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Top 5 Best WordPress Hosting Australia

Top 5 Best WordPress Hosting Australia

Web Hosting is one of the most important elements on your website or blog. Needless to say, you need hosting in order to “exist” as a website/ blog but hosting does so much more for you than just hosting. This is a guide for both websites or blogs that target the Australian market and Australian based websites and blogs that target the International market. Let us guide you to which hosting solutions are the best ones for all you Australian bloggers and Australian business websites out there.

Which WordPress hosting is the right one for you is determined by several factors:

  • Your audiences’ location
  • The location of your hosting providers data centre
  • The traffic your website or blog has 
  • The price that you are willing to pay?

Best WordPress Hosting Australia for Australian Websites and Blogs:

  1. Kinsta
  2. WPEngine
  3. Cloudways
  4. WP Hosting
  5. Digital Pacific

For a more in depth explanation of our top 5 read the following.

Where is your target group located?

Being an Australian website or blog, the location of your server is very important in order to secure traffic and that your visitors get a good experience when they visit you. If your target group is mainly Australian then you should choose a WordPress hosting provider that offers hosting from a data centre in Australia. This is all about downloading speed. Australia is far away from data centres in United Kingdom and USA, which are the “Normal” data centres where most of the western World’s websites and blogs have their servers.With a website or blog from an Australian server to time that the visitor from Australia uses to get your website down on the screen is short while the downloading time from a server in Europe or North American would be most longer. If it takes too long to download your website the visitor might skip the visit and you might lose money on the lost traffic.

Cloudways australia hosting

WordPress Hosting Companies That Offer Hosting from Australian Servers

On the list below you will find some of the best WordPress hosting companies in the World. All the companies on the list have in common that they all offer hosting from Australian data centres, which means that websites and blogs targeting Australia can use one of these World learning WordPress hosting companies for hosting.  The three companies in the top 3 (Kinsta, WP Engine and Cloudways) are American or European while the last two hosting companies are Australian (WP Hosting and Digital Pacific).

NameWordPress HostingAustralian servers
KinstaYesYes (Located in Sydney)
WP EngineYesYes (Located in Sydney)
CloudwaysYesYes (Located in Sydney)
WP HostingYesYes (Located in Sydney)
Digital PacificYesYes (Located in Sydney)

Which Hosting provider for Australians Targeting Markets abroad?

If your Website or blog is Australian but your target groups are abroad then we recommend the following top 3 – Kinsta, WP Engine and Cloudways. The reason why we have chosen the three hosting providers is that they offer great hosting of a high quality and that they have servers all around the World. When choosing one of those three you have always local hosting meaning a low downloading time.

Hosting Companies for the Pros?

Hosting companies offer hosting in all price ranges and it is actually possible to get web hosting from less than a dollar a month. On the other hand, you can get professional web hosting for thousands of dollars. The reason for the huge price differences for WordPress hosting is the big differences in the quality of the product you buy. It’s all about performance and remember that you get what you pay for.

If you for example have a website that has thousands of local visitors per day then a cheap WordPress hosting with a slow downloading time and relatively limited uptime might not be the best solution for you. If you have a lot of traffic then we recommend you to choose a web hosting provider that can provide you with a professional and high-performance product.

We definitely recommend Kinsta WordPress Hosting for our professional readers. Kinsta is a high-end but also quite expensive product with prices from $ 30 a month and going all the way up to $ 1,500 per month but for their top product. Kinsta was founded in 2013 has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California but do offer hosting from Australian servers (located in Sydney).

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Australia

If you are the owner of a blog with a limited target group or just limited traffic on your website then a cheap WordPress hosting solution might be the right one for you. It is possible to get cheap web hosting from Australian servers of an ok quality. But remember, that you get what you pay for.

If your hosting needs are limited and you are looking for cheap hosting then we recommend Cloudways, which is a hosting company that is becoming more and more popular these years. The quality of the product is high and the price is fair. It is possible to get Cloudways hosting for as little as 10 $ per month.  Cloudways has its headquarters on Malta, which is a small island in the Mediterranean south of Europe.

Australian WordPress Hosting Providers

If you prefer a local hosting company to host your website or blog then there are several great Australian Web hosting providers to choose from. With an Australian hosting provider, you might pay a little bit more for the hosting then with one of the large international hosting providers but on the other hand a local web hosting provider might provide you with a sense of security, since you might know the local web hosting brand better than the international ones.

If you want a local WordPress hosting provider in Australia, we recommend WP Hosting. The company is located in Kew East in Victoria Australia. WP Hosting has a relatively fair price with a price range of between 19$ and 49 $ for an ok product. We recommend WP Hosting because they are local and because they are experts in WordPress hosting.


Why is Hosting from a Local Data Centres in Australia Important?

There is no need to tell you that Australia is huge. Australia is 2,967,910 sq mi with a coastline of 16,010 mi, which combined with a population of only 24,600,00 means that you need good servers in order to secure fast Internet for the country. The solution is that you need to use local data centres for your blogs and websites if you are going for local traffic. It goes without saying that your website or blog will be downloading relatively slowly for Aussie visitors if your site has a server on the other side of the World.

I focus on International traffic, which data centres should I use?

If most of your visitors are international and not Australian then you need to use servers in the countries where the visitors are located. If you are targeting UK traffic or other European traffic you should go for a company with data centres in the UK and if you target US traffic you should choose a hosting provider that offers WordPress hosting from American data centres.

If you are going for International traffic, we recommend either Siteground or Bluehost. Both offer hosting from data centres both in the US and UK. Furthermore, both hosting providers have fair prices and a great reputation. For big websites with lots of International traffic you should get hosting from a hosting provider like Kinsta.

What is is the World largest open source blogging system and CMS, which is written in PHP. WordPress where introduced in 2003 and is currently the World’s most popular CMS and blogging system. The greatest thing about is that it is possible to get plugins, WordPress themes and tags for your WordPress website for free. Many of the best WordPress development companies offer more refined and often updated pro versions of their products but you can still get great products to your website or blog for free WordPress,

What is is a blogging platform that sells modified versions of the open source blogging system and CMS platform’s  products. Unlike, which is strictly open source, is owned by the private company Automattic, Inc.. The company was started in 2005 by Matt Mullenweg and is run from San Francisco in the heart of Northern California.

WP Engine in Australia

WordPress Pricing in Australia?

There seems to be a bit of confusion about the pricing of WordPress pro products in Australia. This is due to the confusion about the difference between and As described, is open source and free while is a part of a large private company called Automattic, Inc.. This means that products found on are free while the modified products found on cost money.

Which WordPress Hosting is Best for WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is crucial for many website or blog owners. WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce was created in 2011 for small and medium sized online shops and the plugin is known for its great usability.

The right WooCommerce hosting is depending on some important elements of the hosting such as security, the daily backups and Support. We believe that the best WordPress hosting provider when it comes to WooCommerce is Kinsta. First of all, Kinsta has Australian servers in Sydney, which is a must if you want to target a local Australian audience. Furthermore, the MyKinsta dashboard contains a One-click-auto WooCommerce installer, which makes it a lot easier to install Kinsta. Finally, Kinsta has a great 24/7 support that can help you with hosting related questions including WooCommerce related questions.

It is however important to underline that Kinsta is not one of the cheapest WordPress hosting companies around, not even the cheapest WordPress hosting in Australia. If you want cheap hosting we would recommend Cloudways.  

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