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Best Web Hosting Services UK 2022

A professional site host will make a guarantee with you about uptime. You put countless hours into making a brand solid so why would you risk your site going down? High uptime gives your company a good reputation and increases how many customers you convert. Does your current host offer uptime of at least 99.9%? Before you sign any contracts, check the service contract and make sure there is a clause that will stipulate how often your site can be accessed. 

Next, how is the assistance that your host provides? Your average business owner will not know much about how to keep a website running. There are countless things that need to be looked at when you are operating a WordPress site. Are you keeping up with the latest patches and developments in security for the website? Are all your plugins up to date so they are working correctly? Do you have any plugins that are currently in conflict with each other?

24/7 Support

It can be a lot to try and run a business and stay up to date with all the technical sides of the website as well. Your host needs to provide 24/7 support to make sure that your site is also running correctly 24/7. A great host will also give you multiple ways to contact them when you need aid. Business email should be replied to promptly. Phone calls should not be left to go to voicemail. A live chat window is a great resource when you need to talk to somebody quickly but you can’t access your phone. Some hosts even have an exclusive portal for complaints so they can address the tickets quickly and keep track of everything in an organized fashion. 

Along this same train of thought, when you do get a person on the line or you are typing questions in the chatbox, are they knowledgeable about the topics and understand what they are talking about? Some hosts will try and save money by outsourcing their support team. This is a huge mistake when miscommunication can cause your customers to stop trusting you. Let us look at some of the top hosts from the UK that we can say match our criteria for a great web host. 

Siteground web hosting UK

1. SiteGround

Marking the first and best entry on our list for top web hosts in the UK, SiteGround is an expertly run company that promises service that won’t go down and a solid connection. Are you a small startup trying to make a name for yourself in the middle of London? Why not try out SiteGround for your first site?

SiteGround can offer managed WooCommerce sites to you for a low price that starts at just $3.95 for the month. It is hard to find a good hamburger for that price! For that economical price, you are going to have up to 10 GB of web space, traffic that is not metered, and WordPress will be installed for free. All of that space means you will have plenty of room to experiment with different themes and plugins that might interest you and could help improve your WooCommerce store.

Your WordPress site will also automatically be updated with Auto Updates which are important in making sure your website is secure and shielded from potential hackers. Free SSL is offered which means customers can buy from you without having to worry. Each day they will back up everything to make sure they have an image of your website that they can restore in case something goes wrong with a bad update or there is a plugin conflict that happens.

Check out SiteGround today and enjoy free email and the use of their free CDN. Your business website is going to load fast and you are going to notice an increase in sales globally. Not only that, but this company will also do a 100% renewable energy match. They care about the future! A great choice!

Hostpapa web hosting UK

2. Hostpapa

This company is truly international with support in many different languages. How is the service for the UK considering this company is based in Canada? One of the main components that we looked at that was a sign you have a good hosting company was the uptime. Can Hostpapa promise that your site will always be live and running so that you can sleep well at night? For January 2021, one reviewer reported that the uptime for their site was 99.99%. That is a solid number that is really impressive. What if we go further back and see what the average is for two years? This same reviewer was very happy to report Hostpapa had 99.95% uptime for a two year period. This shows you the commitment they have to keeping your site live and running strong. At times, it can be shocking that other hosts don’t focus as hard on having a rock solid foundation with superb uptime. Keep your eye on this company and if you need support in a language that is not English, give them a try. 

Hosting Forest has servers in UK

3. Hosting Forest

Is climate change a concern for you? Why not try Hosting Forest? They pledge 20% of all sales to help the environment. An impressive number in such a competitive industry. Does this company match our criteria for a great web host if you are based out of the UK? They promise on their website that you will get 99.9% server uptime. This means you won’t be wondering at night if your website is going to go down and cause chaos while you are not there to monitor it. What about support when you run into technical trouble with installing a new component? Hosting Forest once again comes through and gives you around-the-clock support to make sure that you are supported when you have software conflicts. Try them out today for your UK-based business site or your personal blog.

A2 Hosting has servers in UK

4. A2 Hosting

Looking at our criteria of strong uptime, great staff that is known to help you, and round-the-clock support, A2 provides all of those things for hosting based out of the UK. If you have any trouble, they have a crew of experts that are known as the guru crew that can walk you through each step of the process and explains things in simple terms so that you can understand them. Not only that, but they provide a huge library of resources on their website. Maybe there is a term that you keep hearing, but you are not sure what it means. Go to the search bar on the homepage and type in a term. Maybe we are looking for more information on what a CDN is. A2 has countless articles and guides written on the topic that range from help to installing plugins to what the different terms mean. This resource is invaluable and it is free to use even if you are not currently a customer. A great choice for a host!

The signs of a good United Kingdom hosting company

Your website is the storefront that everybody will see when they visit you on the internet. Similar to your actual storefront, you want to make a great impression. Is it easy to understand what sales and deals are currently available? Can potential customers easily browse through the goods that you set up for them to see? This is why picking your host is so important if you are in the UK.

You might have spent hours creating elaborate displays for your store to attract customers. Your product is top-notch and the best in the market. Customers are coming in off the street to see what you have to offer. If just one link in the chain is missing though, all of this hard work can fall apart. Maybe your staff is slow to help the customers that look confused. People have questions about your products, but the workers on the floor don’t understand the products you offer. Your business is going to start to suffer because of this weak link in the process.

In a similar way, you may have a great product that you offer online. All the testimonials about your site are glowing reviews. The images were edited to perfection and you even have videos that you spent hours editing and preparing so that customers could see what makes your company different. If the company that hosts your work does a poor job, it is just like those salespeople that are slow about helping a customer. It is going to hurt your bottom line.

A poor web hosting service may have slow load times. You can have the most thoughtful and well-scripted videos, but if they do not load for customers on the other end, they are worthless. A poor web host also can’t guarantee uptime for you. Once again, designers and marketing experts working on your company spend hours making sure that your company looks great on the web. None of that matters if the site keeps going down and visitors are greeted with an error or a redirect. 

Continue to check back often with Superb Themes. We will continue to review the most important parts of web hosting and WordPress to give you information you need to stay competitive. 

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