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Best WordPress CRM Plugins

There is a huge crowd of different CRM plugins for WordPress to make you more efficient and improve your sales teams. What are the best WordPress CRM plugins? How can this help your whole team reach that next level in efficiency and customer service? We are going to cover some of the best plugins for your next WordPress site.

HubSpot WordPress Plugin

1. HubSpot

First, on the list, we need to highlight HubSpot. Even if you have never used a CRM before, you are probably aware of HubSpot just because of its popularity. HubSpot has a surprising amount of free tools that will cut out unnecessary parts of your day and keep you focused on things that matter.

If you are new to marketing, we highly recommend that you get set up with a free HubSpot account. You will have to log in to the account regularly, so they don’t deactivate it, but that won’t be an issue. Once you have an account, you can attend their academy. Here they give you a crash course in all things marketing and customer service. If you already went to school for business, this is a good way to round out your skills. You will discover how to get your emails to be opened more, what you should put as the subject line, and how to use templates to save time.

Free Templates with HubSpot

Speaking of templates, there are plenty of them with HubSpot that you get for free. Why waste time typing out the same things over and over when your emails are barely changing? HubSpot understands that with the sales team, the amount of emails they send out is what is going to move the needle. Many marketing emails are going to be close copies of each other, with just a few changes. Make the process simple by using templates to simplify the repetitive things.

You are also going to get great ways to schedule out emails and meetings. All of these are also free to go along with the above improvements to your workflow. Don’t constantly ask your coworkers if they are free. Just check the joint calendar that is set up and then make sure the important key figures will make the meeting. We are sure you can already see many of the ways that this plugin will save you time. It makes the number one spot for a reason.

Activecampaign WordPress Plugin

2. ActiveCampaign

Nobody likes doing the same task over and over. We are not robots, which is why the creators of ActiveCampaign want to help you automate boring things during a normal day in marketing or sales. Why work like a robot and pound out the same set of emails each day? Using ActiveCampaign is going to be similar to an extra employee.

Normally you would have an intern or a secretary follow up on interest shown during a trade-show or a phone contact. You are going to save money by doing away with this follow up work. Set the system one time, and it will do all the marketing for you.

What ActiveCampaign Can Do

Let us take an example of what ActiveCampaign can do by itself. You sell luxury boats, and a visitor notes that they want to learn more about the products you have to offer. They fill out a form that captures their email. There is no need for you to follow up with the email actively. The system can do that. Program the system to send over some digital brochures to get the potential clients interested in what you can give them in the future.

At the bottom of the follow-up email, ask if they would like to be contacted by a representative. If the answer is no, you will cut off communication so that you don’t seem overeager. If they welcome further communication, at this point, the salesperson finishes off the sales deal, and you just saved time with the automated system—a brilliant system from this plugin.

Ontraport WordPress Plugin

3. Ontraport

Curious about this plugin? They have a free two-week trial that promises to improve performance among all your teams. What can they offer you?

  • Help with customer service
  • Automated email
  • Better SMS communication

We are aware of how much data is coming into your business frequently. It is hard to keep track of everything and then pivot if something is going wrong. This CRM helps you map out customer response, and when you follow up. Unless you have the data, you are going in blind in terms of making your marketing better.

This CRM will also come with ways to automate and send out batches of emails. Target the times when people will be the most likely to sign up for your offer and see your email come in. SMS contact is also a good way to get a customer’s attention and get past the spam blocker. Explore all the options that they offer with Ontraport.

Wishpond WordPress Plugin

4. Wishpond

Wishpond caught the attention of many very quickly. When you get service from them, you are signing up for more than a dozen applications designed to help with marketing. They understand SEO and how to optimize your sites, so they start to climb the rankings. You also don’t need any special training to use the software. Get started quickly and use the intuitive interface to jump in.

What are customers saying? They are seeing the following once they start using the service.

  • More leads
  • A better understanding of customers
  • Eye-catching landing pages

If you have not tried landing pages yet, you may be missing out on many conversions. Bring customers to your building or get them to check out products with great landing pages. These pages are specifically designed to convert, unlike an about page or just your main page.

A huge host of tools integrates well with Salesforce, AWeber, MailChimp, and many more. That means you won’t need to change the apps you currently use. There won’t be a need to bring in all your contacts. Just continue to use your old apps like you were in the past. Wishpond will make sure that your email is more streamlined than ever.

Sendinblue WordPress Plugin

5. Sendinblue

It may seem overwhelming with so many CRM plugins that do so many different things. Here we look at the things that really stand out when you use Sendinblue.

  • Support for six languages
  • 70 million messages sent each day
  • Six figures in terms of users
  • Use 300 emails for free every day
  • Compliant with GDPR

Each of these different CRM programs has an advantage or an aspect that you might not get from your current CRM. Take, for instance, Sendinblue. If you do business in Europe or are just getting started on breaking into that market, you need to be aware of Sendinblue.

When you are sending emails with your CRM, are you GDPR compliant? This is a regulation put in place, so businesses will not abuse the personal data of citizens of the EU. Cries of privacy and digital rights have been echoing for years now in the States so that they may see something similar. Right now, with GDPR, it changes many things when you collect user data. If you are non-compliant, it can cost you big in terms of heavy fees to protect consumers. Why use a CRM where you are not familiar with their stand on GDPR? It is better to use a system where you can trust them and not worry about incurring fees and penalties set up by the government.

GetResponse WordPress Plugin

6. GetResponse

As the name indicates, this is going to boost the response you get from customers. When looking at the best WordPress CRM plugins, we had to cover GetResponse. They offer a free trial so that you can use the software for a full month and not have to worry about supplying a credit card either. Can we say this is one of the best WordPress CRM plugins? Yes, they have a giant list of features to pick from that will help you advance in terms of customer service, sales, and how you interact with your own team members. Look at some of the most useful features.

  • Conversion funnels
  • Webinars
  • Signup forms
  • Landing pages
  • Email creator
  • Autoresponder
  • Email Analytics

That is a lot to take in, but if you break it down by line item, you will see how each of these is going to make you more efficient.

Good Graphical Representation

GetResponse has a good graphical representation of how many of the services work. Take, for example, conversion funnels. At the top of the funnel, you are pulling in potential clients through Facebook ads and marketing posts on Twitter.

The links pull them over to landing pages. Pages on the website are designed to elicit a quick response to get customers to sign up quickly or buy products. From here, you can also have the customer complete web forms. They might provide their email and a good time to reach them and a phone number if they are comfortable giving that out.

From here, you can offer webinars or free eBooks. The main thing is to get them to the end of the funnel using GetResponse. They give you tools so that you can use an autoresponder and confirm an email order. Now customers know they will receive their goods. You can also upsell on orders to make even more profit. One-click upsells are easy when you are using GetResponse. Now you can see why this CRM is so good at increasing your conversions and sales.

Best WordPress CRM Plugins Conclusion

In conclusion, many of these CRM plugins have excellent free tools to get all of your teams excited. You will be doing less repetitive work and more of the jobs that actually increase your quarterly profits. Keep it here for more on CRM software and what it can do for WordPress.

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