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Best WordPress Plugins for Creating Landing Pages

Once you break into the world of online advertising, there is a whole new vernacular to learn. There are new concepts to understand and new acronyms to go over. You may have seen the term landing page used. What does this mean? Can landing pages help conversions? How can we use WordPress plugins to make landing pages? We are going to go over all these aspects together. This is our list with what we consider to be the best WordPress plugins for creating landing pages.

What is a Landing Page?

In marketing, we often want to funnel followers toward a goal. This might be a call to action. We may also be pushing visitors toward reading a certain block of text to convince them for sale. A landing page helps facilitate this. A visitor will click on a provided link from social media, a web page, or an email, and then land on your landing page. This landing page could have a specific blog article. It might have a product page where visitors can click on your goods. Many times it will have a call to action.

The landing page is specifically put up to make conversions. When you run an online campaign, you want to make money. We want visitors to read our copy and be convinced to try out what we are offering. When a visitor just goes to your home page, it is not set up specifically for converting interested people into paying customers. A landing page changes all of that. The express purpose is to create conversions for revenue.

Economic Impact of Landing Pages

If you consider the above paragraphs, it is not hard to see how landing pages will give you more revenue. Just look at the founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson. Landing pages will economically start impacting your bottom line once you get them running. Pages on your site are usually not put up with only converting in mind. You might have an about page or a contact page for questions. Perhaps you have a blog where you promote SEO terms you are looking for. A landing page has just one job. Convert. If you are not converting traffic with the landing page, redo it and try again.

Business owners that create landing pages notice an increase in sales usually immediately. A normal landing page will convert between one percent and three percent of your traffic. Those numbers are typical for advertising online. If you can customize your landing page, though, owners see conversions that go past ten percent. This is a combination of marketing savvy and finding the customers that are ready to buy. How can we create customized landing pages and start to cash in? Look at our best WordPress plugins for creating landing pages list of the top ways you will be making more money with landing pages.

Elementor - try it for free

1. Elementor

Elementor gets to the top of the list for many reasons.

  • You can try it for free
  • The free trial lasts forever
  • The paid version is just $49.00 for one site

That is correct. Elementor is the perfect way to see how much a landing page will boost your conversions and one of the best WordPress plugins for creating landing pages. You don’t even have to pay for the plugin, and you will be able to experience this drag and drop builder. Making a landing page has never been easier when you use this tool. When you decide to upgrade to the paid version to utilize over fifty different widgets, the cost is under fifty dollars. Much less expensive than other drag and drop builders on the market. Try this product out today for free and see what a new landing page can do for you.

WP Forms - Surveys and contact forms

2. WP Forms

What can you do with a landing page from WP Forms? Almost anything. Look at this list of options:

  • Surveys
  • Contact Forms
  • Registration for Events

For $39.50, you can get the lowest tier for WP Forms. You will have unlimited forms you can choose from, and that price is for the full year! When you put the price in terms of monthly payments, that is just the cost of a nice coffee out on the weekend. They will also provide updates and support during this year as well. Get help from the experts with this drag and drop builder that lets you easily interact with your audience. This is a great plugin to make landing pages.

OptinMonster - chat & conversion

3. OptinMonster

Go on OptinMonster right now. You may notice that many popups and a few landing pages they set up to convert you over. That is the power of a landing page. Just navigating around on their site gives you an idea of what kind of technology you are going to get. If a customer is about to leave your site, OptinMonster can detect this with cutting edge technology. Funnel customers over to a landing page quickly before they leave and convert them with an offer they can’t refuse. This can help customers do the following:

  • Contact you by email
  • Start a chat
  • Initiate a return
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Convert at a higher rate

This won’t cost you hundreds of dollars. In fact, the service is less than ten dollars for each month. Not only that, but you also get a fourteen-day trial. They won’t ask any questions when you contact them for a refund. Either the forms will convert, or they won’t. You will get your answer in the two weeks you get to use this awesome product.

Superb Tables - create awesome tables in WordPress

4. Superb Tables

It has never been easier to create complex landing pages. When you use Superb Tables, you will be given the ability to make landing pages you never thought were possible before.

The code is going to be tiny, so there won’t be any bloat. The team that coded this plugin are experts, so when you put this on your site, it will run smoothly as silk. The code is lightweight and just pure HTML. You will be given a shortcode so you can add your table as a widget, a blog post, or a landing page. What are the advantages of making a table?

One of the best ways to convert is a comparison chart. Perhaps you are selling grills online. How can you convince people to switch over to your product? Create a slick table that compares your product with the leading competitors. At the bottom of this landing page, you have a link that funnels them right over to buy your grill after you convince them you have better features and more options. It is that simple. Why go with another plugin when you have these advantages?

  • Easily creates comparison charts
  • Good for convincing consumers
  • Light on code

Metaslider - create slideshows

5. Metaslider

Why should you use this plugin? It has never been easier to create slideshows that will get the attention of customers very easily. Pull in images from free sites that are at no cost to your company. Use intelligent software to stitch today a slideshow that you put in order easily. What else can you expect from Metaslider?

  • Easily make a carousel for products
  • Interface is intuitive
  • Crops images automatically for you

We all want a landing page that will pop and catch the attention of people who are browsing quickly. What better way than to just use a plugin that creates a steady stream of images? A slideshow is an awesome way to put together a landing page your customers are going to want to click on. Landing pages that don’t demonstrate your products quickly are not going to see nearly as many conversions. Try out Metaslider and see what all the fuss is about.

Social share buttons

6. Superb Social Share Buttons

This is last on our list of the best WordPress plugins for creating landing pages. What is this good for?

  • Get mentioned more on social media
  • Viral Marketing with your landing page
  • Gather more likes and follows!

We all know how important it is to have a Twitter, at least if you run a company. Everybody is trying to get more visible with social media. Why is this? People are becoming influences on the market. If you see somebody on Twitter that you like is using a product, you might be more inclined to use it as well!

This plugin makes it easy to promote your landing pages using social media buttons. Make it simple for people to share and follow your content. This is going to lead to higher visibility as well as more viral content from your company.

This increases traffic when used with a landing page, but the plugin is also compliant with GDPR. This means it doesn’t matter who you market to. You will still be within compliance when you use this awesome plugin. Even better, this is going to work in unison with all the slick page builders you already enjoy. Check out how easy it is to start sharing content no matter what platform you are on. This includes WooCommerce, Beaver Builder, and Elementor. Why not combine a couple of the plugins that are on this list? A great choice if you are looking to start building a brand.

The Bottom Line for Revenue

In conclusion, we have seen why it is important to use the best plugins to make WordPress landing pages. In the long run, it will increase conversions because that is what you are focused on. Why settle for conversions in the single digits when many landing page creators are now seeing conversions reach over 10%? Use this guide to get an idea of what landing page plugin will be right for your WordPress site. Sit back and watch the conversions rise! It has never been easier to boost your sales with a well-crafted landing page.

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