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Best Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting has many benefits and could be the right solution for your next website. With shared hosting, many sites are on just one server. The space on the server is divided up into partitions. If you have ever set up dual booting on a computer, you have a good idea of setting up partitions on a computer. One part of the machine could run Windows, while a different part of the system can boot up Linux. Shared hosting works in a similar way. How about WordPress and shared hosting? This article looks into what we consider to be the best shared WordPress hosting.

How to Choose a Good Shared Host?

How can you pick out a good shared host? There are many choices out there for hosting. You have long-standing hosts such as HostGator that have been around for years. Other sites claim to be green and friendly toward the environment. Still, other sites focus on your security. With so many choices, it can seem confusing about what to pick.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to look at a variety of hosts. The best shared WordPress hosting companies are ranked after their quality. Each one is highly rated, and they each have specialties. By considering what each one can do well, it will be easy to pick the right host. Each one has its own set of pros and cons.

Bluehost shared hosting

1. Bluehost

Bluehost takes the number one spot on this list with a huge variety of options and a very low price. Starting at right around three dollars for each month, you can’t find a more affordable price for hosting. What can you enjoy when you get shared hosting with Bluehost?

Domains – Bluehost makes managing all your different domains a simple process. This is good news if you are running multiple sites at one time. With just a few clicks, you will be able to update your domains or move them as you see fit. When you go with the Plus and Pro tier for their plans, you get unlimited add-on features. Use as many subdomains as you would like and feel free to have unlimited parked domains as you design out sites for later.

Scaling – What business owners are not looking to expand? Bluehost is well aware of your needs and gives you a boost with resource protection. Their software can detect when other people you are sharing the server with try to use more than their percentage. If your neighbor starts to tax the system, a fail-safe will kick in to make sure it won’t affect your performance.

This is a good feature because it allows you to scale up to any level that you need. If you start to notice an increase in visitors, contact Bluehost for a larger percentage of resources. This allows you to keep up with the new interest and visitors that you are going to get. The resource protection, in turn, will make sure you are getting what you pay for when you are scaling upward.

Hosting Forest has carbon neutral shared hosting for WordPress websites

2. Hosting Forest

Hosting is starting to rival airlines for the pollution produced. This is startling to hear, but many of the data centers that are always on get powered by fossil fuels. What can you do to fight this? A good way is to go with a green company. Hosting Forest provides excellent shared hosting while they also mitigate the impact on the Earth. Why use a company that is fully dependent on fossil fuels when you can get shared hosting with a company that cares? Another good choice to consider if you are environmentally conscious.


3. Namecheap

With billions online that look to hit 7.6 billion this year, demand for hosting is not going away. There is a constant demand for new content and hosts that can meet the demand of users. Shared hosting is a great way to save on expenses while also helping to service the growing number of people moving online. As the name implies, it is difficult to find a cheaper hosting plan in shared hosting. When I have used them in the past, their team of professionals was always courteous and very knowledgeable. This is the perfect team if you need a low price but help that you can access around the clock.

A2 Hosting

4. A2 Hosting

Cheap hosting is still excellent with A2. For less than three dollars each month, you will have access to over 100 GB of space with SSD for maximum speed. Their company also provides free migration from other sites as well, so there is no excuse not at least to try out the service. See if A2 is going to be right for you with their many different tiers of shared service. The shared servers go up to $14.99 a month, which is Turbo Max, and will increase speed by twenty times. An excellent deal.

Get Shared WordPress Hosting with HostPapa

5. HostPapa

Looking for shared hosting, and you are based out of Europe? HostPapa is the right choice. They can give you support in multiple languages, which puts them ahead of many shared hosting providers. With fast load times for their users living in Europe, it is now a great time to see what they have to offer. Feel free to use their website builder if you are having trouble constructing your page through strict code—another great option to choose from.

A Breakdown of Shared Hosting

With only one physical server being assigned to multiple sites, it benefits the hosting company. They are now collecting monthly payments from multiple business owners and webmasters. Only one physical machine needs to be used, which makes it very efficient from a resource viewpoint.

How many people can share one physical machine? Since the space that website files take up is usually low, hundreds of people can be placed on one machine. Hosts love this because it makes sure that RAM and CPU usage is always optimal. Even with so many customers using the same resources, they will always have access to databases for sales data, disk space to change things on the website, and email accounts. If they need to access things on the back end, it is easy to FTP in and adjusts things as needed.

What is Shared?

We have a good idea of what shared hosting is and how it can benefit hosts, but what about the users? What will they be able to draw upon with their account? Shared hosting allows people to share a wide variety of resources. RAM and CPU are now given to users that need it, up to the max amount that is set by the percentage they are allotted. If a user can only use 3% of the CPU power for the server, they are placed on and tries to render high-resolution video in a giant batch, and they will be capped at what they can access, so they don’t sabotage other users on the shared server.

MySQL servers that hold data on users or sales, Apache servers, and email servers all are accessed depending on the customer’s needs. If there is a sudden rush of orders that flood in, even with shared hosting, you can still process the orders and add them to the database.

Cost of Shared WordPress Hosting

Next, let us consider how much-shared hosting can save you. When first starting a new business, things are daunting. Many of the themes and plugins are costly. It may seem difficult to keep up with so many monthly bills. Shared hosting might be the solution. Why spring for dedicated hosting that is not needed?

Secondly, think about the fact that you can always upgrade. Shared hosting is on the lower end of the spectrum for the price, but you can always spend more. As the business expands, let your hosting expand with it. A good rule of thumb is to watch your hosting needs for several months before upgrading. Dedicated hosting can be a significant jump in cost. Make sure that the jump in traffic is not just temporary. Due to viral content, you may think you need to upgrade to dedicated hosting before you actually need it. Moreover, you don’t want to be continuously switching back and forth between dedicated and shared plans as you try to predict the number of visitors you will get.

High Volume Sites

Shared hosting is the cheapest way to get your site in front of people, but it can start to cost you money as the site grows. When you run a blog that details a hobby or journal out events that are happening, it is a good choice. You won’t need a lot of bandwidth or tweaks to the site.

For high traffic sites, shared hosting will start to falter. If you already have a steady stream of traffic coming, reconsider using shared hosting. For online stores with a lot of volumes, this is even more true. Shops with many products and users need to focus on a VPS or dedicated solution to keep the volume high. A flood of visitors slowing down your setup is a good way to reduce your revenue. Don’t try to save money in one area when it can cost you in another. Virtual Private Servers are a good way to confirm your visitors will not experience any lag, which causes customers to move on.

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