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Buy UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is one of the most popular plugins on the WordPress platform. Why is it generating so much buzz? You can backup, restore, and migrate to a new server with a very easy-to-understand setup and just a few clicks of the mouse. This service is excellent for business owners who depend on WordPress to run their online store but may be too busy to keep up with the general upkeep. UpdraftPlus is great because you can schedule a backup for a specific time. This could be done every week at a particular time or even daily for websites that regularly see many changes.

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Why You should buy UpdraftPlus

Not only that, but UpdraftPlus also includes cloud-based backups. More and more, we are starting to see things migrate to the cloud with the rise in popularity of both AWS and Microsoft Azure. Going to the cloud takes the guesswork out of the equation in many ways. Perhaps I am unsure what kind of resources I will need for my current business. What is the right operating system? How much memory will I need to reserve for my setup so that my website loads fast and is responsive to customer requests? Cloud computing helps with this and allows you to customize things on the fly. You are renting the space and the equipment, which means you can add on more memory with just a few clicks or swap over to a different operating system if you need to.

UpdraftPlus and keeping backups in the cloud also provide many of these same advantages. Perhaps your website uses more memory or takes up more space than you anticipated. The website is image-heavy or uses multiple high-resolution videos, which means you will need more space to back things up. With cloud-based computing, you won’t need to walk over to the store and buy several new and expensive solid-state drives—just opt-in for the next tier of service with your cloud-based system. The company you are working with will portion out extra space for your website so that you won’t have to worry about how fast you are growing.

The Importance of Backups

Just how important is it to make sure you have regular backups done through a service like UpdraftPlus? Many business owners will just back everything up when they remember to, and they have never had a problem. Is it essential to pay for a service that will back up the site automatically when you can do it on your own? After all, how many people have you known that needed to use a backup after a catastrophic failure?

Keeping in mind with backups is that website hacking is very common. Gone are the days when a teenager sat down in a dimly lit bedroom late at night to manually hack a site. Instead, programs have been written that constantly look for even a minor weakness or a complex way to get in. These programs are all armed with the latest exploits and vulnerabilities. How good is your firewall? Have you installed all the latest patches? One missed update means you might be open to an intrusion where the criminal will try to crash your web page and steal your data.

When a hacker strikes, you can regain control of the website and change your passwords most of the time. If the website owner is locked out permanently, you might be faced with a situation where the backup is the only choice you have now. Website owners can spend thousands on content for the site and professionally done layouts and graphics. A backup is like the insurance that you have on a car. You might not need the insurance, but it is there just in case of an accident, and you need to recover your investment.

How to buy updraftplus

How to buy UpdraftPlus

Beyond malicious actors trying to compromise your website, systems need to be constantly updated to ensure they remain stable and still offer all new functionality. Unfortunately, each time a website is updated, it is always a gamble. The WordPress platform comes with many plugins that, at times, may not all work well together. In addition, each time a new iteration of WordPress comes out, not all of your plugins may work with the latest version. This can be due to many reasons, but all webmasters should be aware that creators of plugins do not always make an effort to keep their work up to date. 

With that in mind, you might be using a plugin integral to your whole site. Each upgrade comes with the risk that things that worked previously will no longer function as intended. With that in mind, it is imperative to keep copies of your website that you can always revert to. Several snapshots of the website at different times will ensure that you can move backward through additional copies of the website if something goes wrong. Using a service such as UpdraftPlus can work with confidence instead of worrying about an extended downtime for the website that can cost a company thousands or even millions of dollars in lost revenue.

UpdraftPlus Guide

Now that we looked at the huge advantages of using UpdraftPlus to protect your site let’s take a look at the steps you need to take to install UpdraftPlus so you can start using it!

Step 1. Use your credentials to log into your WordPress site. You will need to have the username and password for the administrator. 

Step 2. Look at the pane on the left-hand side of the screen. From here, you will see Posts, Media, Pages, and Comments. Continue to go through the navigation on the left until you come to the Plugins. Click on Plugins and then click “Add New.”

Step 3. A search box will pop up and prompt you for text. For example, search for the term UpdraftPlus and then hit enter to start your search.

Step 4. Find UpdraftPlus, which should be the top result after your search. Then, click “Install Now,” which will start the installation process.

Step 5. Wait while WordPress updates your system with the new Plugin. UpdraftPlus is a lightweight piece of code that should not take more than five to ten seconds. Once that is finished, complete the process by clicking “Activate Plugin.”

how to buy updraftplus

Free vs Premium

As we can see, the Plugin is easy to install and activate. Even better is the fact that UpdraftPlus offers a free option. This means everyone can simplify backups and restoration, feeling secure that updates and hackers will not bring your site down permanently. In addition, all backups stored in the cloud can restore your whole site along with posts and plugins with just a single click. Backup to the cloud is available through Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP, Rackspace Cloud, UpdraftVault, DreamObjects, and even email. 

When you go with the paid model for UpdraftPlus, you can back up to Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Backblaze B2, SFTP, SCP, and WebDAV. All of this together means the paid option gets you many more choices. The web page for UpdraftPlus provides a useful guide that precisely breaks down the extra things you will get when you upgrade from the free account to a premium account, but we will cover the highlights to help you make your decision.

Advantages of Premium

When you go with the upgraded version of UpdraftPlus, you can enjoy support for WP-CLI. If you are more comfortable working with the command-line interface for making WordPress changes, this will be a huge plus. Also, you will get advanced reporting which means you can see details about all of your backups that would usually be hidden.

Premium provides incremental backups, which means that if you have a large website, this will be a huge advantage. Incremental backups will only create a copy of the things you changed on your website instead of copying over the whole website, which could take an extended time depending on how much data you are working with. Even your non-WordPress files and databases will be able to be copied over to multiple remote locations using premium, which is perfect for companies that already have the infrastructure in place that you can’t change but still needs to be saved as a backup. 

In conclusion, WordPress is a great platform, and UpdraftPlus will make sure you are secure no matter what. This is a must-have for any webmaster that wants to make sure their data is always safe despite upgrades in technology and constant attacks from hackers and bots that are looking for a way to bring down one of your most valuable assets. So try out UpdraftPlus today, start reaping the benefits, and have peace of mind with your backup. 

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