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Best tracking plugins for WordPress 2022

We have listed some of the best tracking plugins for WordPress. Why are tracking plugins important?

Privacy is always on the mind of internet users as data becomes more valuable to companies and individuals. Restrictions are being set up to make sure data is protected and not leaked through the whole world. Think of the new GDPR law that was created to protect privacy and security for Europe. This new law includes hundreds of text pages that businesses must comply with if they want to do business in Europe.

Even companies based outside of Europe need to be aware of this new law considering it applies to them if they collect European citizens’ information. 

The history of GDPR

GDPR started in 2018, and heavy punishments are handed out to companies now that do not respect the data they collect on users. This was done as the public’s outcry began to build as hackers breached servers and cloud services. Credit card numbers and medical information are now in the hands of malicious users, and citizens demanded that something is done to hold companies accountable.

With the breach of Equifax in the United States, which puts millions at risk for identity theft, it won’t be long before laws similar to GDPR are enacted in America.

Now that we have a better idea of the current landscape regarding data collection, why are companies so eager to compile information on potential customers?

The General Data Protection Regulation has made collecting information harder, so it stands to reason that big business must consider data collection vital for a company’s health.

What we consider to be the best tracking plugins for WordPress

What are the best tracking plugins for WordPress that you can use on your site? We looked at the top two that are going to take your company to the next level.

  1. MonsterInsights
  2. OptinMonster
1. MonsterInsights

1. MonsterInsights

Topping the list of tracking plugins for WordPress, this software gives you loads of options and can be used by anybody.

With a very easy installation process, you will be up and running very quickly so that the tracking can have a big impact on your conversions. MonsterInsights gives you Universal Tracking, which means no matter what device your users are on that come to your site, you can still track what they are doing on the site.

Campaigns that you are running simultaneously can also benefit from tracking across all landing pages and funnels to see if customers respond to one sales form over another.

Well integrated with Google Analytics

This plugin will integrate well with Google Analytics and let you see all your stats right from the WordPress dashboard. You no longer have to log into your Google Analytics to start taking action. It is all linked together with MonsterInsights, which will save you time and allow you to see the big picture.

Real-time stats are also offered, which is great if you are having a big sales day. Real-time stats mean that you can see who is online right and the actions they are taking. Say you are in the middle of a big Black Friday sale. Sales suddenly shoot up, and you see a giant spike in conversions. You don’t have the time to sit back and analyze the data later. Rather, you want to see things in real-time to see what links or landing pages bring in the customers.

During one of your biggest sales days, if it becomes clear a specific Black Friday ad is not converting, cut it right away and replace it with a converting ad. Real-time data means you can take action in real-time and never miss out on a sale.

2. OptinMonster

2. OptinMonster

Do you feel like you could be getting more leads and conversions? There is always another level to reach, and OptinMonster is the perfect way to add fuel to your sales channel. They let you track where customers are coming from and can help you create links that are going to convert! MonsterLinks is a 2-step opt-in technology that you can set up easily without knowing any code at all. Users that have started to use it notice a jump in sales by double or even more.

When a user clicks on a link or a picture you set up beforehand, it gives them a popup that prompts a sale or fills out a form with their email. Psychologically, the user wants to continue onto the action they were taking before the interruption, and they are more likely to quickly fill out your form for the free e-book or get 15% off their next purchase.

OptinMonster is using psychology to increase your sales! Who said that a psychology degree from university would never pay off?

Numerous ways to track customers

OptinMonster offers numerous ways to track and convert customers. Exit-Intent technology can determine if a user is about to bounce back out to the SERPs and abandon your site. A quick popup offering them an additional 20% off their whole order is the perfect way to get customers back and test your product. Scrolling triggers are also excellent trackers that OptinMonster can use. Asking a user to do something right when they hit the website can seem pushy. Waiting until they start to scroll around your website and have shown additional interest is a great way to boost conversions!

Big Data

Google is one of the largest companies on the planet, and they collect everything they can on their users. Many are surprised when they find out everything Google has amassed when it comes to their preferences. The search engine can recall all the searches you have done, and it also sees what videos you are interested in when you use the YouTube platform.

In many ways, Youtube has become a search engine on its own that can predict things that you will be interested in using algorithms. 

Think about the phone that you are using. Android users who are sporting the new flagship phone from Google will be tracked to see what they are using and their devices.

Still, iPhone users are also tracked when they use Google services such as Google Maps to help get to a new restaurant or head to a job interview. Even if you do not open the application, it can still pinpoint where you are using GPS. 

Google offers relevant services for free

The reason for all of this is the value of data. Google will run services for free and give you access to APIs because they know that understanding customers’ preferences is important in marketing toward them. Google has expanded into the Google Fiber service to supply customers with telecom service, but their main income source comes from ads.

If they know which ads to show to which customers to increase conversions, it becomes worth it to have services given away for free.

Conversion Tracking

As a business owner or an individual running a small WordPress site, you can ask yourself how you can also use some of the tricks Google employs to increase your own conversions and engagement with users.

Are you tracking conversions for actions that occur on the site?

When a user fills out a form because they want to see your regular newsletter, that needs to be tracked to figure out why they signed up and how you can have other users sign up. Where are users going on your site? How long are they spending on certain pages? When they have a product in their shopping cart, what determines if they actually go through the purchase? Many times the answers to these things will surprise you.

Why tracking plugins for WordPress are important

Tracking software is important for your sales because it will give you the information you need to figure out what is successful and what needs to be tweaked.

Your marketing will greatly increase in adding to your bottom line once you begin to track as much as possible on your site and use the appropriate dimensions and filters to compare the data.

Take, for example, and you notice that sales for your products are decreasing for an online store that sells sunglasses. Your sales funnel that you set up is not working, and you can’t tell why.

By tracking where customers are on your site, you can see that users spend an unusual amount of time on a certain page in the sales process before abandoning their cart. Using tracking software, you realize that this part of the sales funnel is confusing and losing you sales.

Once you tweak this individual page, sales begin to tick back up, and you also install a popup that offers a discount when a user is about to abandon their cart.

Both of these changes result in much higher sales numbers, and it can all be attributed to tracking and making changes based on the data you have in front of you.

That is it for this list from Superb Themes.

Continue to check back often to see the new ways that you can boost sales through clever plugins and new technology.

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