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Cloudways Review: Our Honest Opinion

Cloudways Review introduction. Web hosting is the most underrated aspect of a website. Unfortunately, most web admins rarely use the hosting interface—they usually only use it when they’re setting up the site, which makes them disregard the site host. Additionally, the hosting panel options often require advanced knowledge, scarring less-experienced users.

Overlooking the host is a huge mistake because web hosting is the foundation of the site. You can’t build a solid website on an untrustworthy host. It’s a pity to choose the services of a poor hosting provider when there are many better options.

The overall Cloudways review conclusion – Cloudways is one of the most reliable hosting providers. Here is everything you should know about the types of web hosting and what makes Cloudways stand apart. Even if your current hosting satisfies your needs, checking out this review is mandatory. Cloudways is not only a hosting provider but also a place to find predictions of web hosting.

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Cloudways Competitors

Cloudways provides an excellent hosting company. However, we always recommend that you visit competitors before making your final choice. Below are some of the ideal hosting services listed together with current discounts.

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Types of Hosting

To get a complete idea about Cloudways, you have to understand the different types of web hosting. Here are the most common types of hosting.

Shared Hosting

 Shared hosting is the cheapest type of hosting, and it uses the same server to host several sites. The most significant advantage is the price—it’s just a few bucks a month. The major disadvantage is that your site will share server resources with other sites. Depending on each host’s configuration, a server could store hundreds of sites.

Dedicated Hosting

This hosting means that you own a server and are responsible for configuring it for maximum performance. You don’t share the server resources with anyone else, but that privilege comes at a cost.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for a virtual private server, and this type of hosting combines the two above. A physical server stores the files of multiple sites, but each site runs within a virtual container. So even though the sites share the same server, the resources are private.

Cloud Hosting

Sooner or later, cloud hosting will be the most used type. Your site is stored on a network of computers, which allows for easy scaling, almost no downtime, and improved security. Of course, the price is the biggest downside, but you can expect lower prices soon due to severe investments in this field.

Cloudways Review – The Future Is Here

Cloudways is one of the pioneers of cloud hosting, and its brand is associated with innovation, high-end technology, and reliability. Cloud hosting comes with serious advantages, such as superior uptime, scalability, and better performance. Cloudways has not only provided stellar services but also popularized the benefits of cloud hosting.

Here are the six capital features of Cloudways that have propelled this company to the top of cloud hosting providers.

Five Top-Class Cloud Hosting Providers

A particularity of Cloudways is that the customers don’t use the company’s cloud structure. Instead, they can choose from the top five cloud hosting providers:

  • Digital Ocean: Digital Ocean is a cloud infrastructure provider renowned for its developer-friendly interface and advantageous price to performance ratio.
  • Linode: Linode claims to make cloud computing accessible, simple, and affordable. Setting up a website on the Linode infrastructure is a job for advanced users, but Cloudways will do the leg work for you. Choose Linode if you want a solid cloud infrastructure at affordable prices.
  •  Vultr: Vultr uses 100% solid-state drives (SSD) and the latest generation of Intel CPUs. The infrastructure is distributed across 16 worldwide locations.
  •  Amazon Web Services: AWS needs no introduction. It’s a high-performing and reliable cloud infrastructure.
  • Google Cloud: Google Cloud is another famous cloud infrastructure provider. Setting up an app or a website on Google Cloud requires intermediate to advanced server management skills. Cloudways successfully bridges the gap between Google Cloud and its users.

Out of This World Performance

Cloudways review the stellar performance. There are a couple of factors that contribute to the stellar performance of any site hosted with Cloudways. First, all the sites’ files are stored on SSDs, three times faster than hard disk drives (HDD).

Unlike shared hosting, Cloudways users benefit from dedicated resources. Forget about your site crashing due to a traffic spike hosted on the same server as yours. With Cloudways, scaling resources up or down the resources is simple and effective. Caching is a top priority for Cloudways. Breeze is a free WordPress plugin that comes pre-installed on Cloudways, and it significantly improves site performance. It minifies the site’s code and compresses the files to make the site load faster. Additionally, Cloudways uses built-in caching systems to deliver the site’s file as quickly as possible.

cloudways breeze

The servers run on the latest version of PHP: PHP7.x. It is HTTP/2 enabled, and you can use the Cloudways CDN. If you are not tech-savvy and don’t care about technical details, all you need to know is that these features will make the site load blazingly fast.

Bulletproof Security

Security is a top priority for every hosting provider, and Cloudways is no exception. The firmware and the operating systems used on the Cloudways infrastructure are regularly updated, and the built-in firewall filters out malicious traffic.

