using?

SEO tools not only show you which blogs you can apply to if you want to do some guest blogging. It will also give you a good idea of keywords you can try. A blog article titled “The Best White Gutters for New York” that has a lot of traffic gives you a good idea of what your next article should be.

Once you can start to see content ranking well, imitate success. In sports, we study the best players in the game. It helps us correct mistakes and sees where we are going wrong. With SEO content, we also need to see what content appeals to our readers. What questions do they need to answer? What are people searching for? When we answer these questions, that is when we are really going to start climbing the ranks.

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