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Buying Websites On Flippa – Make Great buys on The Flippa Platform!

Buying Websites On Flippa

It would be nice if we all had an extra stream of income. Many times on YouTube, that is what the gurus will tell you. It would be best if you had multiple streams of income. Maybe you have looked into rental properties so that you can collect rent. Perhaps dividend stocks appeal to you since they increase in value over time. With our article about buying websites on Flippa, we wanted to cover another great way to make income passively. Buy a website. The best place to buy a site is through Flippa. They provide security as well as transparency.

Get access to great domains and maybe a good buy!

How Does Flippa Work?

Flippa is good from both perspectives. Are you good at making sites in WordPress? Maybe you have a skill at putting together great blog articles. Flippa will be an excellent place for you to sell a site. Let it run for a year or so to age the domain. For a site making only $300.00 each month, many people will pay $3,000.00.

People are willing to pay several times the value upfront for a site because they know it can make them income every month. For many sites, once you get them set up, they just run on auto-pilot. Each month, sales come in for digital goods or physical goods. You fulfill the orders and collect your paycheck. It is easy once you get the ball rolling.

On the flip side, maybe you are not adept at blog writing or using WordPress. How can you get consistent income each month? Just buy a site that is already done for you. This will be much cheaper than if you invested in a franchise. Many times, if you want to open up, say a sandwich shop, you need to pay for equipment, the building, and a franchise fee. You can avoid all that when you buy an online business.

That is the basic overview of Flippa. If you are interested in selling sites, you can create as many as you want, and that will become an income stream for you. If you are the buyer, there are many safeguards to ensure that the site will make you income for a long time to come, and you can make back your investment.

Why Flippa?

Select Flippa to buy a site for many reasons.

  • Easy to read analytics
  • High transparency for site stats
  • Simple to look at the history of the site

These are some of the main reasons why people pick Flippa to look for their next site. They can protect you from scammers and show you what you are getting before you have the site turned over.

How To Find A Good Site on Flippa

Yet another way to make income with sites would be flipping sites. Flippa is not the only place to buy and sell online sites. A great tool when buying websites on Flippa is Empire Flippers. Many Flippa customers will buy a site on Flippa and then flip it on Empire Flippers for a profit after fixing it up a bit. If you can do it with houses, you can also do it with sites.

What do you want to look for?

  • The site content should be unique.
  • Try to buy in a niche you know.
  • The domain should be aged.
  • Traffic needs to be organic versus bot traffic.

These are not all aspects to look for, but it is a good way to get started as you browse for a site on Flippa. For example, if you have no idea about cars, it would not make sense for you to purchase a site based on selling car parts.

For one thing, you would not know if the blog writing on the site is accurate or not. The previous writer might have done poorly at their job and flooded the site with bad content. Once you purchase the site, you would need to do the proper research and then fix all of those articles. That will dig into your profits and cut down on the number of flips that you can do.

Is Flippa Unique?

Next, look for unique content. What does this mean? Well, it doesn’t have to be unique in the sense that nobody else is selling the product. If you want to sell cooking utensils, that is fine. Many other people are writing about the cooking niche, so that part is not unique. What needs to be unique is each article. If content came from another site, you would be hit with a penalty from Google.

A good rule of thumb to check and see if your content is new would be to take a few sentences from an article and then plug that into Google. Many sites say that they can verify if the content is unique. Some will even want you to pay for the service. These are not needed. By putting a small sample of the article in Google, you can see if it exists elsewhere online. You can use this trick on a wide variety of articles online to make sure the previous writers were of good quality.

Buying Websites On Flippa – The Domain!

Another thing to consider before you buy a site with Flippa would be the age of the domain. Take a look at some of the sites you are currently using. These sites have a domain, and you need to factor in how long the sites have been up.

If Google sees a site that has only been active for a few months, the domain age will not be strong. The search engine first wants to make sure the site has been up for a while. If not, it could be set up quickly to send out spam and then shut down again. When your domain has been aged several years, chances are not being used for spam or malware links.

A good rule of thumb to follow would be to make sure the domain is aged at least a year. This gives you a good starting point. From here, you will be able to start ranking your keywords right off the bat. Flippa wants to protect you, and when you consider a site, you can see the domain age. This information is listed on the listing page.

Buy Flippa domain

Protections From Flippa

Another thing to think about is the kind of traffic. Before somebody sells a site, they might pump up the traffic with bots. There are blackhat services out there where you can add your computer to a pool. Bots take over your computer and will then direct it to visit sites. The number of visitors will go up, even when you are not at your computer.

Why do people hand over their computer to be used to pump up the volume for other sites? It is so that they can, in turn, earn more traffic. You rent out your computer to the pool, and you earn credits. These credits can then be spent, so you boost your own stats. Why does something like this, though? The traffic is not real for the most part. It is not going to start converting to real sales. All you did was hide the true numbers.

It can be scary buying a site when you feel like the figures on visitors might be fake. That is why Flippa provides so many protections. They will show you Google Analytics on the listing page. By checking this out, you can separate organic traffic from fake traffic. SEMrush is another good tool to see what words they are ranking for. Are these the words that you are also looking to rank up for?

Flippa Buy Website Help

With our article, we also wanted to highlight the best kinds of websites to find with Flippa. We recommend going for a WordPress site. WordPress lets you make changes fast. There are plenty of plugins to use, and you can also customize it, so it looks the way you want.

If you are interested in changing the theme, we have many to pick from with Superb Themes. Pick from themes that are based on photography or blogging. We even have a theme that is going to be eco-friendly. On top of that, Superb Themes has many great plugins to pick from. We have plugins where you can easily create tables from your data. Use these to create comparisons between your products and show customers the best one to buy.

You will want to avoid sites on Flippa made with Wix or Squarespace. These platforms are limited. Wix is going to try and lock you into the ecosystem that they created. It makes it harder to move the site and migrate it over to another host. The same stands for SquareSpace. Sure, it is easy to create the site initially, but it is harder to sell later. Stick with the WordPress sites if you want to eventually flip the site and sell it once you get the monthly profits. You can do these by adding a new theme or by adding more content with blog writing.

Buy Flippa website

Buying Websites On Flippa Conclusion

In conclusion, we wanted to give you a good idea of what site to look for on Flippa. We went over some good rules to follow when you consider your next buy. Keep in mind also, when you use themes and plugins from Superb Themes, you can create good-looking sites. Build them up and age your domain. Eventually, if you can build up the monthly income, feel free to sell them on Flippa. This can become a great source of revenue for you.

Get access to great domains and maybe a good buy!

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