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Best WordPress Themes For Writers 2022

As you probably know by now, finding the best possible theme for your website is a challenge, more than 35% of the entire web runs on WordPress which means there’s a big demand for WordPress themes. Sadly that results in a big distribution of both good and bad themes. We test a lot of themes, in fact, we have tested more than 300 themes to find the best ones for writers, so lean back, grab some coffee and find the best theme for your website through us.

Best Free WordPress Themes For Writers

Neve WordPress Theme


Neve is one of the web’s favorite WordPress theme designs, and it is not without reason that so many users prefer this theme. In addition to an excellent ease-to-use and a beautiful design, the Neve works with the most popular page builders on the market. All-in-all, Neve is a great choice for bloggers and small businesses and exists both a free version and a paid premium version.

Writers Blogily WordPress Theme

Writers Blogily

It’s in the name, Writers Blogily. The theme is made for writers and bloggers. The team behind the WordPress theme has managed to make a complex theme with lots of features user-friendly and easy to install & set up. The theme is free, SEO optimized, responsive, and very beautiful.

Astra WordPress Theme


Astra is there to give your whole website or your blog a chance to stand out. It is there to ensure that more following is gained from the individuals who view the written content. Astra’s layouts are designed for the content because the author’s work is not only portrayed the way he wants it to, but it is also easier for the viewers to understand it as well. A lot of writers can come up with outstanding ideas and appealing written content but Astra can help them in presenting their work. It provides them with insight on how to present it. Astra is absolutely free of cost and this is why it is important to note that this theme can also work on a low budget Astra helps in launching a full-blown pre-built site with only a simple click. Some of the features are shared by most of the themes, and they come free of cost. Astra offers pages that are retina-ready, and they have stylized or elegant typography as well. Astra is one of the best writing themes for WordPress and it is also one of the most popular ones too. Astra also has a coupon code that you can take advantage of.

Minimalistblogger WordPress Theme


Minimalistblogger is a simple & minimal theme made for writers and bloggers. It’s the easiest theme we could find to set up, you pretty much just install it and then start typing away. It’s free, SEO optimized, responsive, and loads fast – if you like a minimal design style then we recommend you give this theme a go. The theme is updated with new features and improvements monthly, so your website will keep up to date and never grow old.

Modern Storytelling WordPress Theme

Modern Storytelling

Modern Storytelling is a free WordPress theme with a flat & modern design. There are no fancy shadows or borders, it’s a strictly minimal and simple theme. The theme loads extremely fast, in fact when we tested it on our server it loaded in less than 0.4 seconds which is faster than 90% of the internet. If you’re looking for a simple blog or writing theme then this is it. As you can tell from the screenshot it is beautiful as well. The theme is SEO optimized and looks great on all screen sizes and devices.

Griddist WordPress Theme


Griddist has a unique grid design with a beautiful sidebar. It’s hard to find great free themes with the same style of design, it comes with a bunch of features & looks great on all devices. Griddist was released in 2021 so it’s still a new theme that is being maintained often. It is of course search engine optimized, responsive, fast and has a lot of features as all other themes on this list.

Simple Responsive Blogily WordPress Theme

Simple Responsive Blogily

You have most likely guessed what this theme is about from its name, to sum it shortly it’s a very simple and minimal WordPress theme made for bloggers and writers. It has loads of color customization, you can pick your own header image, you can showcase recent & popular posts in the sidebar, and much more. The theme is of course responsive, it works on every screen size and looks great. It’s SEO optimized and fast, which are two big important factors when it comes to giving your readers a great experience. The theme is free and can be downloaded through

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Writers

Divi WordPress Theme


Divi is currently the most used WordPress theme in the world. It’s created and developed by ElegantThemes, the biggest theme development company in the world. It comes with visual drag-and-drop builders, more than 40 website modules, and 24/7 customer support. The theme is already translated into more than 32 languages, it’s RTL ready as well. The theme is of course responsive, SEO optimized, and fast. We believe Divi is a great theme for any purpose, but especially for writers.

Hestia WordPress Theme


Hestia theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes around and created by Theme Isle, one of the leading WordPress themes design companies on the market. Hestia theme’s modern interface and one-page layout make the theme a great match for smaller business and other websites. Its design is responsive and works great on mobile devices as well.

Ave WordPress Theme


Ave is made by LiquidThemes, they’re known for making innovative next-generation WordPress themes with lots of customization options. The theme was released on Themeforest on November 18 and has 5/5 stars with thousands of sales. Ave is fully optimized to rank in all search engines such as Google & Bing. It loads fast, is fully responsive & translatable. Overall Ave is a great theme for anybody, but especially writers & bloggers who wish to get started with their website easily. It comes with 200+ pre-made websites you can import and continue on.

Brooklyn WordPress Theme


Brooklyn is one of Themeforest bestsellers, it is a GDPR ready theme made for people without too much technical knowledge, which means the theme is user-friendly to use and easy to set up. Brooklyn comes with more than 40 pre-made websites, you can use those to get started easily together with their starter content. Unique features of this theme are portfolio support & pricing tables. The theme is fully translatable, responsive & SEO optimized. It comes with premium plugins such as Visual Composer you can use as a page builder & Slider Revolution. The theme costs $60 on Themeforest, it’s a little pricey but worth it.

