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Best WordPress 24/7 Support Services (2022)

WordPress can be hard to use. For every article that talks about how easy the platform is, there will be an hour spent trying to figure out why your latest plugin is not working. Is there a solution that you can use? Can we hire somebody to make sure that our site is always up? You might be surprised to learn that several companies are centered on making sure you have the best experience with WordPress and offers WordPress 24/7 support services.

Around the Clock Support

WP Buffs

When you have car trouble, what do you do? Most will bring their car to the experts so that they can interpret the check engine light. Unless you work on cars every day as a mechanic, you won’t know how to work yourself. In the same way, WordPress many times needs experts so it can function well.

WP Buffs is a website management company designed to help you hit your goals in the online world. If you want to really grow your business quickly, you want to consider WP Buffs. They can give you maintenance services so you can focus on what makes your site great. We can’t be well versed in everything. If the technical part of websites is difficult for you, why not turn it over to a team that does it every day? WP Buffs also has something for the freelancers and agencies out there. If you want to offer the service to others, you can get it with their white label system.

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Around the Clock Support

Constant WordPress support is just one of the features you are going to have access to. What else can you expect with WP Buffs?

  • Edit your site when you want
  • Optimize your site for speed
  • Always have the latest in security.
  • Backups to protect your work
  • Emergency Support is available.
  • Around the clock monitoring
  • An easy to use white label program

This is just scratching the tip of the iceberg with what WP Buffs is going to offer you. They can help get the speed for your site going faster. WP Buffs will make your setup more reliable with redundancies in place. They can also make sure your site is secure. When you team up with WP Buffs, those days of wasting hours on your site to figure out what is wrong are over.

WP Buffs WordPress 24/7 Support Services Pricing

It might sound great to have around-the-clock support, but how much will this cost? Any company could promise all of these things as long as their staff was large enough and they charged to bring experts for every emergency. The pricing for WP Buffs is shockingly low. Please take a look at their first-tier, which they call Maintain. At $67.00 each month, this service will pay for itself for the first month alone.

Maintain is designed to run every month and maintain your site to ensure it runs like a well-oiled machine. With this inexpensive tier, you get reports every week to understand what is going on. Was there an attack from a group of hackers? Did you need to have some plugins updated? WP Buffs will let you know what is happening in WordPress, which is constantly changing.

With just the lowest tier, you also get access to emergency support. If you run a shop online and cater to your customers, you know how important it is to have access to your website and sales data. For many companies, your advantage is in how fast you can turn around orders and answer questions. Today, customers don’t want their products several weeks later. They are looking for it to come in within a few business days. Amazon has spoiled all of us. WP Buffs is going to help you meet those expectations.

Constant Service

Constant Service

In the previous paragraph, we briefly touched on this: customers expect more and more business owners. As online stores mature and more people enter the world of selling over the Internet, everybody is raising expectations.

If you have a plugin, update that you weren’t expecting, it can take your whole system offline! Many people have automatic updates set up, which may seem like a good idea until something no longer works. How do you know that your theme gets a new update the next time your old plugins will still work well with it?

Once your site goes down, how can you fulfill all your orders? How can you meet the high expectations of having products going out same-day or next-day delivery? It would be impossible, which means you always have to be vigilant and keep your site running around the clock.

WP Buffs Helps Your Uptime Monitoring

WP Buffs will make sure that a rogue update doesn’t take you down, but they will also make sure your host is doing their job. Most hosts today boast that they have an uptime of around 99.9%. Who is checking on them? How do you make sure that your host is following along with that part of the bargain? It is not like you can watch your website while you are asleep to ensure that orders are still coming in.

WP Buffs has a solution for this. They offer you help that runs at all times, but they also will make sure your site is always up. When it goes down, you will be the first to know with updates and a contact that will ensure you don’t remain offline for long.

Backups to Protect You

Even with constant monitoring and aid from WP Buffs, you can still run into trouble. You may wonder how that can be. After all, when you have the latest security updates and systems are constantly keeping track of who is coming and going, there should be no room for error. Unfortunately, no system is one hundred percent secure. Plugins will issue updates when it is discovered there is a flaw in their security. This protects those that already downloaded the plugin, so they are no longer vulnerable. What happens when there is a plugin where it is not obvious, yet it is not secure?

These hacks or bugs in plugins may be called zero-day exploits. Zero-day refers to the fact that there have been zero days where people have known about the code’s flaw. If somebody uses one of these poorly coded sections to access your website, what can you do?

At this point, you need to rely on your backups. Hackers may plant backdoors on your website so that they can come back later and take control. These same nefarious users might decide to wipe out all of your work to be malicious. WP Buffs provides a guard against this by making a copy of your site that occurs each day. These backups will go to the cloud to not be on a physical system that might be wiped out by a natural disaster or accident. Don’t operate your site knowing that one hack could bring you down for months. Use WP Buffs to help you make a copy of your site that can get you back online fast.

Why 24/7 Support Matters

We have gone over what WP Buffs can offer you with their website. Why is around the clock support so important, though? There are still many companies that shut down after five. Is it really going to make or break a business when they don’t have a team ready to help you on the weekends?

Statistics have shown if a customer has a serious issue that is not resolved quickly, they move on to a new company. This makes sense even more when dealing with technology, and people have their income depending on their Shopify or WooCommerce sales. A good way to think of this would be if a customer had a technical issue, and then they no longer could open up the front door to their physical store. As long as they are locked out, they won’t satisfy orders or attract new customers. People might stop going completely and assume that they shut down. Thinking about it from this perspective gives you an idea about why WP Buffs emphasizes being there for customers.

Many Ways to Reach The Support

How To Get In Contact With The WordPress 24/7 Support Services

WP Buffs have given you many different ways to get in touch with them when something needs attention right away. You have a chatbox feature in the lower right-hand corner where you can ask them questions and issues even when you can’t talk. This works well when you have a very noisy office, or maybe you are in a situation where it would be difficult to speak to them, such as on a subway or airplane.

They also give you the option to call them or schedule a call with them. If you are not free right away, schedule the best time for a meeting. When you have them live on a phone call, it will quickly get to the bottom of your issue and help you resolve the issues you are facing. Of course, there is always email, which works well as a communication form where you can document everything and have a paper trail—awesome WordPress 24/7 support service to check out today.

Are you ready to get started with WP Buffs? Book your call with WP Buffs to get a 10-20% discount!

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