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Best Table Plugins For WordPress 2022

There is a ton of table plugins for WordPress available, we have tested more than 20 different plugins to find the best ones. Table plugins play a major role in ensuring that data is displayed properly. Some of the plugins stand out from the rest in their features. & design

best wordpress table plugins

Superb Tables

This is one of the best plugins that are available for creating tables easily. Those created tables are responsive and straightforward, as well. This is because the code output involved here is lightweight, and it is pure HTML. When you have inserted your table contents, you can get a shortcode. That shortcode can be inserted in a widget, post or page. It can also be inserted anywhere else on the website where you wish on creating a table. Since this is one of the easiest features available, almost every other person can make use of it to make their blog or their posts in WordPress look a lot more professional. It requires no training before usage, and the user can end up with simple and easy tables for usage.

responsive wordpress table plugins

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

This is another one of the best plugins that are used to achieve the most professional-looking tables on WordPress. One can easily create responsive data tables with several other features. Those features include sorting, searching, pagination, and filtering, etc. Some of the other features that the users can benefit from include the responsive modes of the tables. This also has the large tables support available for the user. There are formulas and HTML support. Those tables also support data in image format, links and videos too. 

However, there are some ways the users can acquire even greater benefits, and this is done by using the Pro version of this plugin for WordPress. People who use this version can get data management features to use. They are also able to use diagrams, charts, graphs, FrontEnd table editing, database source, and the WooCommerce Product Table. They can also export and import tables from CSV, Excel, PDF, or Google Sheets.

seo optimized schema tables for wordpress


Another well-known plugin that allows you to create and manage beautiful tables in TablePress. Through this plugin, all the people that are using TablePress can easily embed the tables into posts, pages, and text widgets through a simple Shortcode. The table data can easily be edited in an interface that looks like a spreadsheet. This is why the user does not need to use any coding. The tables that one can form through this plugin can contain any data. It even contains formulas that will be evaluated later on. An additional JavaScript library adds features like sorting, pagination, filtering and more for the site visitors. Those tables can also easily be imported and exported from or to Excel, CSV, HTML and JSON files too. 

Features of the Superb Tables

From the tables that you are generating, you can use them to create a comparison table and display them easily in Gutenberg through the shortcodes block. Some of the following features are easily available to people who intend on using this plugin. 

  • The table shortcodes are available to make the data entering process a lot easier. 
  • Multiple colour schemes can be picked from to allow further personalization. Otherwise, the user can always have the Use Themes Own Table Design. 
  • People can create unlimited tables which have unlimited rows and unlimited columns as well. 
  • If we consider the colour scheme, then the options available for people include the purple, black/white etc.
  • The drag and drop feature is also available for the users as it allows them to swap the columns and rows around.
  • Tables can also be deleted and removed from the database as well. 
  • On the whole, the plugin provides very user-friendly support.

Guide to creating your Superb Tables

It is not difficult to create tables on WordPress. This is due to the fact that the interface of the plugin is very easy to deal with. You have to follow the following instructions. 

  1. Firstly, open WordPress and go to the panel menu that says, Admin. Then go to the sidebar and click Superb Tables.
  2. In the top left corner, you will see a green option for Add new Table. Click on the option to add a new table to work with. 
  3. After that, you have to fill in all your necessary data in the new table. When you are done, click on the Save button. 
  4. You can also click on the Superb Tables option written in the left sidebar. Copy and paste the Table Shortcode. It can be something like [spbtbl_sc id=1] in a post. This is also its appearance in page, widget or HTML. 

SEO Optimized Tables With Schema Markup For WordPress

Before this, one has to understand what schema markup is. Being the logical definition of a table, it defines what the name of the table is what is the name or type of the column. It is like a plan or a blueprint. A database schema is the collection of relation schemas of a whole database. Since it works to make the results of a table more vibrant and a lot more effective, it is important to have this feature in the tables that are used on an online blog.

HTML Data Tables For WordPress

With the data being represented in a tubular form, it is easy to understand everything in a two-dimensional form. For HTML, you use different tags to define the elements of the table in that particular HTML. Some plugins for WordPress ensure that the user does not have to go through all the details and tags.  

WordPress Plugin for creating tables

The WordPress plugins for creating tables can help with a lot of things. They help to make the analytical data on the blog look a lot more professional, and they also make the post appear more genuine and convincing. If you are one of the people who happen to have a website that is affiliated with WooCommerce or if you have an eCommerce shop, then the plugins will be very important for you. They provide a pricing table to compare the price plans or products as well. You can easily create such tables quickly. Those tables are responsive, and the schema markup can be toggled on or off. This is especially useful for SEO optimization. All the tables created through this WordPress plugin are shown on the website with CSS and HTML.  

Download Responsive Table Plugins for WordPress

A table plugin can easily be downloaded for WordPress through an online store where it is available for purchase, or some users can also find some plugins for free. When we consider the plugins which allow us to create tables on our WordPress blog, we notice the difference this makes in making our blogs look more professional while displaying the analytical data that needs to be delivered to the viewer of the blog. The table plugins make the data look more convincing to others too. 

How to use TablePress

After you have installed the plugin for TablePress, you can create and manage the tables on its screen in the WordPress dashboard. Through and after that, almost everything becomes somewhat self-explanatory. To show one of your tables in a post, what you have to do is embed the shortcode of the table into the widget. This is how one can show the table in a post or page since it depends on what kind of widget you are dealing with here. The ID of the table can be found on the left side of the screen saying ‘All Tables.’ However, you can also insert tables by cling the ‘Table’ button in the editor toolbar and then selecting the desired table from there. 

Additional features for Tablepress 

When you are using the features of tablepress, there are other options available as well. There are additional features that enhance the usability of the tables on the WordPress site. They include sorting the data, pagination, filtering, alternating row colors, row highlighting, print name, and print description as well. These can be enabled in the menu of the ‘Edit’ section by simply checking the corresponding checkboxes available. 

Tables for WooCommerce 

Among all the plugins that are available for use in WordPress, they also allow the feature where the tables can be used for WooCommerce. Tables by Supsystic can also be used. With WooCommerce Product Table, you can easily create a product table for your WooCommerce store. After creating the table, you can also list all the products in there to create a table that is not only searchable but also filterable and responsive as well. That table will also be perfect for creating a list of all the products and their prices. It will also be ideal for managing order forms, wholesale, and product catalogs as well. Through this, managing your data becomes a lot easier as well.

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