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Best WordPress Helpdesk & Support Chat Services (2022)

You can never predict an emergency. As e-commerce continues to grow at incredible speed, more people are selling online and using the internet as a great way to attract customers. Many business owners are drawn to WordPress as a simple platform that is already built up to appeal to site visitors and accept online payment. However, the platform can have things go wrong that you would never anticipate and create emergencies that are hard to deal with. When your income is on the line, it can create panic and fear. This is why many bloggers tend to use a great WordPress Support Chat.

Why it matters

Each time you install new software to your WordPress site, you need to keep track of it. Like someone running a company with employees, you need to organize things so that everyone is up to date and knows what role they need to meet so that goals can be achieved. Unfortunately, since WordPress is open-source, the software is not always maintained by developers. How can you make sure that plugins are going to work when you need your site live around the clock?

WP Buffs - 24/7 Management & Support

WP Buffs – 24/7 Management & Support

Be ready for any emergency when you use the support chat through WP Buffs. The world of WordPress can be confusing, even for individuals with years of experience! WP Buffs acts as a guide that can help you determine where there might be a security flaw, plugin conflict, or even a problem that could permanently take down your site. Don’t risk weeks of your site being offline where you are going to lose potential profit.

WP Buffs has a great support chat

WP Buffs has a great WordPress support chat with an excellent process where they can support you over the phone. Does it seem like your site is moving slowly? They can advise you on performance upgrades and install them so that they work the first time. Plugins that are trusted and coded well can still cause issues if you have a conflict between software. When you are not able to control the code manually, there can be some strange interactions. Keep in mind also these plugins need to be updated. If you are not up to speed on the latest technology, the support chat provided through WP Buffs might be the perfect thing you need to make sure that there are no negative effects on the site when you upgrade.

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Emergency Service

One of the things offered along with chat support is emergency service through WP Buffs. Have you been hacked? Did you install a new version of WordPress, which caused the whole site to collapse? You need emergency service. Things like this happen all the time. No website is truly safe, as we can see from high-level hacking jobs done on government sites and massive corporations. Many times if you have not been hacked yet, it is just a matter of time or a lack of interest from criminals. With automated programs scouring the web for holes in security, hacking has become a major threat! Keep in mind also that software is always improving. Can you guarantee that one of these improvements will not cause parts of the site to stop functioning?

Emergency Service

These are just a few scenarios where you will need an emergency service. WP Buffs is more than happy to help walk you through each situation with their support chat. They built a great reputation by being dependable and staying cool under fire when serious situations arise. When your site is down, every second matter, get your site up faster by using the professionals and letting them instruct you on how to deal with a crisis. 

24/7 Emergency Live Chat Help

When you sign up with WP Buffs, the goal is for you never to have to use the support chat. The professionals know that it is better to be proactive in this case instead of reacting to emergencies. This means they regularly check on the health of your site to look for anything out of the ordinary. By having the sites constantly monitored, things are often caught before they can bloom into a real issue. Is someone bombarding you with a multitude of requests in a DDoS attack? A CDN and the professionals at WP Buffs can mitigate these attacks and take immediate action to lose valuable sales. They can also let you know if they see another computer pinging your ports to see which ones are active which can indicate someone is looking to get in.

WordPress Support Chat Pricing

Emergencies are very serious, and WP Buffs realize that many times your whole income can be on the line. Their support is going to communicate effectively with you quickly and with concise action. You won’t be wondering what the game plan is because experts will explain what is going wrong in simple terms and the timeline for fixing the cause.

Automatic support

Take, for example, an auto-update emergency. Some programs will automatically update themselves before you can see its effect on the live site. We have seen some very odd things happen to websites with elements that upgraded on their own, including images becoming distorted, iframes that are broken, and links that no longer work. This will ruin the navigation and flow of a website and make it difficult to represent your work well online. Even for something as simple as this, WP Buffs will address this right away and give you a solid idea of when things will be fixed. 

WP Buffs secure backups

What if the unthinkable occurs and your online store or site goes down and can’t be brought back up? This can occur when a disgruntled employee or hacker escalates privileges for themselves to the point that they take full control and then lock you out. In a case like this, they can also destroy your backups as well as other malicious behavior. This can be a situation where most owners are going to panic. You just lost everything. All of the work that went into creating content and building up SEO over the years feels like it is gone instantly.

WP Buffs will help you

When you have service from WP Buffs and support, they can walk you through this catastrophic scenario. An expert will walk you through exactly what you need to do to rescue your pages and how to activate the backups that WP Buffs keeps in case of an emergency. This is an excellent service that they offer and can mean the difference between many years of work being wasted versus getting back online quickly. Chat with them live with your keyboard or phone now!

24/7 Emergency Live Chat Help

WordPress Support Chat Pricing

As is the case with many companies, WP Buffs has many tiers that you can choose from depending on your company’s size and its features. With the most basic tier known as Maintain, you will get weekly reports sent over to keep you informed on how performance is going with your site. They can discuss anything that you find troubling, or you think could be improved using the chat support feature. They will also make sure your plugins and themes are all current so that they will work well with the current version of the core. Emergency support is available at even the most basic level, which is perfect if you want to ensure minimal downtime when the unthinkable happens. 

WordPress support chat maintains

The Maintain tier also will give you around the clock monitoring. This means they keep your site under surveillance for anything suspicious. Most problems can be resolved before they can grow into emergencies. You will have a cloud backup that is done once daily so that you always have a copy you can rely on if everything else fails. Google Analytics is integrated into your system, which means looking at the data and filtering it will be easier than ever. Making smart business decisions based on the data is important in pushing your company to the next level. With support chat, WP Buffs can give you pointers how to make the most of your analytics so that you are making successful changes to your site map and marketing efforts.

WordPress Chat For Businesses

Say you have a business that is doing well and is extremely profitable. Pump up your numbers with the top tier of WP Buffs service. With the Perform tier, you will not only get support, but you will have priority in the queue. This means that you will be put ahead of customers that are still at the basic tier. This is perfect for an e-commerce store with several thousand dollars of ad spend each day while moving close to a hundred units a day. These stores need fast response times as sales are dependent on ads, and the ad spend keeps going even if your store is down! When you reach this point and have high-profit margins, there is nothing more important than keeping the store functioning at all times since Facebook Ads and Google Ads can have a high CPM. 


That is it for this article on a support chat with WP Buffs. We hope you enjoyed it and learned a lot about what the buffs can do for you. Continue to visit Superb Themes to make sure you are getting the best in reviews and updates.  

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