Cloudways Promo Code 2020

Cloudways hosting promo code

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The coupon or promo code SUPERBCOUPON can be used at the check out page when making a purchase to attain a considerable discount on the products and services of Cloudways.

Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting

Cloudways is there to provide you a managed cloud hosting service for websites created with the well-known WordPress open source software. The thing which sets it apart from the other available options for hosting is the sites are stored on cloud servers with Cloudways which allows multiple copies of your website content to be replicated throughout whichever data center you choose. There is a complex algorithm deployed to handle all of the switching of data and a copy of your site is delivered from the next available server in the case when your main server goes down. This methodology allows rapid deployment of server resources along with providing much greater performance, and most importantly, reliability.

Cloudways Discount Code Overview

There are various web hosting options and solutions out there, but making a decision to select one that does not cause problems for you in the future is very difficult. Cloudways is the name that you always will get when talking about web hosting as it has proven to be attention-worthy with its unique and effective simplified approach to web hosting. They have a lot of distinguishing features like security, monitoring, backups, and crash protection, along with providing different handy tools. They have flexible and affordable pricing plans along with giving you the best value in return for them. The company deploys a pay for what you utilize structure, contributing to making Cloudways an excellent choice for small and medium-sized businesses along with accommodating users with a limited budget. 

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Cloudways is a good choice

Cloudways can provide you with just the right resources that you need. You can get a free trial for the cloud-servers that feature 512MB and 1GB of RAM and it requires no credit card details which relieves you from any pressure in trying the service for a hands-on experience. 

Cloudways does not have any limitation or restriction on how many WordPress sites you can install and deploy. Its console is known to be a user-friendly control panel for managing the server as you wish to. It provides you with plenty of useful features, including server monitoring and scaling tools which is really good. The process of making automatic site backups is very easy and less complex to understand and configure. You will only end up paying for the resources you use on their system.

Along with the popular WordPress, they also provide hosting solutions for many other content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal, and Moodle. One site migration is provided by Cloudways and no additional costs are charged for it.

Cloudways Bonus codes

Cloudways discount coupon code for this ongoing month is CWBLOGIDEA which will provide you with a $20 credit. Similarly, there is a great number of websites present over the internet providing different types of discounts with the help of promo or coupon codes. It might be possible that Cloudways provides bonus codes to their already existing members through emails or providing bonus codes to their returning customers in the same way. It is also possible that the bonus codes for Cloudways are also shared and provided by magazines and blogs. Thus you can easily find different places that provide you with coupon codes and bonus codes to get considerable savings on your purchase with Cloudways. 

Cloudways VS Traditional Hosting: Comparison

  1. Cloud hosting for your site means that it is stored on multiple servers, whereas in traditional hosting, your site is stored on one server along with a backup.
  2. As cloud hosting enables your site to be on multiple servers, it is very easy to migrate or move it to someplace else if any incident occurs. 
  3. Cloud hosting contributes to improving the uptime and increasing the efficiency because if one server fails to comply or provide service, services of the other servers in the network can be used if anything goes wrong unexpectedly. 
  4. It usually provides faster service compared to traditional hosting. The server is able to detect the location of your customer or visitor and then let the nearest server to him transmit content.
  5. The majority of the cloud hosts use SSDs. Solid-state drives improve your site performance and efficiency as SSDs are fast and reliable.
  6. Cloud hosts do provide and ensure more security as compared to the security of traditional hosts. Cloudways deploys a range of critically accepted security techniques to process your WordPress site, contributing to ensuring that you have the maximum possible security for your work.
  7. Cloud servers are able to scale according to the situation very quickly in an effective manner which is ideal for tackling situations like a sudden spike in traffic for your website. It lets you have control of the hosting charges as you pay for what you utilize.

Cloudways Promotion Code

As stated and discussed in the previous two paragraphs, it is very easy to find promo codes for discounts on Cloudways services and products. You just have to do a search with a search engine for finding the promo codes. Many websites provide coupon codes for you to get various types of discounts on the services and products for Cloudways. 

Hence you can easily find different places that provide you with coupon codes and bonus codes to get considerable savings on your purchase with Cloudways. The official website of Cloudways shows and provides different types of discount offers and deals periodically. They provide New Years discount deals and other deals regarding first purchase discounts along with different types of other promotional offers.

An Excellent, Focused Web Host

There are a lot of things that distinguish and set apart Cloudways from the other available options. They have flexible and affordable cloud hosting plans along with providing faster setup times, top quality, and friendly web-based customer support for help and guidance round the clock. It is a company that provides you service on which you can rely upon for keeping your site up and running efficiently.

Great Customer Service

Cloudways offers a competent and friendly customer service team’s support for you to reach them around the clock. They have the option for you to speak with a customer service representative via webchat which is more convenient nowadays. In this way, you can easily and rapidly get answers or solutions to your concerns. 

The customer support team for Cloudways is known to be supportive and friendly along with being quite knowledgeable too. You can freely ask for help for any sort of issue you are facing. If you are new and want to learn and clarify things, just communicate this to the support team. They will make sure that you have a step by step guide for the scenario in order to help you understand. They can explain to you in detail the features, pricing, plans, services, options, and other related topics that usually need an explanation for a better view of the picture.

Why a bonus code matters

Who does not like to save some money while making purchases? Discounts are always good as savings are always good. Nobody wants to spend extra money on anything. The bonus codes do matter for the same reason. The bonus codes are used as an incentive and appreciation for the existing customers. They are used as an attraction tool for attracting new customers. Bonus codes hold immense importance from a marketing point of view. 

To provide something distinguishable and attractive to the customers is very crucial for competing with competitors. A bonus code is the perfect way to bring in customers, especially the ones who are price-conscious. So the bonus code does really matter in business.

