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Best WooCommerce Hosting Services 2022

WooCommerce powers more than a quarter of the websites on the web. This is an impressive statistic when you consider how many WordPress users we have out there. Sucuri does regular audits to make sure that everything is encrypted and protected from hackers. When you are dealing with customers’ personal information, such as their home address, phone number, and credit card numbers, you need to feel like you are using a secure platform that will not land you in hot water legally.

WooCommerce works seamlessly with WordPress, which means you don’t have to start over and begin to learn a whole new program which can take weeks. Instead, WooCommerce will merge business with your content which means you can have your SEO team write articles that will bring customers right to your store to check out and have products shipped to them quickly. All the tools that you need are in one place and easily accessed. Since WooCommerce is also modular, you won’t need to worry about bloat slowing down your website. Only use the integral options to your business and leave the rest behind. Now that we know many of the advantages and the popularity of this platform, what is the best host to use in conjunction with WooCommerce? We can look at four of the best WooCommerce hosts compared with each other.

  1. Bluehost.
  2. SiteGround.
  3. Hosting Forest.
  4. A2 Hosting.
bluehost Woocommerce Hosting

1. Bluehost

Bluehost takes the top spot on our list for the best host to use with WooCommerce. A popular host with competitive pricing, you can sell anything using WooCommerce and Bluehost together, such as digital e-books, music tracks, or pictures. In addition, Bluehost has many extras that make it so that WooCommerce works smoothly with their system, such as:

  • A phone call to speak with you directly and get your store up quickly.
  • WordPress and WooCommerce both come automatically.
  • SSL to make sure information from customers is protected.

Check them out today and see if you like working with the best host and the most popular e-commerce platform.

siteground Woocommerce Hosting

2. SiteGround 

SiteGround is another fantastic company to work with to boost your online sales and win your company more market share. SiteGround is a host that provides excellent security and fast load times so that visitors to your online store will feel comfortable putting in their information when making a purchase. They feature the following:

PCI is an abbreviation for Payment Card Industry, and PCI DSS is a Data Security Standard that helps service providers have a unified approach toward protecting buyers. This initiative aims to prevent credit card fraud online and intrusions from bad actors looking to compromise your site and ruin your reputation. SiteGround is an excellent choice if you are concerned with security! 

hosting forest Woocommerce Hosting

3. Hosting Forest

Coming in third on our list, Hosting Forest is another excellent choice if you want to open an online store with solid hosting you can count on. They also offer options to businesses that allow you to sell physical products, subscriptions, and digital content. No matter what kind of store you want to open, they are going to have you covered! These stores can also be opened in any country since developers for the WooCommerce platform come from worldwide. So open up a store in Canada, Japan, or even South Africa! 

Hosting Forest is excellent because they offer 24/7 support. If something goes wrong with your online store, you won’t need to worry about prolonged downtime costing your bottom line! Chat with them over email and expect them to get back to you in just three business days. Not only that, you can call them from a large variety of countries, and each country has its specific phone number. Hosting Forest is truly an international company that can help business owners from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 

Hosting Forest also likes to give back to the community. When you purchase services from them, they give a percentage to organizations trying to help with climate change. Your website will get a badge that shows you care about the environment, and you are using a company going green. This is a great company to get involved with, and they are experts when it comes to the area of e-commerce. Check them out today to see the difference in service.

A2 hosting Woocommerce Hosting

4. A2 Hosting

Coming in fourth on our list, A2 Hosting is an excellent choice for business owners that are just getting started with the WooCommerce platform. A2 provides an outstanding resource with its search bar on the home page. If you search for terms like WooCommerce, you will get guides that tell you how to install the plugin and how to activate it! Not only that, when you first install WooCommerce, you might notice a slowdown in how fast your website will load. This is due to AJAX calls that check your virtual cart. A2 gives you a guide to walk you through all the steps to remove functionality that you might not be using, and that is going to speed up your site and make the process easier for shoppers!

With this list of great hosts that work with WooCommerce, you are going to be up and running in no time with your online store. So check back with Superb Themes often! We always provide you with the most up-to-date lists that can improve your WordPress site.

Why WooCommerce Hosting for WordPress Websiets Matters 

The world of commerce has changed, and many companies are scrambling to keep up. Several decades ago, the internet was more of a curiosity than a commerce powerhouse that we see today. Older companies did not pay attention to the power and flexibility that the internet could bring, which meant new companies were able to pop up overnight and start taking market share away from them.

At this point, almost all companies are now well aware of how vital it is to be positioned well when it comes to digital marketing and having an online store to accept sales over the internet. Even for companies that do not have a digital storefront set up yet, most of them realize the importance of adapting to the times and appealing to a broader audience through a well-crafted e-commerce store.


According to, it is estimated there will be 2.05 billion digital buyers for this year. This is on a global scale and not just restricted to North America or Europe. If you think about it, that is a vast number of customers you could target and interact with! The world population right now sits at 7.7 billion people, so with roughly 2 billion people buying goods off the internet, you have access to a lot of people that may be interested in your products. 

Is this figure expected to decrease at all shortly? Not even close. The number of digital buyers is growing by leaps and bounds. Right now, about a quarter of the world is shopping online, but in just one year, we will have 2.14 billion people buying things off the internet. In addition, smartphones are becoming more potent with each passing year and making it easier to shop through a small screen. So even if your customer doesn’t have access to a PC or a laptop, you can still capture a large chunk of this growing demographic if your website is designed well for mobile platforms.

What is the easiest way to set up an e-commerce store with all of this said? Unfortunately, not many business owners will be a technical wiz that will be able to throw together a great-looking digital storefront in just a weekend. To do that, you need to be well versed in the latest versions of HTML and CSS. You would also need to have a backend set up for the website that can take in data from customers and store it in a database so you can ship out your products to them and track logistics for shipping.

WooCommerce can help with your supply chain today! What exactly is WooCommerce, and how can it boost your sales? Let’s take a brief overview of the platform and view a list of the best hosts for your next online store.

Woocommerce website setup

What is WooCommerce for WordPress?

According to the leading website, right now, WooCommerce leads the pack in terms of setting up your e-commerce experience. There are many competitors, including Shopify and Magento, but WooCommerce sits at the number one spot. As an open-source piece of software, you can customize the platform to do anything you want. Perhaps you are running a unique online store, or you have a problem in your business that needs a custom solution. You can tailor everything around your specialized store by going with an open-source program. You are only limited by your imagination and programming skills when using WooCommerce.

WordPress is a free platform, and WooCommerce is built on WordPress. So if you want to use the free version of WooCommerce, you can! Entrepreneurs have been using the free version for years to build up fantastic stores. Then they can pay for additional extensions once their business starts to expand away from shared servers to dedicated servers that require load balancing.

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