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Best WordPress Website Management Services 2022

The chances are that you know somebody that has a WordPress site. At times, it feels like WordPress makes up a large section of the websites we see. You would be correct in thinking that WordPress supports a vast amount of what is online right now. The platform is not only popular for blogging but great for putting together all sorts of sites. Simplicity is the best way to describe it as you move elements around on the screen and create a collage to get a professional website. What are the downsides of using WordPress, though? For some, anyway, the technical issues and the lack of a WordPress management service can assist them when it gets tough.

Managed Services

Having an expert manage your site is important. It would help if you had a team that really understands all aspects of WordPress so that when problems arise, you won’t have to scrap your whole site. Is there a service out there that can protect your assets and keep you updated while still making sure there are no security flaws? 

WP Buffs Maintenance and Updates

WP Buffs – A Trusted WordPress Management Service

Do you need experts to make sure your WordPress site never goes down? Do you feel like your site could be faster? Check out the service from WP Buffs. When you sign up for their great service, you will get access to expensive programs such as WP Rocket, which is valued at $199.00. Do you want WP Smush Pro? That is going to be $600.00 unless you go with WP Buffs. These experts include all these tools when you go through them, so you save big.

WP Buffs also uses lossless compression to make sure your images will not slow down your site and still look great. When you go to upload new images, those will be compressed automatically through their knowledgeable setup. Add as many pictures as you would like while still confident that your customers will have a smooth experience. What else can WP Buffs offer?

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We already covered why it is so important to pay attention to security and bad plugins. With WP Buffs, you can access iThemes Security Pro. Normally this plugin would run you close to $300.00, but it will be included automatically. What can you expect with WP Buffs running things? Daily backups that become a lifesaver if you ever have your site get hacked. Passwords will be stronger because iThemes will force your users to create passwords that won’t easily be broken by brute force attacks. WPScan and programs like it are out there which are always looking for weak sites and weak passwords. Arm yourself with a plugin like iThemes where you won’t have to worry about hackers trying combinations over and over again until they can break-in.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring is included in the package, and that means you have eyes on your site at all times. If an expert at WP Buffs notices anything odd, they can put the site on lockdown and harden your defenses. It Is important to have a clock service that wants to make sure your site is secure. Even if you are a security expert, you still have to sleep, which means there are times where your business could be open for attacks.

WP Buffs makes sure that they always have someone at the ready that will close down ports that hackers are targeting and set up your server to identify information to the attacker about what version of WordPress you are running and which plugins you have that might be targeted.

WordPress Management Service Pricing

Cheap Pricing

With so many great options, you might assume that this service would start at hundreds of dollars each month. Fortunately, the lowest tier is only $67.00 each month. You will get regular reports on your site’s status along with the proper updates. This will make sure that everything is running like a well-oiled machine.

If you have Google Analytics, the basic plan will integrate well with this and tell you where your sessions are coming from d demographics for customers curious about what you have to offer. Regular backups are, of course, included making sure you can always be back on your feet if something goes wrong, and you need to start all over.

Overall, this is a great service that gets even better at the higher levels designed for a business. With the Pro plan, you can get edits done to the site around the clock for a big launch or breaking news. The top-level tier is only $197.00 and gives you priority over everyone else. If you have a sudden emergency popup where malware has infected your site, you can bet that WP Buffs will have your back and give you immediate care to help you handle the stressful situation. 

Maintenance and Updates

In many ways, WordPress is perfect for non-technical people that want to build a website quickly. You have all the tools you need to put together a beautiful website, even if you don’t know any code! Also, use Drag and drop elements onto the page. The drag and drop elements make it possible to move them around until you are satisfied and then publish them to the world wide web. It doesn’t get much easier. If you need a new feature, use a popular plugin, which will add more customization that you can easily control. New features can range from spam blockers, order forms, or even a whole online store. You are only limited by what others have created and your ability to learn the new software.

WordPress is Always Changing

With all of this upside, there are some things to consider as the website starts to age. WordPress does not stay static. The core of WordPress is always changing and getting updates that can change your whole workflow. Look at the new switch over to Gutenberg, which was a big change to the editor. If you downloaded a plugin that you really enjoy, the creator might not keep up with it as WordPress continues to evolve.

That means you could go to update to the latest version to have everything on your site grind to a halt.

You can’t always depend on plugin creators to keep up with the scripts they made, which means that deprecated software can cause big problems.

In the worst-case scenario, if you don’t have a coder that can fix the plugin to work with the new version of WordPress, you might need a whole new website that will cost a lot of time money.

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Obstacles with WordPress

WordPress is open-source, which is both a great thing and also detrimental to security. There is nobody at the top that plugins have to go through to make sure everything is secure. Take, for example, the app store with Apple products. They put tight controls on all apps through their online store because they know consumers have to trust them if you could get a virus just from downloading something from the app store. If this happens, sales could drop as popular apps stole credit cards from users and gave up their personal information.

While Apple has rigorous people about what comes through on their platform, there is nothing like WordPress. If you wanted to make a theme right now and start distributing it to everyone, you could do this today. While it makes it easy to share plugins and trade themes that get results, it also demonstrates you might have a theme that is full of bugs or malware the moment you install it. This means you don’t have to do anything wrong, like shutting down your firewall or installing strange software. Just the act of using a plugin that was not properly reviewed can put you at risk.

Assistance to Avoid Hackers

Picture this. A malicious hacker is looking for new ways to take control of vulnerable computers. You have all the latest security updates, and none of your ports are open for attack. A hacker can still create a trojan horse and code a plugin that looks helpful. The plugin will do what the description says, but it can have other code buried in it to give the creator control over your machine.

Even though you did everything right, there is still the risk of getting a trojan, which is a virus disguised as something else.

WordPress speed optimization

You don’t even need to have someone creating a virus on purpose. Just through lax coding practices and a lack of attention to detail, a plugin can leave you vulnerable, and it will ruin your reputation. Many hackers want to take control of your site to send out spam links for gambling sites or pills from other countries.

When Google sees that your site is putting out spam links, you will have your reputation ruined with your customers and risk having Google blacklist you. That would be devastating for any business.

We think WP Buffs is an excellent deal for the cost, especially if you take advantage of their discounts. Considering you have access to so many plugins, that would combine to be well over a thousand dollars. We feel everyone should look into what WP Buffs can do for you. Please take advantage of their service, which comes with iThemes, WP Rocket, and WP Smush, all for free. Keep checking back with Superb Themes for all the latest in the WordPress world.

Are you ready to get started with WP Buffs? Book your call with WP Buffs to get a 10-20% discount!

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