Best Unlimited Web Hosting 2020

In reality, unlimited for hosting has limits to it just like the cellular industry. Hosts can not have unlimited servers. A huge bulk of their overhead comes from running large servers 24/7 so they can’t add an indefinite amount. In the same way, you also can not have unlimited cabling to send data at high speed. Data transfers will also have limitations upon them. Keep in mind, hosts also have a limit to the number of people working for them. This team is charged with the task of keeping servers up as much as possible so that these hosts can maintain uptime of 99.9%. The network is well maintained as long as the host has a good idea of their workload which depends on the number of clients that they have. If many of their customers began to take advantage of the service and started to overload the system, the employees would not be able to keep up with the burden.

Unlimited is a term that the industry has started using while it is not entirely accurate. For most users, the service will be more than enough, but it should be noted that many exceptions remain in the fine print. How can we know which companies are the best when they offer an unlimited plan and all hosts will limit you in some fashion?

Each host will have their own internal rules that they follow. Many times this is known as house rules and will limit how many queries you can make during a certain time frame, how many databases you can have set up at one time, or transfers using the FTP protocol. This is endless because there are many things that can take up server resources. Let’s take a look at some of the best companies that offer unlimited plans. They are listed below.

  1. SiteGround
  2. Bluehost
  3. WP Engine
  4. Hostingforest
  5. Kinsta

#1 For Unlimited Web Hosting Is SiteGround

1. SiteGround

This host is number one on our list. They can’t offer you unlimited space on their servers for your company, but the GoGeek plan is perfect if you are a company that knows they need a lot of space. Featuring 30 GB of space, this comes with unmetered traffic and unlimited websites hosted. This is great for a company that has many different products and services that need to be divided up. Give them a try today and see the difference.

#2 For Unlimited Web Hosting Is Bluehost

2. Bluehost

For a little over five dollars each month, you can use Bluehost and get unlimited for many top features. They offer unlimited SSD space so you can access information fast. You also will have access to unlimited domains, unlimited parked domains, and also unlimited subdomains. This is an amazing deal if you are a company with lots of ideas for websites and need many different domains. Take a look at the deals they are offering customers right now.

#3 For Unlimited Web Hosting Is Wp Engine

3. WP Engine

No matter what your role is, WP Engine is going to have your back. They have resources to help developers as well as your marketing team. Maybe you are a small business owner and you are wearing many hats which means you are the development team as well as marketing. It is all built off the WordPress platform and will integrate well with any APIs that you are using or various marketing tools that you like to use that push the needle in terms of sales. They provide many tools that can make the job easier for developers and their unlimited plan is perfect for a growing company that needs to use a lot of resources. See why so many are choosing WP Engine and check out how they can help both developers as well as marketers. 

#4 For Unlimited Web Hosting Is Hosting Forest

4. Hostingforest

Want to indicate to customers that you take the environment seriously? Go with a host that cares about the Earth and use Hostingforest. They donate proceeds to combat climate change and do a great job of creating awareness for what is going on around us. The Ultimate plan is affordable and comes with 30 GB of SSD space. This means you have plenty of room to run an e-commerce store and your customers are going to be able to access everything fast since they are using Solid State Drives. Even better, they offer automatic backups which means you won’t have to worry about hackers trying to shut down your business while so many right now depend on their online income. The backups are also perfect to give you a starting point if there is an update that goes wrong when trying out a new version of WordPress or experimenting with new plugins. This is a great company that offers many things that are unlimited.

#5 For Unlimited Web Hosting Is Kinsta

5. Kinsta

Need to migrate your site over to a better host but you are worried about the cost? Why not try out Kinsta and take advantage of free migration? This host is as secure as Fort Knox so you won’t have to worry about hackers stealing personal information from your clients or customers. Not only that, but many of the features they offer are also unlimited. If you are not a tech person, that is ok with Kinsta. Your WordPress site can be completely managed by an expert on their end which means that they will keep your business up to date with the latest patches and updates. Not only that, their managed sites are going to be faster and sync up better with the plugins that are coming out now.

Caveats with Unlimited

Before we look at the hosting industry, we can look at the mobile phone industry. Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint all say that when you sign up with their service, you can use unlimited data. One would think this is an excellent deal! Why get a connection at home for the internet when you can just turn your phone into a hotspot and then stream everything through that? It would save you a lot of money in the long run and having your whole business on one unlimited connection would make things more simple. In the past, many business owners did just this. They would use their cell phone hotspot for a large amount of data each month, using a loophole to get around high data costs.

This situation has changed dramatically. When you have an unlimited plan through one of these companies, you have a soft cap. It might be 50 or even 100 GB per month. Once you exceed this figure, you are throttled and your speeds are reduced. Once this occurs, it can be hard to stream video from Youtube or play a mix from Spotify. The slower speed will still allow you to check email and browse websites, but you can’t do much more than that. While technically this is still unlimited data, the speed is so slow that most people would just use their home connection for anything that takes a lot of bandwidth.

The Reality of Unlimited Web Hosting

As a business expands and grows, their hosting needs change over time as well. Even if you are just running a website to share something with the world such as your daily life or a hobby, as your site gains more popularity, you may find that your previous setup is no longer adequate. When you look online for options, you see that many hosts now offer unlimited hosting. What is unlimited hosting and how can it help you build out what you currently have online?

For most hosts, unlimited hosting means that you have unlimited disk storage, unlimited data transfers, and as many addon domains as you would like. Addon domains can be created from your control panel and act as a normal domain where you can make email addresses and forwarders. Everything for the additional domain can be tweaked from the control panel that you would normally use. A host such as HostGator will give you as many addon domains as you want with every account that is above their most basic plan. An excellent deal! You can create as many sites as you would like which is great for a company that wants to expand into new products or new services that they can offer. If you have a personal blog, you can divide up your content in a more logical way. Perhaps you have one page dedicated to travel while a second page can consist only of programming tips that you want to share with others. The options go on and on and give you more flexibility.

Can all hosts really promise unlimited disk space though? Can they follow through when they say you can transfer an infinite amount of data with no cap? The truth is, unlimited data for many providers is not actually unlimited.

In conclusion, we know that none of the hosts can offer truly unlimited space and resources, but our list is a great place to start. With all of these choices, the hosting will be quick and secure at the same time. Unlimited hosting is great for a company that is growing fast because you will always have the needed resources on hand if you see a sudden spike in queries or users. Continue to check back with Superb Themes to see the best in hosting and WordPress sites.

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