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Best WordPress Plugins 2022

Best WordPress Plugins

2022 has already been an interesting year in terms of changes to the globe. People are shopping more online, and some brick-and-mortar stores are struggling. As online sales grow to keep up with the new ways people are shopping, we also see WordPress changes. Let’s run you through what we consider to be some of the Best WordPress Plugins in 2022.

WordPress has evolved greatly since its launch way back in 2003. It is much more than just a platform where you can write up a blog post to let people know about your latest tech innovation or the vacation that you just took to the Bahamas. WordPress is now the core for forums, people seeking jobs, and online stores.

As we continue through 2022, we want to look at some of the big changes to WordPress and the most useful plugins that you can try out that will make your WordPress experience even better. These tips and a guide to the ultimate plugins in 2022 should expand your creativity and bump up your productivity.

Big Changes in 2022

One of the biggest changes we saw recently was the move over to the Gutenberg editor. If you have been following the evolution of WordPress, you already saw this coming.

Approaching things as a block-based editor, Gutenberg has made the process of laying out your site even easier. Think back to when you were a kid and building things with blocks. Everything was intuitive and simple to use. You could try out new designs quickly and wipe them out to start something fresh.

The block system goes back to that really simple way of laying things out. You won’t have to worry about your spacing or crowding your content. Just become creative again and put down blocks for text, pictures, or embedded video. If you need some new functions, throw in some widgets that will come already programmed so that you don’t need to.

Best Plugins in 2022

We briefly talked about just a few of the changes that we have seen to the WordPress core in the past year. What are the best plugins that we can experiment with for the rest of the year as things continue to progress? Let us take a list of some of the most helpful plugins that we can use to set our site apart from the competition of the best WordPress plugins in 2022.

Divi WordPress Plugin

1. Divi

Divi has, of course, delivered the best of the best WordPress plugins this year. It may seem like this theme makes it to the number one spot for many top ten lists. That is because of how popular and versatile this page builder is. It is similar to Gutenberg with how easy it is to use but gives you options that you won’t get with just WordPress core.

Do you have custom CSS that you want to apply to your page while using a visual builder? Divi gives you that freedom with their visual controls. Make sure you have a cohesive look across all pages using custom CSS that you apply on a global basis. Speaking of global changes, Divi lets you control everything on a site-wide level. Elements for all pages can be switched when you work on a global scale. This saves time and makes sure that all your pages will work together well. The perfect theme to work with Gutenberg.

Elementor WordPress Plugin

2. Elementor

Want to work with a theme like Divi, but you don’t have the funds currently? Why not experiment with a drag and drop builder that is free? Elementor has a free option that will give you many features you would see in Divi but allow you the freedom to test the product before you go for Pro.

If you are not sure if Elementor is right for you, check out their website’s spotlight. Each month, they highlight some of the top sites that were made with Elementor. This was done to show what amateurs and professionals can create. If you see something you like, contact the designer on a forum and get tips on recreating it. An awesome community, to be sure.

WP Rocket WordPress Plugin

3. WP Rocket

Why are you loading the same information over and over? Don’t bother with slowing down your customers and yourself when you can use caching software. Those heavy images on your website don’t need to be downloaded each time somebody visits a page. With WP Rocket, you can keep information on hand to load quicker and reach customers when they intend to buy. Go with WP Rocket when you need a burst of speed for your sluggish website.

Ninja Form WordPress Plugin

4. Ninja Forms

Gutenberg gives you the ability to make forms, but there are even more options with Ninja Forms. It is now easy to make a multi-page form and add progress bars so that people know how close they are to finishing the different fields you set up. Need bread crumb navigation? Ninja Forms can add that. It will help the user understand where they are on your website and give them a secondary navigation form. With this many options, you are going to want to try out Ninja Forms today.

EWWW WordPress Plugin

5. EWWW Image Optimizer

If you expect faster speeds out of your website, you may want to optimize your images. You can lower your load times and increase your ranking at the same time. Their API can optimize images made with any plugin, and it will even work in conjunction with a lot of the popular image creation tools. Make sure your pictures are not slowing you down with this popular plugin.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Plugin

6. UpdraftPlus

The sixth plugin on our best WordPress plugins list is UpdraftPlus.

It would be best if you had backups for your site. Anything can go wrong at any time. With that in mind, you need to have all your backups set up ahead of time. Create them on a schedule using their tools, or make a backup manually. You choose with UpdraftPlus. The cloned sites can be sent to your favorite storage site or your own email. Think of it as website insurance.

Tidio WordPress Plugin

7. Tidio

Did you ever think that a chatbot could boost your sales? Tidio will show you how AI and chatbots answering questions from customers will boost your bottom line. Common questions can be answered 24/7 when you have a chatbot, which will free up your staff to address more difficult situations and problems. Chat with one of their AI programs today to see how advanced they are.

All In One SEO Pack WordPress Plugin

8. All in One SEO Pack

There is no question SEO is important now when you run an online business. Use this all in one pack to get your site up the rankings without hiring an expensive team. SEO is always undergoing many changes as Google releases new changes to the algorithm. If you feel like you can’t keep up with all the different SEO shifts, use a plugin that is constantly updated to keep you high on the SERPs.

OptinMonster WordPress Plugin

9. OptinMonster

Want to beef up your email list? It will be a lot easier using popups you constructed with OptinMonster. This program is going to make it a trivial task to put together a form to fill out. Customers love things like newsletters and free downloads. Ensure you are using the best plugin to deliver to your customers’ inbox with relevant industry news.

iThemes Security WordPress Plugin

10. iThemes Security

Last plugin on our best WordPress plugins is iThemes Security.

Keep your site secure with the leading plugin for stopping hackers in their tracks. You need to be concerned with your clients’ privacy and safety, which means you need to stay up to date in security. Corporate buildings have expensive security systems to stop theft and vandalism. Doesn’t your site deserve a security system to make sure you don’t get infiltrated?

Benefits of Gutenberg

People are already noticing how much more efficient they are with the new editor. In the past, if you wanted to organize things by columns, you might have to download an additional plugin that would line everything up correctly. That is already done for you, so there is no need for even more plugins that may conflict with what is already working.

On top of that, forms and surveys are important to get feedback from customers and visitors. Gutenberg adds form fields a snap since you can use the editor to bring in a block for that purpose. There is no need to leave the editor to construct a form. Everything can easily be accessed instead of switching over to a new drag and drop builder such as Ninja Forms or WP Forms.

Media Rich Pages

Changing the core of WordPress has created a new paradigm for web building. With the many different options available through Gutenberg, you can easily put together a media-rich page with a lot of interactivity. What we are seeing is WordPress evolving per what people expect.

It can be not easy when you feel like you need to download a new plugin for each function you need to add to the page. When these plugins get outdated, you need to keep them updated and ensure that they are still secure. The more options that we have added to the WordPress core, the more designers will focus on constructing pages quickly. Gutenberg’s final goal is to give you full site customization, and if the beta releases continue to do well, we may see it become the only page editor that you need in the future.

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