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Bluehost Free Trial

Bluehost Free Trial

Bluehost is great for beginners looking to get started with their first site. You have everything you need to go live with a WordPress site. The price starts at only $2.95, which is affordable for everybody. Is there a way to save even more, though? Can you use a Bluehost free trial? This article will cover the level of service you get with Bluehost and how you can utilize their free trial. At the end of the article, you can decide if Bluehost will be for you. Let’s get started.

What You Can Expect

Like we said from the outset, Bluehost is the perfect way to get started. In the past, creating a website was a tricky proposition. You would head to the library and return with thick books stacked high. CSS, HTML, and Javascript all had their different books. Without many courses on making a website and online resources, many people were forced to learn everything through trial and error.

WordPress has changed how sites are built. You don’t need to bring back a giant stack of interrelated books anymore. Bluehost provides a good number of tutorials. In addition, they have support staff available around the clock. Contact them at any time using their 24/7 chat feature or give them a ring. They will be happy to help you out.

Bluehost is suitable for small businesses, bloggers, and even larger-sized companies. You can quickly start a blog and get going with an SEO plan. The free SSL is essential for making sure your customers feel safe working with you. A domain name will also be included with the first year that you use them. Working with a host has never been easier. How can we test this for free?

Bluehost Trial

Bluehost Free Trial

Don’t worry about being charged for Bluehost before you are ready. There are no long-lasting contracts you need to fill out. They don’t charge you until your 30-day free trial expires. After that, your account will renew at the introductory rate, which is very low. Feel free to cancel if you think a different host would work better. A few things to keep in mind are:

  • Your promotional price is just for the first term. Cancel at any point for a refund.
  • Canceling during your thirty-day trial gives you a full refund.
  • Cancel after the thirty-day period, and your refund will be prorated.
  • The guarantee applies to hosting plans, but you will not get a refund for most additional products.
  • You don’t need to worry about getting locked into a long contract

Out of all the hosts you can use, Bluehost is one of the best in their free trial. They will not even charge you until your thirty-day trial has finished. Bluehost will also not try to tie you up with a complicated contract. We have all worked with Internet providers that always seem to get people involved in bad contracts. They have hidden fees that they will sneak in. Every month that appears to pass seems to add a few more dollars to the bill. It is hard to cancel and get out of your contract. When you do cancel, there are fees to break your contract.

Other Free Bluehost Trials

When you work with Bluehost, you won’t need to think about these shady practices. They want you to feel comfortable with testing the product. If you don’t like it, no problem. Just back out, and there is no explanation needed. Bluehost and its staff understand you have many options for hosting. Therefore, they will not try and pressure with strong-arm tactics.

Be careful with other hosts. Some may tell you that you have a free trial with them to trick you. However, once you sign and get started with them, their low price may depend on signing a lengthy contract. This is the wrong position to be in. You may even need to pay a fee to get your site back and migrate to another host.

By going with Bluehost, you won’t run into any tricks. They have been around for years and have a good reputation. Anything under the thirty-day limit will incur no charges. This lets you relax and test the system for a long period. Call the support staff a few times and test their response time. There are ways to gauge how the service will be in the future. Using these tips will help you pick the best host for your situation.

Beyond The 30 Days Bluehost Trial

Extending beyond the thirty-day trial is possible. If you have used the service for your full thirty days and want to keep going, you have that option. At this point, you will be charged for your first thirty days. If you do cancel at this point, things will be prorated into your second month. This means they will look at how many days you used the service. If you cancel after only using the service for a few days, your bill will reflect that. This gives you more flexibility in testing their service.

Remember, though, extra fees are not included in this trial. If you get SEO tools and plugins, those will have a different return policy. They are not part of the Bluehost experience. Before you spend a large amount of money buying a new domain name, keep that in mind. Many times these are sold at auction.

Once you purchase it, you are stuck with the domain name until it expires.

Bluehost 30-days Trial

A Fair Trial

Overall, we feel the Bluehost free trial is fair. As long as you cancel during your thirty-day trial period, all of your funds will be refunded right away. While they do not call this a free trial, you are still getting a chance to test the service. This is a fair way to let everybody test the service. If you advertise a free trial, it can attract poor-quality customers that will use the service for a month and then cancel immediately.

It would not make sense to use the service for thirty days and then cancel in web hosting. If you want to serve up a site to the general public, you have only a few options. You can try and host it yourself, which is difficult, or you can hire somebody to do the hosting for you. Hosting through Bluehost makes more sense. If you try and display your site on your own, the server in your home will always need to be on. Your home connection will determine how fast the site loads. If you have poor upload speed, it will cost you.

Instead of investing in specialized technology such as particular processors and motherboards, it makes more sense to spend the few dollars every month that Bluehost is asking for. You will also get support which is a nice perk and will allow you to solve problems faster. We think this is a fair deal compared to other services that do not offer refunds after your first month.

Bluehost Free Trial Conclusion

In conclusion, Bluehost has provided an easy way to work with their service while you avoid complicated and long contracts. Are there any other ways that you can use this service for free? Absolutely. Bluehost is part of EIG. What exactly is this? Endurance International Group provides hosting for many big-name companies, including, SiteGround, HostGator, and iPage. We are sure that you have heard of at least HostGator.

This means that they have a large amount of market share. The amount of money accelerates this that they pour into advertising and promotions. One of the other ways to increase market share is through the reseller program.

Some might know this as white-label. It is offered by almost every large company. It gives other parties the ability to sell the service, even when the customer believes they are working through a different entity. In the technology space and think of increasing revenue, white-label is the perfect way to leverage many followers. Make sure that you are only recommending services you believe in, though!

White-label is an excellent way to earn money through Bluehost and their service. They are running a promotion for their reseller service that gives you 35% off. So if you hurry, you can start making money through their service, which will end up paying for your service. You can think of this as an excellent way to get the service for free forever. So sign up today and start creating a new flow of revenue.

As always, make sure to check back with us soon. We will have more reviews and Bluehost coupon codes to help you save money in WordPress. Thanks!

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