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Best WordPress Plugins for eLearning

Best WordPress Plugins for eLearning
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Education is the fastest way to make an impact on your career and life. With the rise in the price for college in many areas, it may seem that education is getting further out of reach for many. Also, some situations may not make it possible for people to attend college because of geographical concerns.

One of the ways that has developed to help people with further education is learning online. The giant web of the Internet has created opportunities that many could not have imagined. You no longer need to buy products from brick and mortar stores. Just shop online with a huge selection! Need to distribute your latest podcast? Use the resources given to you so people can download it straight to their phones.

Why is Learning Online Popular?

If you decide to go with learning through a web page instead of a physical book, there are a lot of advantages. Some of the pros for online learning include:

  • A lower cost compared to traditional education
  • Study and learn when you want to
  • Not tied to a physical place
  • A greater variety of subjects to study

All of these things combined have made learning online very lucrative for companies and very attractive for ongoing students.


If you are ready to go beyond plugins for WordPress, contact Elinext. They are experts that can have custom software done in a variety of situations. If you are looking to launch a SaaS solution for online learning, they can help you set this up! They are also great with web apps and corporate portals when you need to restrict access to only select employees.

Elinext uses all of the latest coding languages ranging from PHP, .Net, and JavaScript. With these experts on your side, your custom learning tools will be taken to the next level and you will get even more control over how your product is presented to potential students.

With these experts on your side, your custom learning solution will be taken to the next level and you will get even more control over how your product is presented to potential students.

Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is a huge force in the online world. What can WordPress provide that will help with online learning and keeping your organization on track? We have put together a list of the best plugins for learning online.

LearnPress WordPress plugin

1. LearnPress

LearnPress is a great plugin to start with if you are low on funds and want to start with something free. They promise the plugin will always be at no cost which is great for companies that are non-profit. Even better, if you are trying to create online courses for sale, LearnPress is an excellent solution.

With LearnPress, you design the curriculum. We all know how laws and regulations can change quickly. That is not a problem when you are learning online. Easily update all your material with the intuitive interface. It is easy to use and no coding will be required of you if you want to make your own quizzes and tests.

Online course material has never been this hands on before. There is also a premium version you can upgrade to. With the upgrade, you can quickly make a Udemy course and sell it online. This could be yet another revenue stream for your company! LearnPress continues to get regular updates and bug fixes. When you go with this plugin, you are going to be happy with the result.

LearnDash WordPress Plugin

2. LearnDash

Do you want an easy way to make a course for your employees? Have you thought about starting your own set of courses so that you can share information where you are an expert? It won’t be a problem when you use LearnDash.

This plugin makes it easy to send quizzes online to your students, sell the course, and also make the material. Do you need to motivate your students? It won’t be hard because you can award certificates and track their progress with regular achievements. We all learn better when we have goals that we are shooting for that seem achievable.

When you go with LearnDash, everything can be customized. You set the pricing for the course. If you want to provide content and course work on a schedule, you can set this up as well. The material will go out to your students or workers and help exercise their minds on a regular basis.

If your students respond well to rewards, LearnDash can generate great looking certificates, give out points for doing assignments correctly, and show users the badges that they earned. Thinking about SalesForce, they have a similar badge system set up to encourage more people to learn their system and use their software. All of this is of course based on Engagement Triggers so you control when your students can level up or get that next badge.

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin

3. LifterLMS

If you are looking for a Learning Management System that is going to get people excited, don’t look any further than LifterLMS. You are going to be able to try the product for just a dollar. That is a great deal that will show you what it is like when you can interact with students or employees all over the world. This will integrate well with all the tools you already use and also allow you to make certain content private or public. Why not give people a few free courses to show them what they could be getting from your teaching system?

Advantages for Employers

Many major companies are also proponents for learning online. Corporations want their employees to be on the cutting edge of new technology and management techniques. Employers that are not constantly learning are getting behind and then you are giving up potential market share to competitors.

Employers know that their employees have limited time and it would be impossible for many of their workers to go back to a physical college. Learning online saves time on a commute and it is a great way to train them so they are more efficient workers that will be using the latest techniques and tech.

eLearning is Growing

Learning online is not always for employees. It can also be used for business to business partners. If you are selling software or technology solutions, your business partners need to understand what your products can do. With learning online, you accomplish this education using videos, images, and a platform that never shuts down. Figures place the online education market at $275 billion once we hit 2022.

What Qualifies as eLearning?

Now that we have gone over how popular learning online is, what exactly is the definition? If we want to take advantage of this new frontier, we need to accurately define eLearning.

eLearning – transmitting training and learning resources in a digital format.

When you look at this definition, you start to see that there are even more options with eLearning compared with what you may think initially. Say you have a long ride on the subway or a bus to get back home. Pull out your phone and do some ongoing education. If you are heading to a different city for a business meeting, just flip open your iPad and you can start quizzes and tests that will test your knowledge on the new material. The options really give you the freedom to learn with no obstacles.

What are some of the top topics that we see with learning online?

Train Employees

When a corporation brings a new employee on with them, they want the employee to be up and running fast. Onboarding is going to save a company millions for large corporations that see a lot of turnover and have a large workforce that needs to be brought up to speed.

Formal training online makes it simple to administer tests and quizzes that are graded automatically by a computer. Your employees can see how well they are doing with new material and you only need to make the tests one time. There is no need to train people one on one when you make the material electronic.

Another advantage with electronic learning is how easy it is to measure performance for test takers. You can easily bring up electronic reports that will measure the level of knowledge each employee has and where they need to improve. It can also give you recommendations on what the employee needs to study in the future to achieve better scores.


The area of compliance is another one that is popular in the online learning community. If your employees are not aware of the laws that govern them and the organization, it can result in expensive lawsuits and a lot of time lost when you could be focused on your work.

If there are regulations for your industry, you can specify which of the employees will need to do the needed training. For example, the people in HR need to have quizzes and material on HR law and Anti-Harassment Training. For HR, it won’t benefit them to know the laws on selling securities or advising on financial matters. That should be restricted to the employees that specialize in those areas.

Just a few examples of the different material you can put together that will help different departments are as follows:

  • Diversity Training
  • Rules of Hiring
  • Employee Rights
  • Harassment and Sensitivity Training

It goes without saying that training is needed in all of these areas. It will help keep your workforce feeling safe and happy. Without learning tools in place to teach these topics, you may find that you will start losing some top talent.

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