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The Best BeTheme Alternatives

BeTheme Alternatives

Are you looking for over 500 sites that are already built for you? All of them can be installed with just one click! What kind of sites can you find with them? We reviewed the list, and some of the highlights are for a charity agency, electrician, car rental location, real estate company, and a hotel. Most of the trades are accounted for, such as mechanics and plumbers. They also have pre-made sites for large organizations such as non-profits and universities. As you can see, if you have a big company or just a one-person shop, they will have something that will fit you. Many people have chosen BeTheme, one of the most popular WordPress themes online, but many people things that the theme does not fit their needs. In this article, we will have a look at some of the best BeTheme alternatives around.

Problems with the BeTheme

There are some potential problems when using the theme despite how many options it has and how well it works with your current setup. It is not compatible with all plugins. We don’t have a full list of plugins that will not work properly with BeTheme, but users have noted several that will alter the theme looks. Some reviewers noted that plugins would hide options on your theme and make portions of the page invisible. Other reviewers said they had problems with the spacing. What can you do if you have a conflict? We all have plugins that we need to use where there is no way to switch to another plugin.

BeTheme Alternatives

If you have conflicts with BeTheme, what should you do? Switching over to a new theme will let you keep your plugins and the functions that they provide. This is important if you run an e-commerce store. There might be a plugin that displays products correctly or accepts orders. For cases like that, we have provided a list of all the themes you can switch over to. These will help you pull away from BeTheme and use a more popular theme with higher compatibility. This is the BeTheme alternatives:

Divi WordPress theme is a great alternative to BeTheme

1. Divi

The most popular WordPress theme around and one of the best of the BeTheme alternatives is Divi. Want to try out Divi? You are in luck. Click on the link above, and you will have the ability to try out the service for free. That is correct. You have a live demo right there on the website. This gives you an excellent approximation of what it is like to use Divi.

You can manipulate the column structure here and switch up the layout so you can try new designs. You also have the power to move around your rows. Shift the row design along with your columns, and Divi will make sure you still keep your spacing so there is no overlap, and everything is still clear.

The live demo is excellent for experimenting with ideas to see how Divi will handle them. When you are ready to buy, the cost is just a one time fee, and then you are able to use it for the rest of your lifetime. When many software types shift over to monthly payments, it is good just to have to spend a one-time fee on something.

Genesis is an alternative to BeTheme

2. Genesis Theme

The second one of the BeTheme alternatives that comes into mind is the Genesis Theme. Genesis Theme contains many different types of child themes that you can choose between. They all look great and can save you tons of time when you use a pre-made. If you want to customize things or offer child themes, that is also possible.

Customizing the Genesis Theme will take a bit more technical knowledge on your part than many themes. Access the style.css file. Once you can alter this, it will allow you to make changes in PHP. This is the main language used to create plugins that you enjoy using. If you are a developer that makes their plugins, this won’t be a problem. You will be comfortable making new child themes that you offer for sale or even giving away. Once you are able to master Genesis hooks and PHP, you will be able to create as many child themes as you want.

Neve is an awesome alternative to BeTheme

3. Neve

With Neve, you can take advantage of AMP pages. What are AMP pages?

  • Focus on Mobile
  • Better for specific countries
  • Becoming more important

The concept of more people moving over to mobile is going to continue. More people are going to be accessing sites on their mobile phones. It just makes sense. You are busy doing errands and also going to work. You need a way to shop and check the news quickly. This is where the mobile pages come in.

AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages. This load pages on mobile faster, and if you are marketing in India, Mexico, and Indonesia, this needs to be part of the strategy. Going to Neve will make sure that purchases on your mobile site are easy and increase sales in countries where not everybody has a desktop. Use this theme today over BeTheme for better AMP compatibility.

Consider Astra as an alternative to BeTheme

4. Astra

Astra is going to be the go-to the theme if you want a rapidly growing user base. With close to a million users, this theme is popular because it has so many options. It works very well with WooCommerce since it was designed to work with e-commerce and online stores.

There is no jQuery, and Astra will just use the basic and vanilla version of Javascript. You won’t need to worry about jQuery hurting performance when you move to use Astra. If you have any concerns with poor loading time, know that Astra is designed for performance and will load your site in less than half a second. Why go with other themes that are larger and will take up more space?

Use Minimalistblogger theme instead of BeTheme

5. Minimalistblogger

The last one of our BeTheme alternatives is Minimalistblogger. Not sure if a new theme is right for you? Superb Themes has created a theme that is professional and fast. The best part is that you can try it completely free. You are under no obligation when you start to try out their theme, and it will allow you to design a page in the way you want.

When you upgrade to Pro, you will have control over even more. Control the color of your blog feed, footer, and sidebars. Match the background color to existing logos and create an aesthetic that will be pleasing to your customer. It works well with Elementor, and you even get access to all the child themes, which will give you even more looks and options. Try it out for free and see if the theme will work for you.

Features with BeTheme

When looking at BeTheme alternatives, one should, of course, also take a look at the features of BeTheme so that the customer can have a proper knowledge base. We already know that there are numerous sites already made that we can use. What about the features? What can this theme really do?

You are going to get multiple layouts. Constructed with grid patterns, you are going to be able to easily space out all your content and have it look great on the page. If you feel like you need even more layouts, try the layout generator. You will have unlimited things that you can put together. Once you start to build your own layout, use different logos, headers, and skins to make it look custom.

There are many different menu options that you can pick from. Use the set that you feel will fit your aesthetic best and match it up with the customization of your entry effects. Really, with this theme, if it appears on the page, you can brand it and change it to fit your existing design taste.

Extreme Customization

On top of the above ways, you can personalize this, and you also get a font uploader that gives you more control over your content. Upload any font you choose so that information on the page will stand out without losing people’s ability to scan it. You also will get many different kinds of headers you can pick from. Consider Modern, Classic, or one that is just simple and empty. The choice is yours when you use this theme. You won’t need to hire expensive designers to control every aspect of your page.

There are many other ways this theme can aid you. If you have parts of your site that have not been completed, you can easily put up an Under Construction page. You also have a maintenance mode to ensure that all maintenance goes smoothly, and you don’t have a long downtime.


When you move around a site made with BeTheme, you will notice that navigation is especially well done. You have the ability to put together a whole site that can be displayed on just one page. This makes it very simple for visitors to come onto the website and find what they need. There is no need to set up several links that some users may have trouble finding.

Parallax is another effect that you can do with this theme. Parallax has become more popular in recent years, and you see it used a lot with WordPress. The effect was common with video games but was ported over to web design. It appears if anything, the trend will not end.

What is Parallax?

For a formal definition, parallax is when the background moves faster than images and videos in the foreground. When you see this, it creates an optical illusion so that the web page is three dimensional.

Many times, themes that you get will have a parallax effect you can use. Keep in mind, though, when you use parallax through BeTheme, you will have smooth transitions as you scroll down, and the effect will look natural. This theme also ensures that the effect is reliable as well, so there won’t be any bugs or errors with your code.

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