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Best WordPress Hosting for Websites With 5000 Daily Visitors

Choosing the best WordPress hosting is very important, and it will directly affect the health of your website and your company. But how do you know which WordPress hosting website is the most suitable for your needs? There are different networking platforms with various features customized to fit different business styles. Regardless of the Hosting you choose, this article will give you the most important factors of WordPress hosting based on five crucial ideas: price, features, speed, uptime, and customer support.

About WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting must be delivered differently from the most common hosting, such as shared hosting, which is well known. They need to have special features and need to host WordPress. These features are important for the life and future of your WordPress site. Remember that lodging is like a house; if it contains leaks and other problems, you will not have a good stay in that place (as well as your website). With your website, you have to think the same; it needs ideal hosting to meet your needs and thus requires various services depending on each project. So it is wise to say that no hosting will fit perfectly with all projects, so it is of the utmost importance that you have some idea of what your plans are for your website before going straight to hiring a hosting website for your page.   Better user experience is a target that, in recent years, has risen to the top of the priority list of most companies. Making sites user-friendly, sensitive, and easy to use are qualities that can make or break the popularity of a website, as stated by Peter Daisyme, the VIP Contributor at Entrepreneur

What to Consider In WordPress Hosting

What to Consider In WordPress Hosting

Before you learn what to look for in WordPress hosting, you must find some truth. Each company has its benefits and disadvantages. Because of this, there is not exactly a perfect service, but there is an adequate service. Given the solutions offered, it is necessary to evaluate to understand which one best fits the needs of the business. For this, features, cost, support, and price, among other elements, must be considered. When you create a WordPress site, you should not hire any hosting service. In reality, some leverage their servers to support pages within that system. Thus, they offer features that are not available in all of them. Next, we will know the differentials you should look for when choosing and hiring the best WordPress hosting. 

In exclusive WordPress hosting, resources are optimized for the format. Therefore, other CMSs, such as Drupal, Joomla, Wix, Blogger, and CPanel, do not enter their servers. These companies use all their functions to enhance the use of WP. In these cases, “there are advanced configurations and features like SSD disks, more memory and processing, cache systems and PHP 7, for example”, says Huong R. Byrd, a business writer at and Next This is the first recommendation: note what are the main advantages offered by the service.

Types of Hosting Servers
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Types of Hosting Servers

You need to know that there are different types of servers that are offered by hosting companies. Choosing a hosting company is not enough; you also need to choose the ideal plan for what you are looking for. Knowing how far your website needs to go and which hosting service will deliver what you need is important. Another very important aspect is the ability to quickly change your hosting schedule. Every VPS hosting company that we recommend in this article offers this type of upgrade without any problems for the user. Also, you can double-check our website Superb Themes for The Best WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting Server

WordPress hosting is particularly optimized for the WordPress platform. Its hosting environment has unique features that make WordPress faster, safer, and easier to manage. WordPress Hosting is a little more expensive than the well-known shared hosting “because it has powerful resources and usually dedicated only to these platforms, as well as having limits that allow other users not to exceed the server’s resources”, says Todd A. Mullenix, tech blogger at and Some of the differentials features you will see on a WordPress hosting are SSD storage, own server cache, integration with CDN companies like CloudFlare, high protection against DDoS attacks, regular automated backups, and/or website recovery 1 click away. And of course, a professional WordPress service that will help you with most WordPress-related issues and problems.

4 Best Hosting for WordPress

As already emphasized in this text, there are a large number of companies that offer hosting services. They are divided into several groups: national, international, paid, free, small, large, and so on. They also feature different solutions and features you learned about in previous topics. Now, let’s know which are the best and most used.

WP Engine WordPress Hosting

WP Engine

With the lowest price on the market, WP Engine provides hosting for sites starting at €23 per month. The company also offers expert support 24 hours a day and an intuitive control panel. Because of this, it is the most recommended option for novice administrators.

Hostgator WordPress Hosting


Hostgator, in turn, stands out for its cost-benefit. Offers domain and SSL certificate free of charge in all plans. In its most modest version, the amount paid per month is $ 13.99 monthly, with 50 gigabytes of storage and up to 25,000 monthly visits.

Siteground WordPress Hosting


The strong point of Siteground is consumer support. The service does not leave its client in the dark, including topics that are not directly related to hosting. The response time is greatly increased because the storage is the SSD on local servers.

Kinsta WordPress Hosting


If your goal is to have multiple sites, the recommendation is Kinsta as a hosting service. The sites come with free SSL certification, and support works around the clock. In this case, the migration process is also carried out without adding costs.

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The mechanism of choosing an ideal web provider for you is not an easy thing. Instead of paying about $500 for high-quality and dedicated hosting services, finding a suitable hosting company for your project is better. The problem lies in finding a hosting company with high capabilities and an appropriate price.

UltaHost solves this dilemma for you if you are looking to host a business or e-commerce store differently than if you are running a small pet blog where your demands and packages will differ.

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WordPress Theme and Plugins

After all, as Thomas Griffin, Forbes Council Member, states, the WordPress world is constantly changing; new technologies, functionalities, themes, and plugins are always available that can take your website to the next level. Usually overlooked by users when searching for a hosting company. But they are primarily responsible for consuming your server’s resources. Be sure to choose plugins highly recommended by users and customers, which are updated frequently, require higher versions of PHP and the server, and do not compromise your hosting resources. We have a page with plugins that are used and recommended by WordPress professionals and experts on our Superb Themes website, which helps you enhance your WordPress page with services such as Social Media Share and Follow Buttons.

Your WordPress Theme is your Hero and Villain in this whole story. If your theme is not optimized, with well-developed code, updated and prepared to use the resources that WordPress natively provides, you will have a big problem. So, it is highly recommended that you choose your theme carefully. In addition to being the gateway to your website, it can easily turn the gateway. Superb Themes has a vast array of themes for you to make your page extra special, ranging from Free WordPress Themes to Premium WordPress Themes

From the information provided here, I hope you will be able to decide which is the best WordPress hosting for your site. This article brought a guide on the topic, starting with what to look for when hiring this type of service. We also saw what the types of hosting are. Then, what are the main resources of a host, and how to hit the hammer when closing the deal? Finally, we know four of the best options available on the market. Now it’s up to you. Planning is key to success, like everything involving a company or project. Analyze your needs and your budgeting capacity and make a safer decision.

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