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Best WordPress Hosting For Web Design Agencies In 2022

Best WordPress Hosting For Design Agencies

Web design agencies help you with your branding, the look, and the polishing of your product. When they work with a client, they are the professionals that design the product so that customers keep coming back. If you work for a design agency, how can you adapt to the constantly evolving scene? You are a creative person that loves advertising, but at times it seems difficult to keep up with all the changes in technology. Here at Superb Themes, we are experts in technology. Let’s go over the best WordPress hosting for web design agencies.

Web Design Agencies

First, let’s go over what is demanded of you when you work for a design agency. We need to focus on what clients expect from your work before we cover the technical side. Web design agencies can cover a wide variety of things. These can include the following:

  • Digital design for websites
  • Print design for pamphlets and brochures
  • Branding for products
  • Product design

That is a lot for one agency to be in charge of. Many times, an agency will specialize in just one aspect. Perhaps they will have a person who is an expert in digital design so they can master the art. Especially a b2b web design agency that has contact with other corporations, needs to pick a great hosting company to have a fast and reliable website.

You make the layout for desktop applications and mobile tools with digital design. You might design an email before it goes out to all your clients. When you are in charge of the digital side, it is not enough to just be a creative person with a good eye for design. You also have to understand the technology side as well.

If you recommend bad technology to clients, it won’t matter how much effort you put into the design, the website won’t load! If you want to focus on layouts as your creative outlet for advertising and products, you need to be able to go with technology tools that just work. We have set up a list of hosts that you can rely on. Who has the best WordPress hosting for web design agencies?

Creative Agility And The Best WordPress Hosting for Design Agencies

1. WP Engine

This is the first host we wanted to cover. They give you a big toolbox to build a site for a client. Of course, if you want to translate this over to print, that is also possible. For print design, you can use them for advertisements going out to the community. You can also use their tools to build flyers to advertise events and catalogs. When you go with WP Engine, you will have the best of both worlds. Make digital designs for websites and also make physical newsletters as well. This works well for older companies that are bridging that gap between the digital and physical worlds.

WP Engine will also help with branding. You will create visual elements to determine what kind of identity a corporation will have. Do you want something fun and whimsical? No problem. You can construct logos and a look that will match that outlook. At the same time, you also have your toolbox that can construct a very sleek and modern design. This might be used for a bank or other financial companies where the look of the website has to convey professionalism. You can do both when you are working with WP Engine.

Check out WP Engine products, prices, and possible discounts here!

Creative Agility And The Best WordPress Hosting for Web Design Agencies

WP Engine emphasizes being agile with creativity. If you are a creative person, you can understand this. You get into that flow where you need the tools to work well. Once you get into the creative zone, you need to be able to quickly make design decisions in the digital arena.

With this host, they give you a platform where you can enter the flow state. You will only be thinking about the design in your head, not complicated coding that involves JavaScript or using selectors with CSS. That can get too complicated and pull you out of the creative mode that a company is paying you for.

Keep in mind, that there are also management tools as well. When you are in charge of the creative team, you need a way to stay on top of all your employees. What are they working on? How can you keep up with the resources that they need? It will be easier using the management tools that they provide you.

Enterprise Level

We have looked at some ways WP Engine can help with a small design agency. Can they help when you run at the Enterprise level? Absolutely! You are going to have access to AWS. Amazon web services are powerful solutions for your clients. WP Engine has partnered with Amazon. This means when you make a WordPress site, it will be high-performance.

You don’t want to sell a site to a client that is slow or won’t have the latest technology. Go with a company that has partnered with Amazon and is looking forward to the future.

On top of this, this host also has global data centers. When you serve up data for a client, it needs to go out lightning fast. Clients won’t be happy when it takes several seconds to load up images of apparel, dog treats, or tech services. WP Engine has its data centers spread out over the whole world. From the United States to Europe, you will have a center ready to support your clients. They have places in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. This means you can have a digital company anywhere. Why not start a design company based in Thailand where costs are low?

