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24 Best WooCommerce Themes

Thanks to the WordPress and WooCommerce combination, anyone can easily set up a full-fledged online store today. All they need is a great theme to get started.

But, there are 15,000+ WordPress themes in the market. Which one do you choose?!

The problem is, everybody simply talks about generic features and functionalities; parallax sliders, responsive views, dynamic pricing, product bundles, and whatnot which is not really helpful to know which theme is going to suit your business.

A WooCommerce theme is more than just a way to display your products in the best light. It needs to reflect the purpose of your store.

A shoe store and a bookstore will have different requirements, right?

So, here we are with 24 great WooCommerce themes that can be used to build your particular business with WordPress and WooCommerce, classified as:

  • Most Popular WooCommerce Themes
  • WooCommerce Themes for Fashion Stores
  • WooCommerce Themes for Home Decor and Lifestyle Websites
  • WooCommerce Themes for Consumer Electronics Stores
  • WooCommerce Themes for Bookstores and Libraries
  • WooCommerce Themes for Food and Grocery Stores
  • WooCommerce Themes for Sports Equipment Websites

But first, let’s take a look at the most popular WooCommerce Themes, which can be used across a  wide range of businesses.

Most Popular WooCommerce Themes

#1. WP Astra

Astra wordpress theme for ecommerce

While not necessarily an e-commerce theme, Astra is capable of full integration with WooCommerce. This integration capability, along with its other features, make it a popular choice among WooCommerce lovers.

Its large visuals, full-width banners on the homepage, and typography options make it a very promising choice for any e-commerce store builder. It has also got customizable colour options and a number of in-built starter sites to help you set up shop quickly.

#2. Gutenshop

gutenshop wordpress theme

Gutenshop is a freemium WooCommerce theme with great features. In fact, you’ll find almost all necessary features of an e-commerce theme in this one.

Multiple catalogue layouts, product page layouts, one-click checkout pages and fast loading time makes it one of the best WooCommerce themes available for e-commerce startups.

Gutenshop has two child themes and multiple page layout templates that help you get started in minutes. Extensive font and color customization options make it easy for you to add a unique and personal brand value to your store.

It’s also responsive, which means it adapts to various screen sizes that are out nowadays in the form of smartphones, tablets and laptops.

#3. Divi

divi wordpress theme

While it has been created as a one-page theme, Divi is a very solid option for anyone looking to create an e-commerce store as well. Divi is developed by Elegant Themes who currently has a 20% coupon code.

Its minimalist and modern design make it suitable for almost any type of online store, and with drag and drop site builder, multiple customization options and predefined layouts it also becomes a very easy to use theme for anyone willing to start an e-commerce site.

Thanks to Parallax scrolling, background media integration and full responsiveness, it has also got a very professional look and feel.

#4. Shopkeeper

shopkeeper wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

As its name suggests, Shopkeeper has been designed specifically to serve as a theme for online shopping portals.

Its ultra-modern catalogue pages come in many layouts, so you can organize your catalogues as per your convenience. The product pages also give you the freedom to display as much information as you wish in various layouts and styles.

Finally, if you want to build your own layouts and designs, it’s also not difficult to do so with the help of many customization features that come built into this theme.

Boutique WordPress Theme

#5 Boutique

Clean and minimal design with a focus on your products, Boutique is a fully responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme that is perfect for any small to the medium-size online store. With a built-in slider and build in carousel to showcase your featured products in this very modern theme. SEO optimized, fast, and mobile-friendly for online mobile shopping, adding new inventory in grid-based layout with add to cart buttons will make it much easier for your new clients to buy your products. Boutique is one of the best free WooCommerce themes, you should try it in 2021 to open your eCommerce website online.

#6. The Retailer

The retailer wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

Another theme designed specifically for shopping sites, The Retailer comes with a drag and drop store builder to help you set up your online store within minutes. From simple stores to sophisticated e-commerce portals selling hundreds of products from various categories, everything can be built with this theme, thanks to its full-fledged customization capabilities.

