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Best WordPress Hosting For Small Business 2022

Best WordPress Hosting For Small Business

More people than ever are starting up their small businesses! With many layoffs across the globe, people are starting their businesses. A small business is a perfect way to get freedom. You no longer have to work for a large corporation. That raises a question. What is the best WordPress hosting for small businesses? We want to look at some of the type choices.

Best WordPress Hosting For Small Business Needs A Professional Site

Last of all, will it look pro? It is not enough to have the tools to make a site. It needs to make a modern site that you will be proud of. Do you have sliders? Is there a way to display a nice gallery? If you have a good host, they will provide you with tools to make these work smooth.

You want to make a site that will be slick with all the modern amenities. It has to match the look and feel of other sites on the market. This, in turn, will attract more customers and top talent. Let us take a look at some hosts that meet the criteria we set out.

Kinsta is going to load super fast

Best WordPress Hosting For Small Business:

1. Kinsta

Kinsta is going to load super fast! That is one of the main criteria that we want. Fast load speed will attract talent and also those customers that we want. Kinsta tells you upfront they are not the typical host.

They have no shared hosting. This is another factor that is going to give you fast speeds. When you are sharing a server with others, it is going to slow you down. They also don’t do VPS, and they don’t have dedicated servers. When you go with them, you can have it fully managed. That is a huge selling point. Let’s take a quick look at our highlights.

  • Fast speeds
  • Fully managed
  • WordPress experts

The fact you will be fully managed is very important here. If you are not an expert in WordPress, this is a must. You won’t have to do anything when a new update comes out! Just relax, and they will take care of all of it—an excellent deal when you consider how affordable this is.

On top of all this, they have built themselves up with the Google Cloud Platform. You want a team that is using the latest technology. If you have everything wiped out by a hacker, no big deal. Go with your cloud technology, and everything will be back up and running in no time! An awesome promise from these pros.

Cloudways has been trending as an awesome host for small business. Why is this? They get our number two spot for several reasons.

2. Cloudways

Cloudways has been trending as an awesome host for small businesses. Why is this? They get our number two spot for several reasons.

  • Managed Hosting
  • Cloud Technology
  • SSL

The country might be small in Malta, but this business is huge. One of the reasons they are so popular with smaller businesses is to create a bridge between the cloud and business owners. Many business owners know cloud computing, but how do they take advantage of it? Cloudways help you understand technology.

As the name suggests, Cloudways is adept at setting up a business with cloud computing. If you need more power, it can be added on a whim. You can’t have your site crash if there is a huge influx of traffic. More processing speed can be added. This is cloud computing! We are not still working with just physical machines.

This is helpful when you can section out more horsepower for the things you need to run. The staff is friendly and ready to help you take advantage of the major platforms. Don’t worry if you are not an AWS or Google Cloud expert. These guys are—no need for a system admin when Cloudways acts in this position. Now you are using the biggest platforms for a fraction of the cost.

Why should you pick this host for your small business? Let us give you a few reasons.

3. Inmotion

Why should you pick this host for your small business? Let us give you a few reasons.

  • Starts at 5.99 per month
  • 24/7 Support
  • SSL for your business

This is a good option for business owners who must always be online. When you run a small online store, it’s important that people can always access your products. Want to run a fantastic site that has rock-solid uptime? Inmotion can boast that they have uptime, which is 99.99%. Amazing.

Another thing to factor in is that you are going to have around-the-clock support. If you have questions or issues transferring over from another host, they will help and support you. That is invaluable when you depend on small businesses for your income. Give them a shot and see what you think.

Who has not heard of Bluehost? You may wonder what is the best WordPress hosting for a small business when there are so many choices. Bluehost is huge.

4. Bluehost

Who has not heard of Bluehost? You may wonder what is the best WordPress hosting for a small business when so many choices exist. Bluehost is huge. I have used them in the past for small businesses, and I thought the customer service was top-notch. I was having trouble setting up a WordPress site, and the staff was very helpful. Working with this host made me feel like the employee cared. They asked me personal questions to get to know me. They wanted to know more about my business. How often do you make this kind of connection with somebody in tech support?

If you want a team of professionals that want you to succeed, we recommend Bluehost for your next small business. Friendly experts who want to make a real connection are rare today. If you have any questions, they always have somebody on the line that can walk you through the steps of switching over.

Are you looking to go green in your life? That is a great thing to target.

5. Hosting Forest

Finally, Hosting Forest is the last company on our best WordPress hosting for small businesses.

Are you looking to go green in your life? That is a great thing to target. What is the best WordPress hosting for small businesses that still stays green? It may seem that most corporations could care less about the environment while making a profit.

Hosting Forest takes a different approach to the host. We looked into this company, and we were surprised by many things. First of all, the amount of resources used by websites is surprising. With all the electricity that the Internet uses, it is making a huge impact on our resources! This web hosting company is taking active steps to counteract this. How do they go about this?

One of the main ways they want to stop climate change is by planting more trees. The solution is so simple, and yet it makes sense. More trees will be efficient at recycling carbon dioxide all around us. This carbon dioxide creates a blanket over the area that holds heat and hurts the wildlife population. Have you ever wondered why it feels hotter in cities? It is because there are fewer trees! They are important in keeping us cool.

Hosting Forest put out some facts that might shock you. Suppose enough trees were planted to cover a landmass, the US’s size would cut CO2 by a quarter. How do we get there, though? When you use Hosting Forest, they ensure that twenty percent of the profits will create this giant mass of trees. If you care about the environment, consider investing with Hosting Forest for your next project.

Get UltaHost web hosting today!

6. UltaHost

For WordPress sites, choosing the right provider is critical.

Where the security and strength of your site files depend on the hosting that you own.

Wondering about the best WordPress site for a site? UltaHost is an acceptable option; you can run tests and studies on this to confirm.

Some service providers mark their platform as “WordPress hosting” by offering a one-click WordPress installation. However, the host must be excellent.

Choosing the right host Whatever your decision, keep the three points in mind:

1. Average run time

2. Customer support and reliability

3. Price

Read our full UltaHost review here!

Bringing In Customers

Marketers know how hard it is to bring in customers. Think about large companies such as IBM, Microsoft, or Dell. None of them sit around and wonder where the customers are. They actively seek them out. That is one thing we need to look for with a host. Are they fast enough to load on the page to attract customers? Is slow loading going to turn people off?

Successful companies know a high bounce rate will ruin you. You can spend as much as you want on ads, but poor load times will nullify money spent on ads. We need a host that is going to load super fast. This way, when you work hard to bring in those new customers, they will stay on your page.

Attract Talent

Your company also needs to attract talent. If you run a company, you need the right people. Are they going to want to work for you when you have a site that looks old and outdated? That will not attract top talent.

We want to go for a host that can build a slick website. Do they include nice builder tools? If you spend money to get a plugin like Divi to make a nice site, you can pay over two hundred for that! That is quite a bit of money. It would be much better to have a host that already comes with tools to build a site, so you don’t have extra expenses.

What Do Small Businesses Need?

First, we need to discuss what needs a business has. Let us take a look at a shortlist.

  • Attract Customers
  • Attract Talent
  • Professional Design

We need to look at many more factors, but these are highlights. Let us start with attracting customers.

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