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Best WordPress Hosting Europe

If you run a business based out of Europe, you will probably be looking to secure the best WordPress host. WordPress has some of the best support for any CMS, and it is doubtful that you want to host a site on your own. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects to consider and figure out which is the best WordPress hosting Europe.

Will My Host be Good In Europe?

If you want a host-based in Europe, you have to consider many aspects. How many data centers do they have there? What are the speeds like? A host that is popular in Asia or America might not work for companies based out of Europe. You need a good connection right there in the middle of Europe that is equipped to handle a large amount of traffic. Let’s take a look at some of the top choices for the best WordPress Hosting Europe.

Siteground - a hosting company with EU servers

1. Siteground

Siteground is first on the best WordPress hosting Europe list. This reliable host has data centers based in the United States near Chicago and data centers in London. With a center right in Amsterdam, you are going to have a great connection and make sure that users can always access your products and services.

What about the load time based out of Europe? If you are using a Pingdom tool to test the speed, make sure you connect to a server that will be a good approximation. This should not have to be said, but the testing server should be based in Europe or close to Europe. If you test speeds with a server based in America or Australia, you will skew your results.

Siteground Speeds

Number one on our best WordPress hosting Europe list is Siteground. Reviewers that used tools like Pingdom reported good times from Siteground. It was found that the load time was just 685 ms. With times like this, that means you are faster than over 90% of sites. As long as your page loads in less than a second, this is considered on par with large corporations, and you will not lose any customers that are going to bounce because of long load times.

Bluehost - a hosting company with EU servers

2. Bluehost

Next on the best WordPress hosting Europe list is Bluehost. How are the speeds for Europe? Based in Utah, will that still work when you are trying to load content for European users? When reviewers tested the service, they found excellent load times in Montreal, Canada, and the United States. This performance continued for many major European cities in Western Europe. Even East Asia was represented well. We can say with confidence, Bluehost is going to work well for European users.

Optimizing Your Speed

Bluehost can make recommendations to you so that you can increase speeds even more. It might not seem like much, but too many plugins can actually slow down your site. Ensure everything is optimized, and you remove plugins that are not really needed—every aspect of your site matters. If you have many different HTTP requests for content you are not using, it will hurt you in the end.

Also, think about HD pictures you have on the Bluehost site. Can you cut these out? Can you lower the clarity? This can also help speed your site up and give you good speeds based out of Europe. By testing the site multiple times, you can cater to an audience based out of Europe and use one of the biggest WordPress hosts.

WP Engine - a hosting company with EU servers

3. WP Engine

If you check the site for WP Engine, they will inform you that picking the right data center is integral to your SEO and user experience. Do they have enough data centers based in Europe? With Belgium, Frankfurt, and London accounted for, and they will give you great speeds. The closer you are physical, the better the results you will see.

If you pay extra and go up a tier with them, WP Engine will give you access to AWS cluster servers. These will include even more locations. If you feel like speeds are too low with the basic service, upgrade and see if your visitors can get a burst of speed that will increase conversions. When you lower latency enough, you will see it in your bottom line as more people are willing to buy from your site.

Kinsta - a hosting company with EU servers

4. Kinsta

Does Kinsta work well for European users? Absolutely. With data centers in the UK, this will be the perfect service for a large company or an individual who just wants to blog about their hobbies. Agencies in Europe have found the speeds to be excellent, and WooCommerce is also supported.

Kinsta is a group that knows how to support developers and also provides enterprise-level solutions. With the help of Google Cloud, you will have low load times and a team that understands WordPress inside and out. Don’t worry about having trouble on the weekend. Their service runs around the clock. If you have any hesitation about trying out the money-back guarantee, just know that they will give you thirty days to make your decision. They also will help you migrate over from another host for free.

Hosting Forest - a hosting company with EU servers

5. Hosting Forest

This is a great company for people based out of Europe. Many people involved in the tech scene are concerned with the environment. Any time you deal with servers, batteries, and computer parts, all of these must be disposed of properly. Then, global warming is also made worse when we have data centers popping up in many places to keep up with demand.

Hosting Forest has decided to do something more about the globe and the health of our Earth. They are dedicated to lowering their carbon footprint and also providing you an excellent service at the same time. When you use their service, they will contribute twenty percent of the proceeds to planting new trees. This is a fast solution to global warming as more trees will be able to recycle pollutants faster and help lower the globe’s temperature. The name Hosting Forest is a very accurate term!

Aspects to Consider with Hosting

Each host will have their own specialty. Some will be lower costs, and others have better security. A host might provide the highest speeds but have poor support. All of the factors must be considered and what is important to you. Look at the following factors for hosting:

Shared or Dedicated – If you go with shared hosting, you can save some money on your initial investment. You will be allotted a portion of the server that you share with others. This is good for new sites while dedicated is for established businesses typically.

VPS – A Virtual Private Server is similar to shared hosting and will give you access to your own server. You can customize it with your own software and Operating System as you see fit. You will also have more resources than you can draw from for better performance.

Cutting Edge Hosting

Keep in mind also, and you want a host that is using the latest in technology. Both dedicated and shared hosting has been around for years. Are you taking advantage of the latest in tech?

Cloud Hosting – Cloud hosting can utilize resources from more than one computer. The cloud is a network of computers off-site that can communicate with each other. If you need more horsepower, tap into your cloud network. This is like a Virtual Private Server but with the ability to shift to support your business.

Many Decisions to Look Into

We have looked at just a few of the options you will have when finding a good WordPress host. Europe is home to some of the largest and most well-known companies. With that said, if you are looking for excellent hosting, you want to consider your host carefully. Once you sign your contract, it will take time and money to shift over to a new host.

Managed or Not?

If you are technically minded, you may be fine going with a site that is not managed. This would apply to people that are familiar already with the basics of WordPress and what you need to do to maintain everything. People with years of experience can go with this option and not worry about running things without a backup.

For those who don’t have experience with the technical side, managed WordPress hosting is a good way to combine hosting and upkeep into one service. There is no need to find an expert to run the site when your host already has many on hand that is ready to help. They will help guide you through setting up backups and advise you on what plugins you will need.

Combining Your Options

Keep in mind also when looking for the best WordPress host in Europe, these different combinations can be tried to see which one will fit your company culture the best. If you are in an established business that is flush with funds, go with dedicated hosting managed by somebody else. If you are still getting off the ground, you can use shared hosting and try to do everything on your own. It will cost less and give you the experience you need.

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