Many of the features available in it are provided in the form of premium plugins by their developers, but this theme offers you their functionality for free by building them right into the theme itself. Therefore, you don’t need to install dozens of plugins while working with this theme.

The only drawback is, all these features make the theme pretty heavy, which can cause page load time to increase.

Best WooCommerce Themes for Fashion Stores

We’ve seen 5 multipurpose WooCommerce themes above. Now let’s take a look at some application-specific themes that can be used for e-commerce stores, starting with fashion first.

#7. Kapee

kapee wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

Though designed from a multipurpose perspective, Kapee has some special features that make it especially attractive for a Fashion site.

Its layout, pre-built colour combinations, fonts included and mobile-friendly looks that are reminiscent of fashion stores make it a great choice for your WooCommerce-based fashion store.

#8. Gioia

gioia wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

The Retina-ready fashion store theme Gioia is bound to hook your visitors at first glance. Its extensive collection of 800+ Google fonts, capability to add video as background, smooth scrolling and transitions, various widgets and stylish carousels give it the look and feel of a fashion theme.

It has also got special Wishlist pages, product page layouts and Sold out pages designed specifically from the perspective of fashion stores.

#9 Shoptimizer

Shoptimizer ecommerce theme

Shoptimizer is a WooCommerce theme from CommerceGurus built around the twin objectives of speed and conversions. Research has shown that even a one second delay results in a 7% reduction in conversions, and Shoptimizer scores incredibly well across all the major speed benchmarking services.

When it comes to designing your own pages, the light and lean Elementor page builder is deployed, allowing users to easily create beautiful layouts. There are also numerous theme options within the customizer which allows buyers to quickly change fonts, colors, and settings and see the results instantly.

#10. The DMCS

dcms wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

Another stylish fashion store theme is The DMCS. You can customize its every aspect with the help of its in-built features.

The best part of this theme is that with full-width sliders and large sections below it on the homepage it allows you to prominently display the products from any category of your choice, which is crucial for any fashion store to sell seasonal items quickly. That, in our opinion, is its USP as a fashion store theme.

WooCommerce Themes for Home Decor and Lifestyle Websites

#11. Oney

oney wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

A flexible theme which can be used to develop any type of home decor site, Oney is one of those few WooCommerce themes which come with PSD files included for all layouts. That means if you want to change any aspect of its design in the future with the help of a web designer, you can easily do that without having to change your theme.

Besides that you also get all other necessary features required to build a full-fledged e-commerce site. Win-win, right?

#12. Arredo

arredo wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

This theme has been designed to serve as a great option for online furniture stores. So if you want to sell furniture in your WooCommerce store, Arredo’s minimalist design with a light colour scheme makes it a very good choice for you.

You’ll find it yourself when you see its demo. It allows you to organize your products in a variety of ways on the listing pages, and  also on the homepage itself.

#13. Wcom

wcom wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

Another modern WooCommerce theme developed from the perspective of a furniture store, but can be used to sell other home decor related products as well.

Wcom comes with a mega menu which can be used by your visitors to browse the store, and an in-built order tracking system to track the status of their orders. There are plenty of in-built sorting and filtering options too, which again, make it easy for your visitors to find their desired products.

WooCommerce Themes for Consumer Electronics Stores

#14. Electro


The name of this theme is enough to tell that it has been built for a gadget and consumer electronics store. And when it comes to the looks, well, they’re even more reflective of the same.

The widescreen compatibility of Electro makes it look awesome in all screen sizes, which is crucial for any online electronics store. It also loads quickly, and is compatible with the Elementor page builder plugin to help you set it up quickly.

#16. Exzo

ezxo wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

The tech space changes from a rapid pace, and things become outdated even before they go mainstream. So a consumer electronics store selling gadgets online should also reflect the same spirit of being super modern and up to date, which is precisely what Exzo WooCommerce theme offers you.

Whether you want to build a simple store selling a few gadgets or a sophisticated store selling hundreds of electronic items, Exzo will serve the purpose beautifully with its ultra modern design and layout.

