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The Best SquareSpace Web Hosting Services 2023

SquareSpace Web Hosting

Is Squarespace a good host? It may seem overwhelming with the number of different web builders out there that you can sign up for. From Wix to WordPress, everybody is trying to advertise to the average person that you can easily start up a website, which will cost the same as a nice lunch on your monthly bill. Let us take a closer look at Squarespace and the best Squarespace web hosting solutions.

Squarespace was designed to allow you to be creative and utilize all the tools to bring your vision to life. When you use a visual builder like this, you can focus less on technical aspects like coding something with a specific design and instead concentrate on how everything looks together. Does it flow well? Do you want to try a new color scheme? It is easy with Squarespace.

Transferring to Another Host

What if you are not satisfied with SquareSpace after your trial is up? Can you still move your content to a new provider? It is easy to move your page over to a new host like A2 Hosting or iPage.

As long as the site has been registered with SquareSpace for sixty days, you can move it over to a new host. If you have already moved an existing site to Squarespace, it needs to be with SquareSpace for sixty days before you can move it again.

The process at maximum, can take up to seven business days to finish. As long as you have your transfer authentication code, you will be able to move everything over with no issues. The code is designed to verify your identity and ensure that hackers are not trying to initiate the switch.

Who to transfer to from Squarespace?

The world of web hosting can seem vast, with many different choices. If you feel like you are struggling to figure out where to park your site, don’t worry. We put together a list of some of the top companies you can move your SquareSpace site over to. Check them out.

A2 Hosting

1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting gets the number one spot on the list for a reason. They have an excellent reputation with customers and know how to treat people right. One customer had an excellent experience when they got a WordPress solution from them.

He writes that he opted for the SSD option, which means it would be hosted on Solid-State Drives. This means you increase your speed as well as your performance. The user also writes that they could get a discount since they paid upfront for a full two years. With many hosts, if you know the service will be solid, this is the perfect way to save money and lock in a great price.

In the review, the man who reviewed the service said that all the features worked well in conjunction. This included the customer support that he got after the purchase. Some providers will give you a great deal to start with and then disappear after you are locked in for a long contract. That didn’t occur with A2 Hosting. They were happy to speak with him about any issues that he had with the experience. This is really important when you are dealing with something as technical as hosting.

Overall, the reviewer said support was very knowledgeable and followed up with him as fast as possible. The answers were accurate and helped him get his problem solved fast. Out of all the different hosts that he used, our hands-on write-up shows that you want to go with a host that gives you answers fast that will work.

iPage WordPress

2. iPage

Good service and friendly staff? When you switch over from Squarespace, you are going to find all of that. iPage has it all when it comes to features and intuitive design.

When you go with just the core service, you will find that it is solid and enough for most people. For just under two dollars a month, you can get a hosting plan that will come with free domain registration. Considering how important a memorable domain is, you will want to make sure you pick a good name and a good host.

When you work with iPage, you will also get a free email address. Make sure that when you contact clients, you do so with a professional approach. It is not going to look good when you are trying to get clients with a Yahoo address that is fifteen years old. Instead, approach clients with a branded and professional email that is tied back into your domain name. This will show people you are serious about getting business.

Additional Features

Need even more features? When you go with iPage, you will also get email forwarding and a service that automatically responds to email. Don’t worry about spam since spam filters come built-in. They will also check your setup for viruses and give you POP3/IMAP accounts so that Outlook is ready. Don’t forget about their plans to scale your business. You are going to get unmetered bandwidth and also as many databases as you need through MySQL. An awesome deal!


3. Namecheap

This service might be the last spot, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t rank well. Namecheap is known for awesome customer service that is done in real-time. From experience, when I reviewed their service, they were accommodating and willing to stay on the line with me while still having a problem. It didn’t matter if the issue took close to an hour; the staff kept coming back to check on me until the technical issues were resolved. Now that is great customer service. A good business is built upon putting the customer first. Check Namecheap out today and see what the Namecheap staff can offer you.

A High-Quality Service

You don’t need a huge amount of technical ability to try and make a beautiful website. Building something with SquareSpace has never been easier, and when you get used to the system, you are going to really be able to let your creativity fly!

As long as you have a few hours to sit down and learn how everything works, you can get started and finish up with a custom website that will be your own. If you are low on time, select from one of many templates and use that as a springboard. Making edits to the template websites is simple and lets you keep the template’s nice look while you replace it with your own information.

Who can use Squarespace?

Who does Squarespace appeal to in 2021? What is the niche that they have found in the market now? It is good for photographers, people that design things, and all types of artists. Why do we say this?

If you are a design student, you want to do more than show off your content. Designers understand the need for excellent presentation when you are offering a product or service. Squarespace is going to help you accomplish this slick and glossy look. The templates they give you right when you start your account will make your image pop and attract people to your brand.

Who should not use Squarespace?

We have a good idea of the capabilities of Squarespace and who can use it effectively. Are there any sites that it would not be optimal for? If you have a site that emphasizes text, SquareSpace would not be appropriate. It is not that Squarespace can’t do the job, but it would not be suited for something full of text.

This could include a site that is based mainly on research or academic papers. With a professional look focused strictly on informing people about research topics or helping you keep up to date with the latest in an industry, other services would be more appropriate. If your images were taken by yourself and they are low quality, this would be another case where you would want to avoid using SquareSpace. Only high-quality images that you take yourself or buy from a stock photo site will look correct when paired with the professional designs offered by Squarespace.

Can I use Squarespace for Free?

We are all looking to save money when we can. Is there a way to get Squarespace for free? Don’t bother looking for a hacked account to log in and get Squarespace for free. The best way to try out the service is through their fourteen-day trial. Over two million use the service, and they can all vouch for the service’s high quality.

Squarespace will let you use all of their features and make your site from scratch or with a template. Play with the various tools they offer you and see what you can create. If you are not happy with their hosting or the finished product, cancel the service with no questions. The free trial shows you that they believe in the service they offer.

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