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Excellent Uptime

Website uptime is the one crucial and important aspect and factor which determines the reputation of a hosting service. For example, in a scenario where your site goes down, the customers or visitors are unable to reach you or find you or access your products or services. This situation can cause a very bad impression to be given to your customers, contributing to a bad reputation for your business. Cloudways offers and ensures an excellent uptime. It makes sure that your website is never down and always accessible. Cloudways has been proven to be very stable. 

E-Commerce and Security

Cloudways provides you with many useful e-commerce tools like Magneto (easy drag and drop making mechanism) and Prestashop platforms in its app library. Cloud hosting ensures the maximum security as its system is engineered with security in mind. Cloudways further provides safety and protection from unwanted attacks by regularly providing operating systems and firmware updates. In addition, it provides SSL certificates which are considered essential for data protection. 

Cloudways doesn’t use coupon codes and discount codes

It is not exactly stated that Cloudways does not use coupon codes and discount codes. Different types of promo codes and coupon codes are available over the internet on coupon providing websites that claim to provide different types of discounts on services and purchases of Cloudways. Coupon code offers like New Years discount coupons are available on the official website of Cloudways so it sort of contradicts the statement that Cloudways does not use coupon codes.

Cloudways Performance

It is very difficult to measure web host performance because there are so many variables involved in the process. Cloudways takes this process to a whole new level of complexity as the speeds you will see will change according to your chosen provider, the data center, the application you are making use of, your server setup, and your own location, amongst other factors. Consistency is also an important thing that Cloudways claims to provide in the matter of the performance it provides. 

That is what to expect from a top-notch quality service providing cloud hosting provider. The results and performance can vary as it is dependent on many factors like users’ location, type of application you are deploying, etc. though there is no doubt that Cloudways strives hard to ensure that its customers are provided with the best of the best service quality to ensure maximum user satisfaction and positive reputation. Usually, e-commerce websites require higher performance for their business.

Cloudways Hosting Discounts

You can find various websites over the internet claiming to provide discount codes, promo codes, and coupon codes to get you different types of discounts and deals. You can just search for Cloudways hosting discount on a search engine and you will be shown search results, including different coupon codes providing websites and webpage links. Many websites are providing different types of discounts. They have statements claiming to provide you different percentage discounts on the services and products of Cloudways. 

The official website of Cloudways shows and provides different types of discount offers and deals periodically. They provide New Year discount deals and other deals regarding first purchase discounts along with different types of other promotional offers.

What are the key features of Cloudways hosting?

Cloudways provides different amounts of processing power, memory, bandwidth, and storage space. Their starting or the basic hosting plan provides a cloud server having RAM of 10 GB, 25 GB of storage, 1 Core Processor, and a 1 TB bandwidth. The key features of Cloudways are stated below. 

  1. Cloudways handles your site migration if you are changing hosts without any extra charges for one time.
  2. The Cloudways CDN contributes to improving the server speed. Faster site speeds are crucially required for online stores.
  3. They provide you with an auto-healing feature which takes care of any havoc causing situations. It strives hard to prevent any scenario which causes site crashes.
  4. WordPress is a very well-known and common content management system, which is usually a target for hackers, so Cloudways deploys a dedicated firewall to provide maximum security for your site.
  5. The availability of the built-in SSL feature enables you to secure communications between the site and customers or visitors, contributing to maintaining security. 
  6. The two-factor authentication is there to provide an extra layer of security against attackers and hackers to contribute to maximizing security. 
  7. Single click easy installation for apps is provided.
  8. It provides an easy set up for new sites. You can put up a new site on your server with a single click.
  9. The access to a competent and friendly support team round the clock is provided, which is really helpful.
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What other actions are done with the Cloudways Control Panel?

The Cloudways control panel provides you with a number of amazingly useful features and settings which can be found under the tab of Server Management.

Security Feature

Along with a dedicated firewall and the overall security ensuring nature and structure of cloud hosting, the security features of Cloudways allows you to have a log of white list IP addresses which provides you with access to your server.

Monitoring Features

The facility and feature of monitoring your server is a crucially important impressive feature provided by Cloudways. In this particular management aspect, you can have a graph to view in order to easily monitor your server resources and especially how you are using them. It lets you monitor up to 15 different variables like the disc space, incoming traffic, reads per second and idle CPU, etc.

The Backups

Cloudways lets you set up automatic backup options every day, every two days, every three days, and so on for up to one-week intervals. Provided that you can manually backup your site with the click of a button whenever you require or there is a need for you.

Crash Protection Feature

Nothing can be worse than having your site crash because it is not able to handle a large number of visitors. The Vertical Scaling feature of Cloudways lets you adjust your cloud server resources as much as needed in accordance with your situation with a few clicks. It is a very useful and incredible feature. The best thing is that you are entitled to only pay for the resources you utilize.

Other Handy Tools

Cloudways provides you with a number of other tools along with the usually anticipated features. You are provided the Manage Services option to configure Apache, MySQL, cache memory, and more related things. There are other incredibly useful tools that are provided too. 

Cloudways Promo Code Conclusion

It is good for beginners and the experienced and demanding users will find and experience that Cloudways provides you with powerful and high-performance cloud hosting solutions at a very reasonable and affordable price. It offers you affordability with great functionality. They provide amazing features with WordPress cloud servers which can scale hosting resources in accordance with your website growth. You can try their three-day free trial to test their platform and to have a better on hands experience.

Cloud based web hosting services are now found to be deployed very commonly. Cloudways does provide several interesting things with its cloud hosting that distinguishes it from all the other available options out there in a growing field.

Grab a Cloudways Promo Code and get your next purchase at the best possible price!

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