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Top 3 Survey Plugins For WordPress

Surveys have been used by scholars and academics for years to gather information. The more data you can bring into your organization, the better you can adapt to changing trends. If you run a WordPress site, you may have wondered about running surveys on your own. What are the best survey plugins for WordPress? Are you using the right methodology? What are the best practices? We will look into these topics as we consider how you can host surveys.

Survey Plugins Analysis

Data analysis is more popular than ever. People are learning new ways to visualize data and using neural networks to decipher interesting things about data. Perhaps you are currently using something like Jupyter Notebook so that you can easily share your love of data science with the rest of the team. This is popular with academics that need a lot of horsepowers to look at many variables at once. You can also rent time with powerful computers to run your analysis.

Surveys can also collect simple things as well, though. It is not always going to be looking at trends in real estate going back several decades. Maybe you want to know how many people are going to attend your birthday. You need to easily set up surveys, accept data, and then review it later. If you currently run a site using the WordPress platform, you will have a big advantage. Trying to code up a survey on your own is going to be difficult. Why not just use a plugin? This is why we need to think about the best survey plugins for WordPress. What are they? Will the features be right for your purpose?

WP Forms

1. WP Forms

If you want to make a social comparison, the first plugin we want to recommend to you will be WP Forms. Not only will you be easily building up surveys, but this can also be used for a large variety of forms.

For the basic tier, you are going to pay less than forty USD. That is on an annual basis, which is a great deal. What can you expect to be given with the basic tier?

  • Unlimited Forms
  • Complex fields for advanced data
  • Multiple page forms
  • File uploading
  • Protection from spam
  • Support
  • Updates for the full year

This scratches the surface of what you can do with this software. If you are serious about collecting data, you need to start with a plugin that makes it easy.

Context is King

You can use surveys that have multiple pages, really pushing this plugin to the number one spot. Remember, when you are looking at data, the context is king. The more data you collect on your customers, the better since you can put it into context. Collecting data with just four or five fields will be quick, but at times you need to deep dive into the information.

For example, people in the age group from 18 to 35 are less likely to leave your site after a few seconds. This is excellent data that you can use to improve your sales. However, if you drill down further, you can figure out why this is. Add some fields to your survey, such as the gender and interests that stick around.

If you start to see similarities between the more likely demographics to buy from you, you can start to put together surveys that will follow up. Income level, number of children, and region are all great to get started when you try to look at why a certain group of people is much more likely to buy from you.

Data For Business

If you run a company, you need to start building up data immediately. It is impossible to go back in time and start collecting data from the past. At best, you can pay others or use data that was put together already, but you are relying on other sources to make business decisions.

Once you start putting together a storehouse of important data, it can guide you in business decisions. Should you release certain products? Are the demographics for a certain service starting to shift? If you are not sending out regular surveys and collecting data, you won’t be aware of seismic shifts in the market. This can end up blindsiding you. You may put out a product you think that customers want when, in reality, the customer base is tiny. Surveys can end up saving you thousands in dollars.

Customers Satisfaction

WP Forms make it a straightforward process to put together a form. If you run a business, you are busy. There are so many things to keep track of. You are reading the news, keeping up with industry trends, and watching your website. If you don’t want to add even more to your plate, you will want to make sure you get WP Forms.

It is the easiest way to construct a form even if you are not a coder. We all know that hiring a programmer is not cheap. If you have found a programmer charging five or ten dollars for the job, the quality will be lacking. Skip the process of finding a coder or learning on your own. Use WP Forms, and you are going to be the one putting together the survey. This gives you more customization choices. If you decide a certain question is not working and you are not getting the data you want, change it! No need to speak with a programmer where you are on their schedule.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer surveys are a good way of learning if your customers all have similar complaints. If this is the case, you need to make serious changes to the business immediately. Customer satisfaction surveys also give you insight into what might become a large issue in the future. One angry customer won’t throw your business off track. A large contingent of customers with the same difficulty with your service means you need to make changes.

Surveys give you a way to see the point of view of the customer. You will be able to absorb their experience and become more focused on the customer. Just the kind of data you need before launching a big IPO or coming out with a new service has not been tried before.


2. NinjaForms

Worried, you are missing out on important information about your customers? Try the number two plugin on this list. Surveys give you hard numbers that tell you what the behavior will be like for people you do business with.

You would be surprised by the amount of predictive power you can accumulate when collecting data with forms. Right now, in the United States, it is in the middle of the election season. Millions of dollars are being spent to sway the minds of millions of people. What if you had surveys that gave you a better idea of who would win? You could then tailor your business to coming changes in the future. We are now starting to see the power of data collection. You don’t need to collect data on just things that directly influence your business. Collect data on any number of things that will impact you to be ready in the future.


Obviously, the main concern with many of these plugins will be the price you pay. To the surprise of many, they really are not that expensive to maintain. Take, for example, NinjaForms, when we are thinking about the best survey plugins for WordPress. You pay just $49.50, and that is for the full year. After that introductory price, the price will double, but at that time, you can tell if the service is making a significant difference in your decision making.

When you get your personal copy, that will come with the following features:

  • You can upload files
  • Different layouts
  • Forms with multiple steps
  • Export out to easily read Google Sheets and Excel
  • Accept payment more easily.
  • Dynamic forms that change depending on various criteria

When you look at everything offered, you can see when you run a company; you need to be going with at least one of these form builders. There are just too many options to let this go when it is a matter of just fifty dollars each year. You will pay much more than that if you try to hire a designer to put together these forms for your pages.

Formidable Forms

3. Formidable Forms

Last on the list; this survey builder will run you close to a hundred dollars for the full year. Once that pricing has passed for the annual fee, it goes up to roughly $150.00 each year.

This price increase is offset by the fact it integrates well with both MailChimp and AWeber. If you are already using these programs, you won’t have any issues building up your mailing list of customers to send out an email blast to.

Even though this plugin is more expensive, they also come with multiple calculators for companies. Some of these calculators are already programmed to determine loan payments and show interest rates—a great deal for the low annual cost.

Best Survey Plugins For WordPress Conclusion

We looked at a good assortment of survey builders. These will make it a simple process to determine the best survey plugins for WordPress. We hope you enjoyed our overview of this space. Continue to come back for future articles and reviews on all things WordPress.

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