Two-factor authentication is an effective method of fortifying your site security, and you can enable it on your Cloudways account. At the same time, you can disable access to your site or app with just a single click. Are you afraid that someone is breaking into your site? Use this option to rest assured that nobody gets access to your site.

Is your site SSL-secure? If not, don’t worry! Cloudways users benefit from another one-click option: free SSL installation. If your site has been infected despite all these measures, then you can use automated backups. You can set the backup frequency to meet your needs—you can set it to anything from one hour to every seven days.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Running a complex site or web app is challenging, and you need a powerful, user-friendly hosting platform. Cloudways is the ideal solution for projects requiring collaborative work. Start by migrating your site to Cloudways. Then, use the Cloudways WP Migrator plugin to migrate your site hassle-free and free of charge.

Each team member can access the site files via SFTP and SSH; you can also set up different credentials for each team member. What’s more, your team members can use the same account for other teams. There’s no need to use separate accounts because Cloudways splits the projects accordingly. Don’t worry about privacy; you can assign limited access to specific team members.

Other worth-mentioning Cloudways features for better team collaboration are

  •  Group sites and apps in a single project for better management
  • Staging areas for testing new ideas without affecting the live site or app
  •  Easy server ownership transfers to team members or clients.

Efficient Monitoring

Having your site go down is unacceptable these days. Luckily, Cloudways monitors your site’s uptime. So your server will be monitored around the clock, and you’ll get a complete report of the performance and uptime metrics.

Recently, Cloudways has introduced an AI assistant to provide real-time insights and notifications about site availability and performance.

Efficient Monitoring

Pricing Plans

Judging by only the amount you pay, cloud hosting is a real bargain. However, the pricing plans aren’t affordable for many startups. What’s more, predicting the monthly price is difficult, so you may have to pay unexpected additional money. It’s worth using a Cloudways promo code because of that.

Stellar Support

Support is one of the essential elements of web hosting and should be a central element of a Cloudways review. Support quality is the deciding factor when choosing a host for your site. Cloudways’ engineers and support agents have worked hard to satisfy their customers, and it seems that they have in almost all cases.

Cloudways customers can get help 24/7 via ticketing and live chat. Experts will provide solutions to your issues, whether you use live chat or a ticket.

Before asking for help, you are welcome to check out the Knowledge Base—it’s a complete FAQ section. Additionally, the Resources page aims to teach people to get the most from the Cloudways infrastructure. Check its e-books, case studies, and blog posts.

There is also an active community behind Cloudways. Engage with it in the Community area. In plain English, it’s a forum with topics related to various Cloudways aspects. The helpful members who bring their contribution to each new thread get a huge thumbs up.

Cloudways Review – Cons of Cloudways

Cloudways is a top-notch hosting provider, but it’s not perfect. However, the disadvantages of Cloudways are insignificant compared to its advantages.

Experts and users together are annoyed by three things.

No Traditional cPanel or Plesk

Users are barely accustomed to cPanel or Plesk, and kicking them out from the comfort zone can be difficult. In addition, Cloudways uses a different hosting control panel that might trouble first-time users.

No Domain Name Registration

Before using Cloudways hosting, you have to purchase a domain name. Therefore, it makes sense to streamline this process by securing the domain name directly from Cloudways’ interface. This lack of a feature isn’t a big deal for experienced web admins, but users who don’t know how to point a domain name to a host miss this feature.

Is Cloudways For Me?

The conclusion of this Cloudways Review is clear. Cloud hosting comes with fantastic advantages and, more importantly, impressive loading speed. As I have already mentioned, everyone will be on the cloud sooner or later.

People running low-traffic websites with no financial expectations should continue using a shared hosting solution. In this instance, cloud hosting is redundant. Consider using solutions like Cloudways only if the budget doesn’t matter to you.

Designers claim that everyone judges the value of an online business by its design, and that’s very true. But nowadays, a new factor has come onto the scene: loading speed. Therefore, the role of hosting has become vital because it massively influences the loading speed. Cloudways and other cloud hosting providers offer the best solutions in this respect by far. Therefore, all online businesses should migrate to cloud hosting to provide a better user experience.

Cloudways will prepare your site for the future, but the real question is if you are ready for the future. Cloud hosting has many advantages, but they all come with a hefty price tag. Plan your budget to see if you can support the price of cloud hosting. If the funding supports cloud hosting, go for it. It will pay off in the long run. Cloudways fully deserves your attention, so you’d better sign up for its three-day free trial.

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