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The Best WordPress Support Services Available in Australia [2022]

Hello to all of our readers in Australia! We know that Australia is a huge market for WordPress users. How big is the user base in Australia? Using the website, we can get a rough approximation. According to their metrics, over thirty million sites are using the platform. On top of that, several of them are making over a million in revenue each year. Are you one of these users in Australia? Perhaps you have come across some issues with your website, and you are looking for WordPress support in Australia. We will cover some of the common issues and go over how you can get help. Let’s get started.

The Best WordPress support Available in Australia

WPBuffs – WordPress website management and support service.

Feel like it is too hard to get JSON data from an API call? You might be having trouble getting the terminal to work or PuTTY for Windows. Don’t worry if you are located in Australia. You can get some great help from the team over at WPBuffs.

What can they promise you?

  • Pricing starts at around seventy dollars for the month
  • You will get weekly reports to stay on top of things
  • Emergency support if you get hacked
  • Keep your site up around the clock
  • Backups to protect you from malware and ransomware
  • Analytics from Google

That is correct. You won’t even be spending a hundred dollars for all these perks. Don’t you want your site in Australia supported by experts? We can’t keep up with everything. When you run a WordPress site, it is hard enough to just come out with enough content to support your service or product. This doesn’t even factor in how difficult it can be to find SEO writers that know the topic and can deliver constant articles to attract users. Focus on the things that help your business grow. In the meantime, you can use a service like WPBuffs who will make sure your site doesn’t go down.

We have all heard of managed hosting. When you have a WordPress site and you can’t keep up with all the updates, you can depend on your host to stay on top of things. Let’s go over why that is so important for WPBuffs.

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Managed WordPress Updates

Does it seem like WordPress is always changing? You are not the first person to feel that way. Just like XML was popular in the past, and then JSON became more popular, WordPress is also rapidly changing. Even the built-in editor has undergone a big change with the switch over to Gutenberg.

If it feels overwhelming trying to keep up with all these changes, don’t panic. WPBuffs in Australia can help. They will make sure your plugins are up to date. This will lower the chances of conflict between themes and plugins. They can also make sure you are always using the latest version of your themes. Since WordPress is open-source, you need a team that can stay on top of security flaws. If you have plugins that have been coded incorrectly, you open yourself up to attacks. WordPress is extremely popular, which also makes it a big target for hackers.

WPBuffs Will Keep you Safe

Protect yourself and your site when you use WPBuffs. They will make sure your plugins have all the patches needed to keep you safe. If hackers do manage to get in, you will have automatic backups ready. Some sites have thousands of hours invested in content. Do you want that to be wasted when your site gets locked up with ransomware?

Even better, the backups are done with cloud technology. You have a backup for your backup. Don’t worry about a hurricane or flood wiping out a data center that would leave you feeling stranded. When you use cloud technology, you have multiple shards or places where your site is going to be located. Now you can operate with confidence.

Common Issues Solved By An External Team

Common Issues Solved By An External Team

Where are my images in WordPress? We have heard this several times before. One of the most common issues with WordPress is trying to get your pictures to show up correctly on a site. You may not know this, but media for your site will go into the WordPress media library.

This media library will hold all the images, videos, and audio clips that you need to form your site. It even keeps track of documents that you may be working on as blog posts. This makes it an important part of the overall site. Unless you want to have a pure text site, you need a good understanding of the media library.

If it seems like a picture is not coming up, one of the most common reasons is a conflict between plugins. This can come in the form of a theme that can’t access your media library or the admin site, locking you out of the media library. Either way, you will be hindered in regards to what you can do moving forward. What is the solution?

Managed WordPress Plugin Updates

WordPress is open-source. Anybody can write a plugin for you to use and install. Now, this is both a great feature and one that can cause many issues. For example, say I am developing, but I am just getting started in the field. I want to make it easier for people to move images into the WordPress media library using automation and bulk processing. No problem. You would learn enough PHP to create a program that can accomplish this.

Poorly Coded Plugins

If the plugin is coded poorly by somebody that is just getting started, it can cause your site issues. You don’t know the skill level of the developer that worked on the plugin. This could be the first one that they did. That means their work could be incompatible with the themes and plugins that you already picked. In fact, when you install third-party software, if the code is not clean, your whole media library may start to malfunction.

To find the plugin that was poorly designed, think to yourself about plugins you installed recently. The chances are that the plugin you got to run Divi or Elementor is not causing the issue. These have been tested extensively. People all around the globe use these plugins frequently. Instead, you may want to focus on the plugins that you are not so sure about. Who is the author? Was this one of the first plugins that they made? When you think about the best WordPress support in Australia, these should be the ideas you should go over first before seeking out additional help.

Testing & Fixing WordPress Plugins

Testing & Fixing WordPress Plugins

Navigate over to your plugins and find the installed plugins. Here you should see several checkboxes. Now you have the option to deactivate the plugins that are currently running. Go one by one, each time testing the site to see if you can add images from your library. Suppose you deactivate a suspicious plugin and find that you can import images again, congratulations! You have just successfully been able to troubleshoot your issue with WordPress.

This is not just useful when you are having trouble bringing in pictures or videos from the media library. This can really apply to any issue that you are having. If it seems like you are having a conflict between your current theme and one of your plugins, go through and deactivate things one by one. You will eventually get to the bottom of the mystery and be able to seek out a second plugin that may work better for your setup.

API Calls Made Easy

We have gone over one of the common issues with WordPress. What happens when you want to get more advanced? If you use digital marketing tools to automate emails to customers or respond to requests when you are not there, you may need support.

Many of the software services that you use give you access to an API. The application programming interface can alter textual data and bring it from one place to another. This process does not directly access your database or the interface.

You may have heard of REST API. REST has become the standard for many and uses HTTP endpoints. These HyperText Transfer Protocol endpoints give you data in the JSON format. You will need a way to read this JSON data, which could reference posts that you have made, different pages on your site, or many other WordPress data types.

Does all of this seem confusing? Don’t worry. It may seem like there are many different acronyms to learn. WordPress support in Australia is excellent. There is a company called WPBuffs that can guide you through things like JSON data and API calls.

WordPress Support In Australia Conclusion

WordPress Support In Australia Conclusion

We gave you a few ideas of problems you might run into when running a WordPress site. Technology can be tricky because there are always new technologies emerging. If you feel overwhelmed with so many acronyms, get support from experts who know how to help Australians. With years of experience working with WordPress, they will know how to help you work with your media library or more advanced topics like API calls.

Remember to keep coming back for tips and reviews from Superb Themes. We love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Do you like working with WPBuffs? What are your impressions?

Are you ready to get started with WP Buffs? Book your call with WP Buffs to get a 10-20% discount!

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