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Brizy Review

Brizy Website Builder Review

Elementor and Divi have been out for years and have been leading the pack in terms of easy to use website builders. If you create WordPress sites, you may not have heard of a new product called Brizy. This builder looks at the things that Divi and Elementor do right, and they seek to expand upon those facets. In our Brizy Review, we will go over what this drag and drop builder does right. We will explain who this product applies to and how we think it could be better. Join us on our Brizy review to see if this product will be the right one for you.

Are you ready to give Brizy a try? Click the button & try out Brizy for free.

Try It Free

One of the main things that people note with the free option of Elementor is that it doesn’t give you enough features and elements to really give you a feel for what you can do with the software. Brizy has a free version that has a ton of awesome options. You can take advantage of the following:

  • Global blocks for sweeping changes
  • Over 20 elements to integrate with your site
  • Good block organization
  • Inspiring layouts

Bring in a layout that you think is interesting. Once you have this as a starting point, the window on the left gives you the ability to move the sections up or down on your page easily. Everything is split up into blocks. This includes pictures, titles, and text. You can think of this as small self-enclosed contains. These containers can contain almost anything. It might be a divider. Perhaps it is a paragraph for an article you are writing. Regardless of what content the block includes, you can use the navigation to quickly move your element to the middle between other blocks, down near the footer, or near the top to catch the attention of a person visiting for the first time. No matter what your background is, the builder makes sense, and it is really fast to use.

Fluid Mechanics

As you are looking at all the freeways, you can use blocks; you should also be aware that you can slide the blocks over manually, and resizing is very simple. Just like you are working with a browser window to scan the Internet, you can do something similar to your text paragraphs and titles. This puts you into the flow of making the site instead of going back and forth, trying different font sizes, or experimenting with how many pixels your divider should be. It is much easier to control your blocks’ size using a slider that visually tells you the size in pixels.

Designers have stated that they feel free when using the Brizy builder. Manipulating things on the page doesn’t take any extra time. You can have inspiration hit you and then make the change immediately. This creates a feeling of total control as you build up the site that you won’t find with other builders. If you have been feeling frustrated with other builders, give this one a try. The free version is a good representation of what you can expect. Keep in mind there are no limitations on the free version. Use it for as long as you would like. You will never lose access to it. Even when you go with Pro, there is a free trial. The free trial greatly expands your access to the toolbox. Use Pro for a full month before making the decision. This might be the first time where fluid mechanics makes everything easier.

Brizy Pricing

Brizy Pricing

The next step in our Brizy review is to take a look at pricing. The pricing for Brizy is very reasonable. For under fifty dollars for the full year, you have access to the pro version. That is not good for just one site either. You can use it on up to three different sites. On top of that, you are also going to get support and updates for the year. As more and more plugins shift over to SASS and monthly payments, it is a relief to see such a low annual cost for this plugin.

Still looking at the lowest tier, you are going to have access to 250 different designs. Along with that comes the complimentary cloud package. You can have one year of cloud access along with 3 hosted domains. They are really stacking up the deals considering this is their lowest tier. Since Brizy is still new and competing hard with Divi and Elementor, they want to throw in a lot of extras that you won’t get with the competition. If you are looking for an alternative to your current drag and drop builder, now is the time to work with Brizy while they are still offering so many perks.

Mid-Tier And Beyond

Moving up to the next tier, which is $99.00 for the year, you now have access to unlimited sites for just fifty dollars more. If you are an agency that needs to churn out sites quickly and methodically, you will want to go with the mid-tier choice at the minimum. You also get unlimited, hosted domains. This will save you quite a bit of money as you continue to grow with Brizy as a builder.

The last tier is Lifetime. Like you would assume, you are given lifetime access. The highest tier is only $299.00. Keep in mind that this is just a one-time payment. For both the starter tier and the mid-tier, you are paying over and over. If you like Brizy and see yourself using it quite a bit, this is the plan that makes the most sense. For instance, you could use the mid-tier for three years and keep paying for it or invest in the highest tier upfront. Going beyond three years with the mid-tier plan will see you losing money, so you should look at your plans for making sites in the future.

White Label

Also of note is the white label option with the top-tier. Suppose you use a product and believe in it, white-label it, and show your support. This would be a good option for a site that already has a big user base in the industry. If you have constant visitors due to a blog and offer WordPress plugins, why not also offer a great builder? You will be able to put together yet another passive income stream. The white label arrangement is great when you have a product that you know improves on what is already out on the market.

Brizy Cloud

Brizy Cloud will make it a snap to put together both sites and landing pages. Really focus your marketing efforts with a nicely laid out landing page. Think about how you can use their different elements to create a visual funnel that will push your user toward the CTA or Call To Action you want them to take. Everything about the landing page construction process is visual so that you can tweak it in real-time.

This is the visual way that websites are put together now. Blocks, layouts, and popups all work together in unison to increase conversions. Brizy won’t put out pages with a ton of bloat either. Many times you see that with these visual builders. It is simple to put together the site, but it comes with too many extra code lines. That is just adding lines of coding to use features that you are not utilizing. Working with Brizy will give you quick load times. That is going to give you good page speed scores and visitors that stay longer.

Good Variety

Good Variety

If you go for the pro version, what can you expect? Landing pages can be made with 700 different blocks. Almost any combination that you can think of has already been made. Add to that the 150 layouts that use many of these blocks, and you are starting to get an idea of all the different combos you can start blending.

This won’t just be a good looking site either. It will also be interactive and build your marketing lists. If you have free information you have put together like books and webinars, you will love the fact that Brizy equips you with 45 different popups. That is more popups than some builders that focus strictly on popups! You are going to boost conversions and grow your list of contacts. When you get a customer into your marketing list, that can become a lifetime customer. Depending on your business’s nature, a lifetime customer can equal out to six figures for the duration of the period that they work with your company. Don’t ever underestimate the power of giving away free products through popups that give you hot leads. This increase to your bottom line is one of the best parts of this Brizy review.

Brizy Review Conclusion

In conclusion to our Brizy review, there are many drag-and-drop builders out there already. Brizy has attempted to expand upon what made Divi and Elementor so good. They have succeeded in quite a few areas, and the software is just getting better, considering they are still a young team. If you are looking for an alternative to current builders and want to experiment with it for free, give it a try. Continue to check back with us for future reviews and more on plugins. We cover everything WordPress and how to make your team more efficient.

Are you ready to give Brizy a try? Click the button & try out Brizy for free.

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