Best WooCommerce Themes for Bookstores and Libraries

#17. Livre

livre wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

Built specifically around the functionality of WooCommerce, Livre allows you to sell books as well as e-books with equal ease. It has got suitable templates for both, and is compatible with multi vendor marketplace add-ons, which can be used to allow multiple authors to list their books on your site.

There’s absolutely no dearth of homepage and product page layouts as well, with 14 different homepage demos and at least half a dozen product page layout options.

#18. Bookie

bookie wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

The beautiful Bookie theme has been designed especially for bookstores with features that can make finding any book very easy for your visitors. For example, its search functionality has been designed in such a way that one can easily search for a book in any particular category.

Books can also be searched based on their authors. There are multiple templates for homepage, and multiple templates for product pages as well.

#19. Pustaka

pustaka wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

While Pustaka is a simple WordPress theme designed around the interest of reading enthusiasts, its compatibility with WooCommerce makes it a wonderful e-commerce theme as well.

It comes with 7 website demos that can guide you in building almost any kind of online bookstore. Heck, it can be customized to promote even a single book if you wish!

WooCommerce Themes for Food and Grocery Stores

#20. Bridge

bridge wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

With 38 beautiful demos and a neatly organized design that aligns logo, menus, cart icon and search bar in one line, Bridge is arguably the best food and grocery shopping theme that you can find for your WooCommerce site.

It has got a large carousel for the homepage that you can use to showcase some of your most mouth-watering items, and various other large sections below it that can be used to sell other items as per your desire.

#21. Cream

cream wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

Though it has got an ice-cream inspired name, it can also be used for selling fresh foods and organic products. Designed with Bootstrap, Cream WooCommerce theme has got a perfectly responsive design that won’t give you resizing errors.

The fonts and typography are very food-focused, and the colour scheme is also quite reflective of freshness with a focus on green and cream colours.

#22. Food Store

food store wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

Designed specially for food and restaurant related websites, the Food Store premium theme comes with infinite scrolling, WPBakery Page Builder support, 32+ homepage demos and support for various other plugins that you may need to build your online food store.

It also supports 360° Product Viewer, extra custom tabs for every product, a countdown timer to help you run sales and support for unlimited categories/sub-categories.

WooCommerce Themes for Sports Equipment Websites

#23. Welldone

well done wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

Welldone is a theme designed more for training athletes, trainers, and sportsmen, than sports equipment and clothing.

That makes it one-of-a-kind in the whole collection of sports themes, because there are plenty of themes that look ideal to sell sports equipment and clothing but very few that look good for someone offering training and coaching programs.

It comes with 9 customizable homepage layouts, full WooCommerce compatibility and SEO optimized code.

#24. TrackStore

trackstore wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

The TrackStore theme is another powerful WooCommerce theme developed for sports-related shopping sites. It’s special because some of the features available in it can’t be found in other sports-related e-commerce themes.

For example, it comes with quick view pop-ups, order tracking functionality, full-screen menu that can accommodate lots of items, child theme and custom widget areas that you can modify according to your requirements.

#25. Sports Store

sports store wordpress theme for eCommerce websites

Websites selling sports products must have some features that make comparing and visualizing products easier. This is a key requirement and the Sports Store WooCommerce theme fulfils it successfully.

Its in-built comparison tool allows your customers to compare various products easily, while its Colour selection tool allows for easier selection of colours. It also provides a wide range of customization options to let you change almost any element as per your requirements.

Summing Up…

So this was our list of the best WooCommerce themes that you can use to build your e-commerce business. Whether you want to sell a single item or thousands of items, products from one niche market or products from dozens of markets, there’s a theme for you in the list given above. Don’t forget to view our overall list of the best premium themes.

If you want to use a product sourcing model, you can use a dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce. This will allow you to quickly add top-selling items to your store, without having to purchase inventory in bulk. You can also install plugins for increasing the security, speed, and performance of your site.

Now, there’s more to making your ecommerce store stand out than just choosing a great WooCommerce theme. You need to implement marketing strategies using social sharing plugins, customer support plugins, WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugins, and many others, to enhance the overall customer experience on your WooCommerce store.

But in the meantime, just find the right theme you need from this list and kickstart your online business today. All the best!

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