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BionicWP Review – Our Opinion!

BionicWP Review

Need a way to make unlimited edits plus a fully managed solution for WordPress? Take a look at BionicWP. WordPress is the most popular CMS out there, but few hosts really specialize in WordPress. With BionicWP, they only focus on WordPress. In our BionicWP review, we want to cover why you should think about making a switch if you run a WordPress site. Not only that but right now, you can save with a coupon code. “SUPERB50” can save you 50 dollars if you use it right now. Make sure to always click on our link for the latest code you can use. Later on, we will talk about how you can find future codes. For now, let’s get started with this review.

Save 50$ on your next BionicWP purchase!

WordPress Focus

One of the main reasons so many people seek out a WordPress site is how easy it is to construct the page. Drag and drop builders make putting the pieces together a snap. If you add too many features, though, it starts to slow things down. It adds weight to the site in the sense that each feature wants to communicate with the user. That results in a slow response.

If you want a score over 90 with both Google Page Speed and GTMetrix, try out BionicWP. In our BionicWP review, we wanted to highlight that they are one of the few managed hosts that knows everything about WordPress. Security, plugins, and speed are all covered in your low monthly fee. Don’t you think the solutions will work for your site? Maybe you say that you didn’t understand the WordPress platform, and now things are screwed up. Don’t worry about it. They have applied their unique solutions to over 1000 different WordPress sites. All of them get great scores when they are done.

Stage The Site First

Will you get close to a perfect speed score with Google? You may think that this is too good to be true—claims like this need to be verified. Please make an account with BionicWP and then add your current site to their staging area. This allows you to see what kind of results you will get before they happen. It is an easy way to test the service before you sign up on a monthly payment system. If the results look favorable, migrate over for free.

By being strictly focused on WordPress, this company can make guarantees that other companies can not. Let’s see some of the other features that have people excited.

A Global Company

If you have ever used satellite Internet, you understand the bandwidth can hold you back. Checking email over a satellite connection is fine. The task is simple and takes very little bandwidth. Now think about playing a game using a satellite connection or even trying to stream a movie. You are going to have issues. The data request needs to go up to the satellite and come back before seeing anything on your end.

With BionicWP, you won’t need to worry about a slow connection time. Unlike going with satellite Internet, they have centers that are always going to be close by. Just look at some of the locations on this list.

  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Mumbai, India
  • Hong Kong
  • Osaka, Japan
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • London, England
  • Frankfurt, Germany

The list goes on and on. From this preview of the list, you can see that they have centers spread out worldwide. If you would like to travel while still staying in touch with your business, the speed will be fast. Customers located in Asia, Europe, North America, and beyond will all be getting fast speeds. When they have a data center right next to them, that means they can see your products and services with zero delays.

BionicWP Review USA

Free Edits

Some might think it is risky for a company to offer free edits. Won’t they be tied up with helping customers at all hours of the day? Well, the team behind BionicWP understands that their users need somebody that can help them at any time. It would not be fair for them to charge you each time you felt like you needed a small change. Simple changes can be done in just a matter of minutes. Instead of charging you extra for these, BionicWP will take care of it, and they consider it part of your monthly bill.

This includes edits to content like a blog entry. Maybe you just spotted a big typo that you need to have changed right away. That is not an issue. Speak with a rep, and they will jump on it. Other small changes like shifting around colors with CSS are also easy for them to do. Request as many changes as you would like, and they will make the switch. They want you to feel comfortable asking them for help with small items.

What Is Not Included

If you are looking for more extensive things such as a new logo or custom graphics, that will fall outside the realm of a swift change. You will need to pay extra if you want a full logo redesign or if you need a major overhaul. We feel like that is very fair and wanted to point it out in our BionicWP review. They won’t give you new content for your blog, but you can always depend on them to correct something that is not spelled right or change a heading that is not aligned properly.

This is a perfect option if you are new to WordPress. You can even send them a plugin that you would like installed or have them create things like a bulleted list.

BionicWP Review Coupon Code

We hope that you are excited to try out BionicWP at this point after reading parts of this BionicWP review. If you would like to see if the service is right for you, why not use a coupon code? There is no cost to you at all. You can use it very easily by just putting in the code “SUPERB50” when you checkout. That will get you $50.00 off your bill.

Keep in mind; they do offer free migration as well. Don’t let the uncertainty of moving your WordPress site over stop you from trying the experts. They can make the migration process very simple and show you how everything works for free. They are convinced that you will like all the features they give you for less than $30.00 every month once you try the service.

Keep in mind also, by clicking on our link; you can always check for the latest coupon codes. We have done reviews and guides for a large number of products and plugins. Links included with reviews will reveal the latest codes that can save you big time.

BionicWP Reviews

Pricing And Features

What will you expect to pay when you use BionicWP? That is one of the number one reasons to try this service. You get managed hosting for just $27.50 every month. Do you need unlimited edits? The price just goes up to $52.50 every month. So for just a few dollars extra every month, you can save a lot of time. Don’t worry about working with multiple plugins and keeping them updated. The professionals will do all of that for you. They will make sure your site is secure and guarantee that you are using the latest software versions.

If you want to go beyond the typical hosting with unlimited edits, you can move into the white label tier. The price will be just over $200.00 every month, but you have the opportunity to earn a good income if you have a lot of visitors going to your site. White label is your opportunity to sell the services of BionicWP. If you like the service and you stand by their customer service, why not make a profit from it and offer it to others?

Another great thing about pricing is you can easily select which options you want to come with your package and then move the slider on the home page. The more sites you add to your plan, the lower the cost will be for each site. Economies of scale can really work in your favor if you are a large agency working with many clients.

BionicWP Review Conclusion

In conclusion, this service represents a great way for new users to feel comfortable with WordPress. If you seem to have trouble installing new plugins and keeping them up to date, you might want to switch over to managed hosting. Everybody in our world today needs hosting. It is better to keep your site with experts who understand WordPress and pay a little more for that insurance.

As always, we aim to have the latest in coupon codes and reviews for all of our readers. If you see a coupon code that we don’t have for a popular plugin, please let us know. You can contact our staff through email or speak with us on social media. When you share coupon codes, everybody has the opportunity to save. Come back frequently for the latest in the world of WordPress.

Save 50$ on your next BionicWP purchase!

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