Redundancy is also important for security. What happens if a hacker manages to break in? Websites are always under threat of attack. Your client needs to feel safe and understand you always have a backup. WP Engine helps with that process and will create copies of the data. This is how you can appeal to high-level clients. Enterprise-level web design agencies that make WordPress sites are going to have many options when they team up with WP Engine to create beautiful sites and still keep them secure.

Always Learning

Are you a more advanced user? WP Engine will be perfectly suited for the design agency that has experts. Say you are interested in using the REST API for WordPress. They provide in detail tutorials on how this functions. You can follow their guide to work with any application programming interface and use it for your next designed site.

There are many different APIs, and the REST API is software that allows apps to start speaking with each other. If all of this sounds confusing, don’t worry. The WordPress REST API lets your WordPress site talk with other applications. You can start making applications in any language and then use the API to pull data from WordPress.

When designing a fully functional site for a client and designing it from the ground up, you should not feel limited by just WordPress. WP Engine and its employees understand high-level concepts such as working with an API so you can work with better quality clients. Go with them today and start up one of their tutorials on working with the REST API. If you run into trouble, access the live chat features and they can explain how it all works.

Bluehost - a great choice for webdesign agencies

2. Bluehost

Who has not heard of Bluehost? That is because they are good at what they do, and the hosting is great for clients. If you need strong uptime and trust us when we say your clients want strong uptime, you can trust Bluehost. They have solid uptime, so your clients are not complaining about their site going down. What else can they promise when you work with them as a design agency?

  • Full service, including help with design, marketing, and content
  • SEO assistance
  • PPC assistance
  • Migration from any host

It is important to go with a host that can back you up. When you run a design agency, Bluehost can support your customers when you can’t. If you go on vacation, you need a team that can provide clients with design, marketing, and new content. Bluehost offers all of this at low prices.


When you are a design firm, it is important to also understand SEO. How do you expect your clients to get their customers? SEO is how you bring in customers now by using your knowledge base. If your design firm does not understand the intricate world of SEO, you need a team that does understand the content. Bluehost provides SEO help for all search engines. They want to target Google, but what about Yahoo and Bing? They will go in and look at the keywords that your clients need to target. From there, they can formulate a strategy with the content. Even our site Superb Themes uses a lot of SEO to attract new customers. It is possible you found us due to our SEO efforts and that is why you are reading right now. Pick a host that can do that for your design clients.


Pay per click is also becoming more important. You are a design company, so you may not understand this industry. Don’t worry about it. You can’t be good at everything. Instead, allow Bluehost to help your customers. They can use the best practices for the PPC industry and target demographics looking for products offered by your clients. You can waste thousands of ads if you don’t have the experts looking at your PPC. Instead, allow Bluehost to give you the most bang for your buck.

GreenGeeks hosting

3. GreenGeeks

Last on our list; we have GreenGeeks. Similar to the first two on the list, you have helped put together great-looking websites, solid uptime, and customer service. What sets them apart is their dedication to the environment.

You may not realize this, but hosting uses a tremendous amount of electricity. If you are not careful, you will greatly impact the environment. If you care about the Earth and our resources, you want to go with GreenGeeks.We have just considered the best WordPress hosting for web design agencies. What is the best hosting for our carbon footprint?

They offer the following:

  • Great customer service
  • Rock solid service
  • A focus on carbon output

We highly recommend you look into this host if you want a great host for your design agency while also protecting the environment. They are always looking into new cooling techniques for their machines to try and preserve resources. An excellent choice.

UltaHost hosting

4. UltaHost

With 5000 visitors per day, you will face the problem of how will my site host all this number daily. If your site starts to gain popularity and expand more by receiving more than 100 visitors per day, UltaHost offers you a dedicated hosting service for a large number of visitors, as all their hosting plans contain an available amount of disk space and bandwidth which is an excellent choice for companies of all sizes with free features Available and 24/7 support plus it’s a good option for those who are just starting out and don’t have a lot of money.

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