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Cherry Servers Review – Is It Worth A Try?

cherry Servers review

Based in Lithuania, this host provider has been in business for close to two decades. You have a good variety to pick from, including dedicated servers and virtual servers that can be brought online quickly. In our Cherry Servers review, we wanted to look at both pros and cons when working with this host. We will go over pricing and give you an idea of what you will get at each tier level. Let us get started with our Cherry Servers review and see if you should make the switch.

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First, let us go over some of the selling points you have with Cherry Servers to give you a better idea of what you will get when you sign up for the service.

  • Customers are spread out over 120 different countries
  • White-label program for increased revenue options
  • A cloud platform that uses an API that is simple to access
  • Elastic cloud storage that can be moved around easily

One of the most interesting parts of working with Cherry Servers is that they own all of the hardware. We asked if they utilize Amazon Web Services or the Google Cloud Platform, and we were impressed to learn that all of the hardware is controlled on their end. That is a great aspect because it puts Cherry Servers fully in control.

Another excellent aspect would be the data centers in Europe. If you are a European user, you will love the modern data centers that give you up to 200TB in free traffic and DDoS protection. A DDoS attack can be a real concern even with large companies! Ensure your current host is ready for such an attack and has the load balancing features in place that will protect your site.

Last, of all, we inquired about limitations with the hardware. To test their customer service, we asked about how many partitions can be placed on one machine. For Windows 10, you can have as few as 4 primary partitions using the MBR scheme. From there, you can go all the way up to 128. Customer service informed us they do not limit the hardware at all. This means if you did want to have the full 128 partitions for use, you could do this in a virtual environment.


To remain unbiased, we wanted to speak about some of the downsides you will experience with the company. As we covered before, they do not utilize Amazon Web Services or the Google Cloud Platform. Some will view this as an upside since they can configure things in a custom manner. They are not supported fully by a third party company.

Simultaneously, though, some will not want to use Cherry Servers because they are not built off of AWS and the Google Cloud. Some may feel it is too risky to work with a company that does not utilize the large cloud platforms. That is up to you to decide. If you feel that a host has to use these large platforms, many other choices do not control their own servers’ racks.

A second con that we noticed was how many of the plans were currently out of stock. Once again, this probably goes back because they do not rely on the big names in hosting. If you are looking for a plan with 48 cores or 52 cores for some heavy processing power, we noticed that many of these plans are already sold out. This could also be viewed as a testament to how in demand the service is at those higher price points. It seems that large corporations like their service and have quickly bought up their plans with extreme processing power.

cherry Servers selling points


For Cherry Servers, the pricing is very reasonable. You will only pay $117.00 USD every month at the lowest tier. For that price, you will have four cores at 3.5 GHz. The more cores you have, it will improve multiple tasks on the machine. Now you will have the ability to run a video that you might be editing, debug code for a new application, and run Slack to talk to your team. All of these things will run smoothly together even though you have multiple programs that are active.

In addition to this, you also have 32GB of ECC RAM. This stands for error correction code. It is a special type of RAM you will find utilized by servers and heavy-duty workstations. Businesses go out of their way to make sure that their server is running ECC RAM to lower the downtime for a site. Memory errors are found and corrected before they can turn into a problem. Data corruption is low, and that allows your site to stay up for long periods with very few times where it will go down.

This special ECC RAM will also help make sure your computer you are renting from Cherry Servers will not have a server crash. If you run a website or an application in a professional industry like finance or the medical field, we strongly urge you to look into error-correcting RAM to make sure your services are also available. If there is data corruption or any outage with something like the medical field, it can be severe when there is a site outage. Stop this by asking for this special type of RAM with your rep at Cherry Servers.

Traffic Limits

As far as traffic for this tier, you get 30TB. That will be more than enough for your small site, and you should not exceed this unless you have a sudden influx of visitors. Keep in mind there are higher tiers. Don’t feel confined to just the lowest tier offered. For a little more each month, you can upgrade. Better tiers come with more cores and higher traffic limits. You can run even more applications simultaneously. Your limits for storage will also increase. If you are creating elaborate applications that need a lot of space, this might be a better option. Real estate companies utilizing many slick-looking videos may also invest in more space.

We are happy to say; Cherry Servers offers a wide selection of plans. It is very reasonable to pay roughly a hundred dollars for service if you are just getting started. It is obvious from the hardware specs; they watch out for the customer. Your operating system will run smoothly and with few crashes. We would like to see even more hosts put this much into their hardware. Hopefully, this starts a trend where you are given better specs at the lowest tiers.

cherry Servers Support


As with many reviews, we wanted to test the level of support that you get. You might have the best VPS along with DDoS protection, but if you can’t reach anybody, that isn’t very helpful. We are happy to say support is great. For the review, we timed how fast they would respond. Utilizing the chat window, the response was speedy. We were only waiting for a few seconds before a rep started to answer the question.

You may save money using another host, but we have seen where they will not offer support at all times. If you live in North America, a company must respond during normal hours. When you are open for business, you need answers quickly. Your site is on the line, along with your customers. If your site is down for too long, it costs you real dollars.

Cherry Servers Support Available From Many Channels

Other reviews also commented on the fast support time, so this was not a fluke. You can use the online contact form and get an answer back later. Perhaps you want a phone call, and then you can leave your number. Email is open to type up detailed issues along with error codes. They really provided many ways to reach them with questions.

Last, of all, it was great to work with a competent rep. I asked them several easy questions, and they were able to go through them all. At no point did they need to seek out the next level of support. That is good to see that the representatives are trained well in regards to the hardware.

Free Trial?

For our Cherry Servers review, we wanted to touch on the free trial. Take advantage of the fifteen-day free trial. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect in speed and processing power. The free trial also allows you to see if you need to increase the number of cores you are using or decrease. It may be your first time working in a virtual environment. If you are not comfortable working with a computer that you can’t physically touch, that is fine. Just stop your trial, and you will not be charged. Cloud computing is not for everybody.

Cherry Servers Review Conclusion

In conclusion to our Cherry Servers review, we feel this is a great company to get in contact with. If you have any questions, the chat support can go over everything. They do not use the typical AWS and Google Cloud Platform, which may be a big plus for you. For more in terms of reviews and hosting, keep coming back to Superb Themes.

Interested in learning more about Cherry Servers?

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