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Best WordPress Themes For Affiliate Marketing 2022

Looking to break into an industry that is worth billions? Are you keen on the idea of passive streams of income that you can set and forget? With affiliate marketing, you are able to do all of this and a lot more. The best affiliate programs are offered by some of the largest companies on Earth and you can start to get a piece of that pie. In this article we are going to look at what affiliate marketing is and the best WordPress themes for affiliate marketing.

The Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing

Which themes work well when you are marketing other products or recommending WordPress tools to your sales force? We put together a great list that shows you all the themes you can use to make sure you are getting the most out of your marketing dollars.

The Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing

1. Divi

It should come as no surprise that one of the best themes for affiliate marketing is also going to be one of the best drag and drop builders. When you are focused on affiliate marketing, it is important that you can put together sites quickly and with efficiency. Divi has so many templates, you will be able to offer a wide variety of products and services for almost any industry.

If you want to put together an affiliate website for a barber shop, law firm, or even a restaurant, Divi is going to have something suitable. This means you won’t have any limitations when it comes to who you can market for. Check out Divi today. It is just a one time fee and then you can use it on as many sites as you would like to generate affiliate income. An excellent deal for entrepreneurs.


2. Neve

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, you need to focus on mobile. This is one of the fastest growing ways for people to make sales. With everybody buying things on the go with their mobile phones, you want pages that are going to be adapted to mobile.

Neve does this well because it is made with AMP in mind. Accelerated Mobile Pages means that your page on a phone will load in less than one second. That is going to increase your profit and sales since the pages are so lightweight and easy to work with. Perfect for affiliates and an excellent deal.

Affiliate marketing

3. Affiliate Marketingly

If you want a classic looking website for a news feed or a magazine like layout, this theme has it all. Affiliate reviews are a great way to get consumers to click on your links so that you are paid commission and this theme was made to create pages for reviews that look professional and informative.

Everything can be customized with this theme. Change up your ad space, ad banners, and Adsense placement very easily with this theme that was designed to start generating passive income with your WordPress site. Don’t worry about customizing your Google Ads and video options since this theme makes all of those aspects easy to change.

Keep in mind also that this theme was made with the search engines in mind. You are going to rise in the rankings above other bloggers and news outlets since the whole theme is optimized for SEO. When you start to put out content, your point of view will come across perfectly considering the design is both responsive on mobile and flexible to change depending on the device being used.

The aesthetic is excellent with an elegant look. You can go for dark, white, minimal, flat, clean, or even a boxed way of looking at the site. All of these are going to look modern and sleek. Never worry about your site looking out of date when you use all of these options and let your creativity really fly. Simple to set up and a very good price.


4. Astra

With affiliate marketing, if you want to start making commissions, you need a fast theme. Astra can do that along with integration with WooCommerce. This is huge for those selling online. Set up an online shop that has a huge variety of products and start promoting goods from the biggest companies online. It has never been easier to integrate all the different shopping tools to take advantage of affiliate marketing.

Adaptable notes, a blog theme made for affiliate marketing

5. Adaptable Notes

When you look for a theme that is good for affiliates, it should be designed from the start with that in mind. If you are working with a theme that adds it in later, the spacing and layouts can seem unorganized and off. Adaptable Notes is both simple to learn and simple in the way that it works. From the beginning, they added enough space so that your Google Ads and video ads will look very intentional. Another awesome choice for digital marketers.

Hestia WordPress theme

6. Hestia

This is another site that allows you to start earning affiliate income from a huge number of areas. Say you want to start getting affiliate income from a medical practice that specializes in dentistry or back pain. That is going to be easy when you are using Hestia. All the themes are ready to go that specialize in these fields and the commissions are great. Don’t work with other themes that are going to force you to design from scratch. Get Hestia today and have your page up in a day.

Metro Magazine Pro

7. Metro Magazine Pro

Metro Magazine Pro is the Adsense-friendly magazine WordPress theme that suits best for affiliate marketers. The theme integrates seamlessly with the WooCommerce plugin, which lets you set up an online shop with various products and promote goods from the most prominent companies online. 

This premium theme provides you a handful of design options with five unique header designs and 20+ unique section designs. Likewise, you can customize your website using unlimited color options and 600+Google fonts. 

One of Metro Magazine Pro’s best features is that it is Adsense optimized so that you can easily manage your Google Adsense ads. The available Ad Management feature allows you to see higher CPC and RPMs and make more money. 

Furthermore, the handy in-built Ad-blocker detector helps you to maximize your earnings from ads. You can rank your website higher on search engine results as this theme is optimized for both SEO and speed. This theme’s responsive and mobile-friendly features ensure that your website looks equally good across every device and screen size. 

Metro Magazine Pro also includes the social media integration feature you can use to connect with your users. Additionally, your website visitors can easily share your website’s content on various social platforms using the inbuilt social sharing feature. 

Additionally, this theme comes translation ready and is compatible with Polylang and the WPML plugin.

Blogrid, a search engine optimized WordPress theme

8. Blogrid

If you want to start with affiliate marketing, you can’t have a cluttered theme. It needs to look spacious with plenty of white space for Adsense and other affiliate networks. Blogrid is the go to theme when you are looking for a layout that is going to look good on all types of screens including desktop as well as mobile.

They have optimized their theme to make it attractive to the search engines and have made sure that they are going to boost your content to the top of the SERPs. Check it out today and see how much it increases your conversions.

Writers Blogily, a great theme for affiliate marketing

9. Writers Blogily

This was made to put out content quickly in a journalist like way. If you are staying on top of an industry such as the tech industry where things move rapidly, this is just what you need. Imagine you go to a huge conference and you need to put out content fast. Each day there are tons of new products coming out that need to be reviewed. Blogily is going to allow you to cover all of it practically in real time.

This theme adds enough space so that you can easily put in your links. Everything is spaced out perfectly and it is going to look great no matter what industry you work in. Bloggers need products like this to support them. Digital advertising has only become more important in recent years. Why put yourself at a disadvantage by using other themes that are not optimized to work well with SEO and tagging?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

When you are the one advertising products and services for another company, this is considered affiliate marketing. The scene really started to explode with the advent of Internet marketing. It allowed anybody to create a website, bring users to the site, and then sell products to them from other companies.

It may seem complicated to keep track of who is selling what, but it is easy with affiliate links. There is no way to scam the system since all sales are tracked using a database that links into specific affiliate links. The commissions that are paid out to people promoting can also be automated. This means if you use affiliate marketing, you just got a huge sales force that is working for you and intent on making you money so they can take a percentage. Everyone now can become a salesperson for you which is huge in terms of increasing your revenue.

The Future of Affiliate Marketing

We just looked at some of the biggest themes when it comes to finding good themes to promote products for others. It is easy to work with WordPress and adding these themes means you are going to start making commissions quickly.

Affiliate marketing is just going to expand in the future. It gives the ability to turn anybody into a salesperson for a company and it also gives incentive to your sales team. They don’t get paid a commission until the sale goes through! This is an important concept as click fraud and bots continue to try and defraud legitimate companies.


In conclusion, we looked at a variety of ways to boost affiliate income. All themes give you plenty of ad space and are optimized for SEO. Affiliate income scales well as your products gain interest. The more product you sell, the more your sales team gets paid. In turn, it will encourage people to offer products that sell. Overall, this is a great cycle that helps you achieve your business goals. Keep it tuned to Superb Themes. We will give you more product and theme reviews just like this one.

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