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Buy Genesis Framework

Buy Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework has a ton of fans, and some use it exclusively to make all the sites they are working on. It can be used for personal use or your clients. Many think that Genesis gives you the best bedrock to start a site. Will you buy the Genesis Framework? First, we need to learn more about it. Using this guide, you can get a good idea of how the Genesis Framework will work before buying it! Let’s get started.

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Expectations With Genesis

First, what can you expect when you get this plugin? Some people find it very difficult to use. How hard is it to use? You can rest assured. The Genesis Framework is not difficult to learn. If you do run into trouble with using the software, you can always request a refund. It is very simple to get your money back and then continue to the next plugin.

Now that we know you are not really risking any of your funds when you go with the Genesis Framework, what features can you look forward to?

Child Themes

Please don’t assume it is easy to make child themes. A child theme works like an extension for a theme that already exists. Where did it get this name? Just like a child will inherit traits from their parents, a theme will also inherit traits from the parent theme. All the functions and styles you see with the parent theme get passed on to the child theme. This is a great way to save time if you enjoy the parent theme’s functions and styles.

If you go online, there are many child themes you can buy. Many different themes are perfect if you don’t have time to code anything, and you are looking for a specific niche. How easy would it be to customize a theme and make your own child theme?

It can be very difficult for the average person to try and make a child theme. If you are looking to buy the Genesis Framework because you think you can make some extra money coding a child theme and selling it, think again.

Editing The CSS File

Editing The CSS File

Making changes to Genesis means you have to start to modify the style.css file. The average person is going to have a lot of issues with this. At the same time, if you are trying to alter the functionality, this is also difficult. Do you know how to code in PHP? Unless you are an active developer who makes their own plugins, you probably are not changing PHP code. You will also need to understand hooks.

Utilizing Hooks

All of the main sections of your theme have hooks. In fact, all WordPress themes actually have hooks. Most users don’t realize that the hooks are under the hood. For example, maybe you are looking at your real estate website and decide that you will place a new video on the main page. Not a problem. WordPress makes it easy to inject an image onto your page.

However, what if you are looking to add a video for every blog post you put up? That would take much more effort. You would need to go through and manually add the video for every post unless you start to use hooks. This means you need to learn a whole new skill set to make broad and reaching changes. Don’t expect to easily go in and start manipulating things such as hooks to make big changes. As long as you go into buying the theme, knowing that you will need to put in a lot of work to make large changes to the site, you will be fine.

Changes The Theme Without Code

Genesis theme works really well in conjunction with other products on the market. If you want to start making changes, you don’t always have to be an expert with PHP code or the Genesis hooks. Instead, use something like Beaver Builder. Like Divi or Elementor, you can move things around on the page and decide where everything should fall. Much easier than coding it by hand. Will this increase the size of your codebase? Absolutely. These drag and drop builders are simple to use but will bring in a lot of unneeded code. Keep this in mind as you work.

Even though you will see inflated figures in terms of how big your site gets, this is a good option to help you get that perfect look you are trying to find. Want to buy the Genesis Framework? Don’t look for a refund until after you have used Genesis with a few other builders on the market. It will often take a couple of plugins to get that specific look for your business.

Benefits For Developers

When you decide if you want to buy the Genesis Framework, one of the important factors is how they deal with developers. We already realized that it wouldn’t be a simple matter to construct a child theme or make changes using the hook system. In fact, there is a plugin designed to help you utilize the hooks! The Genesis Framework is not always easy to utilize if you have trouble with coding. If you are a developer, though, you will see some great aspects of the system.

You get a developer license right off the bat, and you d need to pay no extra fee if you have the skills to start developing. You can use the Genesis Framework for infinite sites, and you won’t have to think about paying for them individually. Say you get the framework and notice that it is not quite what you were looking for. No problem! Add on one of many child themes. Once you have both of these, you could install it on as many sites as possible.

This has real benefits if you are an agency. Think about how much other software companies will charge you if you want to have the right to use the plugin on hundreds of sites. You can often expect to pay hundreds or even thousands each month for the agency tier if you want to be given the right to use their code. That is not the case with Genesis. Developers designed it with developers in mind.

Pricing When You Buy The Genesis Framework

We went over a few aspects that you can expect from the software now. Please don’t go in thinking that it will be an easy task to put together many child themes and get rich from passive income that pours in from people eager to buy your unique spin on the software. It will take some real coding skills and understanding to get everything working together.

Suppose you have the right skill set though, with hooks and PHP, you will get a lot out of the pricing structure for this when you buy the Genesis Framework. For example, there is no license key you need to pay for each time you want to use the plugin. That is a huge way to save time, especially if you work for an ad company or a creative group. Agencies many times are bogged down with the fact that they need the right license for everybody that is working with their company. Why not use a framework that doesn’t come with all the red tape?

Spend sixty dollars on the framework, and you are ready to go. Divi is several hundred if you want to construct sites with the drag and drop builder. The cost here is much lower and more reasonable. You can use it as many times as you would like, which would make you think the price should be higher.

Pricing For Child Themes

Pricing For Child Themes

Once you have received the initial framework for just sixty dollars, add on to that. Child themes are great for small tweaks on the overall main theme while maintaining the same style and functions. How much can you expect to pay for these child themes?

Many of them go for just $20 to $45. Keep in mind this is on top of the initial price when you buy the Genesis Framework. These child themes range from a focus on pictures to a layout that will remind you of glossy magazines. Really, there will be a child theme for anything you could want to put out there. From a cooking site to a surfing site, it is easy to make happen. Keep in mind, though, and some child themes can reach up to three and four hundred if you want the Enterprise license to access unlimited use. You may want to think for a while before investing in a child theme that is expensive for infinite use. In conclusion, when you want to buy the Genesis Framework, you will get a ton of great options for a very low price. Add on the many child themes, and the decision is simple for most people that are interested.

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