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Best slider plugins for WordPress

WordPress is like a Swiss Army Knife, ready to give you many different options for any type of scenario. Really, any kind of content you can think of can be done from videos to maps. WordPress also has many great options for displaying images. One of the most impressive ways to show off a gallery or display a series of images is through a slideshow.

The Basics of Sliders

When we are speaking about web design, a slider is just short for slideshow. You may have played with some simple toys as a child that allowed you to look through a viewfinder and cycle through a series of images. These simple slideshows have now been moved to the web pages that you see all the time.

WordPress gives you many different options for how you want to display your images. Slideshows can be constructed for landing pages in an attempt to promote your products, promote pages, or even bring attention to your page overall with the homepage.

What are the Best Options?

We have gone over the basics of sliders and also applications. We will also briefly talk about a few of the downsides that may make your page bulky and slow. With these factors in mind, what will be the best slider plugin that you can get for your WordPress site? Let’s consider several.

  1. MetaSlider
  2. Slick Slider
  3. Elementor
  4. Logo Slider

With this list of sliders we put together, you will be able to find the right one for you.


1. MetaSlider

MetaSlider is number one on this list for a reason. It has a lot of different functions and appeals to several different groups. If you are a site owner, you will be able create slideshows very rapidly with minimal training. You won’t need to understand any sort of code or do any programming when you download this tool.

The interface is simple to use and self explanatory. Bring in photos from stock sites that you pay for or just import pictures that you have taken with your phone. You can really let your creativity fly with MetaSlider since it will work with both your photographs and videos. Mixing both of them together is a great way to capture the attention of potential customers and demonstrate how products could look or how they function.

Metaslider is SEO Optimized

What about SEO? Everyone is concerned with Search Engine Optimization today. After all, when your site is ranking poorly, how many people will be able to see your slideshow?

MetaSlider is great because SEO is built into the product. We are not saying to stop using the Yoast plugin! Both can be used in conjunction with each other. Yoast will make sure your copy can be easily read and flows well. MetaSlider will make sure that search engines can easily find your images and videos by applying the appropriate meta tags and also making sure your site still loads fast. A great addition and it holds the number one spot on this list for a reason.

Slick Slider

2. Slick Slider

Slick Slider is next on our list. This product has online support if you have any questions and need help with any of the features. Are you thinking about getting this product but you are unsure of how things will look? Slick Slider has produced demo versions to show off the many ways your slideshow could look. Want to go for a variable width on the images? Not a problem. You can see exactly what this will look like before you buy.

Will Slick Slider load my page faster? Another great addition is lazy loading. There is no reason to load all the images from a carousel as soon as a visitor hits the page. Delay the resource intensive loading when the visitor triggers your slideshow. This will help your page speed and also your SEO!


3. Elementor

Everybody is familiar with Elementor. As a free drag and drop builder, it is easy to design pages fast and with little effort. Another thing that Elementor does so well is sliders. Why mess around with extra plugins when you already have Elementor installed to design the page itself?

Keep in mind, many sliders are not mobile responsive. If you are not careful with the theme that you use, a slider will destroy the site layout and make it difficult to read depending on the device that a visitor is using. You need a product that is already designed to be mobile friendly and responsive. With drag and drop builders, they are designed to look great on any device. Don’t go with another plugin that is going to struggle when you introduce sliders. Stick with Elementor where everything already comes in one package and you know it is all going to work well together.

Logo slider på WP Online Support

4. Logo Slider

Need a free demo to check out a slider before you purchase? Play with Logo Slider before you actually buy it. There is a free download if you follow the link included in this article. By experimenting with the product, you will see how easy it is to set up all the different options that come included with Logo Slider.

Visiting WP Online Support will give you a great visual of how your site would function if you get this slider. Imagine your lineup of products all on display and customers can easily browse everything without ever touching the mouse or cycling through on their own. The power of Logo Slider can not be overstated when you consider the price!


We have a good idea of what a slider is now. How can we use a slider for our own site? How can we get them working for us? Well, a slider can really be used on any site you design. There are no limitations. If you have a web design agency, use a slideshow to cycle through all the pages you already made. This is a simple way for people to get a good impression of your work and understand what your company can do.

If you have a vacation site and you want to bring in more customers, use a slideshow to display beautiful images right when a customer hits your homepage. It always catches the eye of people when you have great imagery that comes at them rapid fire like you have with a slideshow. Once you capture that interest, lead them lower on the page with a list of amazing destinations.

Portfolios of work are not the only thing that should be visually appealing. If you have a line of products you are trying to promote, a slider is an awesome way to show off what you have for sale. Don’t force the user to scroll through and click on what you have for sale. Make everything simple and automatic with a slideshow.

How Does it Work?

We have figured out that a slideshow will highlight your best products and portfolio pieces. How does this process really work though?

Using code that you write yourself or a plugin, there really are not that many variables to consider. You load in the set of pictures you want to cycle through, set the interval, and then have it go live. All of this will occur automatically once somebody visits the page. They will not need to click anything to get this process started.

Your slide can also be set up so that it can be interacted with. If the time interval you set up was too slow for visitors, they can choose to click on arrows on the sides to speed up the slideshow or even click on navigation icons at the bottom of the show to bring them to a specific image automatically. These thumbnails or buttons make navigation quick since the user no longer has to wait for the show to cycle through everything to get back to what they wanted to see.

Downsides to Slideshows?

Are there any drawbacks that might arise when you use plugins to create a slideshow? There are a few things you should consider. First, sliders are image heavy. That just goes without saying. When you have twenty images involved in the slideshow to show off the new line of products, it will have an impact on the speed of your site. You need to consider the compression that you use for these images and what kind of clarity will be used. For high definition pictures and images, it is going to slow things down considerably which needs to be accounted for with quality hosting that is not on a shared server.

Another thing to think about is that sliders use JavaScript. These scripts that are run are also going to cost you in terms of resources. If you are looking for a lightning fast page load speed, all of the factors must be weighed out. It will just bog down your page if you have a lot of interactive media all loading at the same time on your homepage such as interactive maps, virtual tours, and multiple slideshows. Take this into consideration when thinking about which options to cut to speed up the page.

That is it for this review. Make sure to keep coming back to see more software reviews and the latest in tech trends.

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