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Best Wix Web Hosting Services 2023

Best Wix Web Hosting

Many of us that develop websites and work in the technology field are familiar with Wix. They have had countless advertising campaigns aimed at people from all sorts of different industries, convincing them that making a website is easy and well within their grasp. But what hosting does Wix demand to function? We have taken a look at the Best Wix web hosting solutions around. Here is what we found.

So, are the Wix ads accurate? Can you really use Wix to easily create a site that will look just as good as one where you paid several thousand dollars? Let us take a quick look at what Wix is and which hosts work well with the service.

Hosting through Wix

Not only does Wix provide a lot of the same options as WordPress, but you can also get hosting through them. This is great if you are low on time or don’t really understand the different hosting options. Wix will give you both free domains as well as paid domains that you can customize. If you are just getting started and feel unsure of what option to go with, start with the free option. See what customers and your peers think about the Wix site. If people like the look, you can upgrade and get a domain that will be easy to remember and look great on ads.

Speaking of paid options, Wix also has their own app market. Through this, you can easily add more functions to the existing site. A good comparison would be the plugins that you would get through WordPress. If you need an interactive calendar to help you set up appointments with customers, you can download one from many different plugin programmers. In the same way, Wix gives you access to a store that will let you easily create photo galleries and e-commerce stores. These extra functions are essential if you want the page to be interactive and not just a static page that displays simple information like your phone number and address.

Issues with Wix Hosting

Let’s have a closer look at Wix hosting and which are the best Wix web hosting.

While it is straightforward to make a site with Wix, users have discovered some problems and service issues. Several reported slow load times and customers dropping out when images would not load incorrectly. This can be devastating to your company when slow load times start to lead to lost revenue.

Keep in mind that Wix is not based on open-source code. WordPress has plugins created for it since it is open-source, which will extend what your site can do. Using a proprietary content management system lowers the support that you can receive when you run into trouble.

With WordPress, it is used by a large chunk of the public that creates websites. It is no longer just for bloggers and people looking to share their daily life. If you have trouble with a specific plugin or compatibility issue, there will be a huge user base that can help you. Wix has just a small fraction of the users, which means it will be more difficult to resolve issues.


1. Bluehost

At the number one spot on the best Wix web hosting list, we have Bluehost. Here is why we chose Bluehost as the best Wix web hosting.

Bluehost and Wix are both solid services. They can host your content with a high uptime percentage to make sure your site is always client-facing. Bluehost is an excellent choice for support. Based in the United States, you can always contact Bluehost during normal business hours in the US. If you run into issues, this is really important to have a support team that will respond during your own working hours.

The fact that Bluehost is based out of the United States helps with hosting performance as well. Increase your speed with a local host that is going to be close to your customers. For companies that want to target potential buyers and customers in America, it just makes sense to use a US-based host with good pricing and bandwidth. Many users have also reported that their hosting is cheaper than Wix.

A2 Hosting

2. A2 Hosting

If you have built up a Wix site and are looking for a good host, go no further than A2 Hosting. They give you unlimited space with Solid State Drives when you sign up. That is huge because it means you can add as much content as you like, and you will be able to access it much faster than if you used normal storage.

On top of all this, A2 also makes transferring your work simple and free. Don’t worry about migrating things over when you contact them by phone or by email. They can walk you through the process, and they also offer free backups. If your Wix content goes down, revert to one of the free backups created, and you will be back up in no time. Remember to check out the latest A2 Hosting offers and the latest A2 Hosting coupon codes.


3. HostPapa

If you enjoy how easy it is to make a site with Wix, you will love HostPapa. They can give you a free domain name when you sign up with them, along with tools so you can build your site.

This is a great deal when you consider your host is combining their service with web builder tools. Why leave your Wix site with just one host when you can use HostPapa to build the site and then move it to any WordPress host?


4. Namecheap

Last on our list of the best Wix web hosting solutions is Namecheap.

Namecheap is a wonderful way to get hosting for any content. As the name implies, the service is cost-efficient, and they provide awesome customer service. When I first signed up with them, there were some things I didn’t understand from a technical perspective when creating a WordPress site. Their support people were able to respond using both live chat features as well as email. They even will respond to you in real time so they can check to see if your changes went through or if your website is live. It is awesome to get feedback in real time from Namecheap because it lets you solve issues immediately. What is not to love? And remember to check out the latest Namecheap coupon codes.

The Basics of Wix

If you are familiar with WordPress, it will be easy to use Wix. The system is very similar, where you can see elements on the left and then pull them onto your screen. Once you have a text box or image on the screen, this is how it will appear on your page once you go live. This is great since you don’t have to guess what your final product will look like. Everything you see is what you get.

This fits the niche of small websites that are not created by giant corporations. A large corporation will have its website done by hand with a large team of both coders and designers to make sure everything is done correctly. With Wix, you won’t need to worry about hiring a team since you can do everything independently.

When to Use Wix

A great example of Wix’s use will be if you own a small business with a few employees. Take, for instance, you own a roofing company and you serve the local area. You specialize in roofing and making repairs. There is no simple way for you to learn HTML and CSS while still completing all your duties that center around your company.

Wix is the perfect solution to this problem. When you load up their builder, you already have a ton of templates to choose from. The templates cover a broad range of topics and companies. Need a cleaning site, or are you starting a restaurant? A template already exists.

When I loaded up a roofing site with Wix, the template was easy to manipulate to fit my needs. I easily added my own logo and tagline, but I could keep the template parts that looked great. Feel free to add elements and delete them at will. Switch out email addresses and phone numbers, but keep the color scheme and placement for a professional look. With Wix, you will come to love the intuitive way they set up the system.

Migration Issues

Following up on the last point, locking yourself into hosting with Wix can cause things to occur in the future that you might not anticipate. As your page grows and you get comfortable with online commerce and features, you might want to add functionality that Wix doesn’t offer.

If you are on the WordPress platform, it is simple to switch hosts or change your site’s look without adding content to the system again. Hosting with Wix can make the switch more difficult. With that in mind, we are going to look at the best hosts for your Wix content.

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