Jupiter WordPress Theme


The team behind Jupiter is called Artbees, they call their own theme magic – that’s not far from reality. Jupiter’s primary focus is to be customizable, and it is indeed, you can customize every little detail in the theme, to make your own design. The downside is that if you are not much of a designer, then it might do more harm than good. Jupiter uses a visual WYSIWYG editor (What you see is what you get editor). The theme is fast, responsive & SEO optimized, there are themes that are faster though, that’s one of the downsides of all the customization. It comes with 220+ pre-built websites you can import with one 1-click, so you don’t have to start building your website from scratch.

Independent WordPress Theme


Independent is a feature right magazine & blog theme made for writers and product reviewers. Its design is minimal and very customizable, it comes with full Gutenberg support and uses the advanced site builder WP Bakery. It works with most plugins, such as the translation plugin WP Multilingual, the newsletter software Mailchimp and of course regular plugins such as Yoast SEO. You can use their one-click installer to activate more than 18 different demos and pre-made websites, all you have to do is add your own images and text.

REhub WordPress Theme


REhub is a WordPress theme made for affiliate writers and bloggers, it comes with extra features for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to generate revenue through a blog, therefore the theme is on the list. The popularity increased when Amazon released its affiliate program together with Google Adsense. The theme is of course SEO optimized since an affiliate website thrives on out-ranking its competitors on Google. It’s responsive, feature-rich, and looks great overall.

WordPress Themes for Freelance Writers

The demand for freelance writers has increased over the past years due to the rise of affiliate programs, blogs and independent online magazines. That’s a great thing, but it also means the competition has increased a lot, if you go to a website such as oDesk or Fiverr you’ll quickly notice people who do freelance content writing for almost no pay, it’s easy to forget that the price is often connected with the quality. A good way to stand apart is to have a website where you can display your previous clients and some of the content you have made. All of the themes we list works for freelance writers, they come with all the necessary features.

WordPress Themes for Content Writers

Being a content writer might sound simple, but it really isn’t. Almost every company needs content writers for their blogs, websites, and social media. It’s great to stand apart from the crowd when you write content since the competition is so huge. Having a great WordPress website works well, since more than 35% of the entire web runs on WordPress currently, so showing that you’re able to use the content management system together with publishing examples of your content is a win/win.

The WordPress themes are there to give your whole website or your blog a chance to stand out. They ensure that more following is gained from the individuals who view the written content. These viewers play a massive role in displaying what the focus of the written content is about. The author’s work is not only portrayed the way he wants it to, but it is also easier for the viewers to understand it.  

Responsive minimalist WordPress Themes for Writers

When it comes to web design you’ll find thousands of different design styles, but it’s important to remember what the goal of your website is, if you write content then you want the focus to be on your words and articles, not on flashy text. We recommend you use a minimal design so your content stands out, it also needs to be responsive so it’ll work on all devices. If a client visits your website from a phone it should look amazing there too so they get a good experience, that’s why responsiveness of a website is so important nowadays.

SEO Optimized WordPress Themes for Copywriters

Copywriting is incredibly hard but also popular, for those of you who have heard about the Donny Kruger Effect will know that it really applies in this area of work. People who know a language to a certain extent will most likely believe they can do great copywriting, sadly that’s not true as many copywriters know. It takes an enormous amount of skill and language understanding to do proper copywriting. All themes on the list will work for copywriters, they’re SEO optimized themes too so your new amazing clients can find you through Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Cheap themes for writers

A lot of writers can come up with outstanding ideas and interesting written content. What they lack is insight on how they can deliver their work to the readers properly. However, WordPress happens to be one of the online tools that are considered effective in solving this issue. It is important to note that this platform can also work on a low budget, which means that you can save money on your investment in the writing website while reaching out to the world with your written content. All you need here to be successful is one of the easily available themes. 

The designs that are available for the authors to choose from are not only appealing, but they are also fascinating on their own as themes. They make the site or the author’s blog look more attractive while ensuring that the design does not take the focus away from the writer’s work. It is not only the writing style that appeals to the people but also the way that particular writing is portrayed as well. This is why one needs to focus on the design details. 

Download Themes for Writers

Some of the features are shared by most of the themes, and they come free of cost. They offer pages that are retina-ready, and they have stylized or elegant typography as well. However, there are also minimalist interfaces and simple layouts. These are important in ensuring that the focus remains on the work for the website visitor. Due to this, the experience of the website is made better for the owning writer and the visiting reader. 

One of the most popular themes that are used by writers on WordPress is Divi. It makes sure that the whole website interface is attractive and focused on the published content. It is also one of the most accessible and user-friendly themes for the WordPress platform. It lets the user have access to certain demographics, so the website or blog is accessed from around the world. Different languages are available, and they go up to thirty-six.

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